What was Dale Robertson’s net worth when he passed away?

Dale Robertson’s net worth was $20 million when he passed away.

Is the horse Jubilee still alive?

The horse Jubilee is no longer alive.

What happened to Dale Robertson?

Dale Robertson died on February 26, 2013, at the age of 89.

Did Dale Robertson own a ranch?

Yes, Dale Robertson owned the nutrition company, Dale’s Raw the way and the cattle ranch, The Frontier Housing Company.

Why was Tales of Wells Fargo Cancelled?

Some possible reasons for the show’s cancellation include declining ratings, changes in the network’s programming strategy, or disagreements between the network and the show’s producers.

Who are Dale Robertson’s daughters?

Dale Robertson’s daughters are Robin, Shanna, and Peri.

Was Jim Hardie a real Wells Fargo agent?

The character was created for the television series.

Was Dale Robertson a good horse rider?

Yes, Dale Robertson was a professional rodeo rider and considered one of the best saddle bronc riders of his time.

What was the name of Jim Hardy’s horse on Tales of Wells Fargo?

The name of Jim Hardy’s horse on Tales of Wells Fargo was Sixty.

What was the Virginian’s horse name?

The Virginian’s horse name was Mochi.

Is Tales of Wells Fargo a true story?

Tales of Wells Fargo is a true story, based on the real-life experiences of stagecoach driver and express messenger James B. Birch. The show chronicles Birch’s adventures as he transportes goods and people across the American frontier.

Where was Dale Robertsons ranch in Oklahoma?

Dale Robertson’s ranch was in Yukon, Oklahoma.

What kind of horse did Jim Hardie ride?

In the TV series, Jim Hardie rode a bay horse named Friday.

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