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What’s SCP real?

SCP stands for “Secure / Contain / Protect” and is a term used to refer to a series of paranormal, supernatural, and horror-inspired fictional stories, usually set in the modern day. SCP stands for the primary objective of the SCP Foundation, which is an organization dedicated to containing and neutralizing paranormal but dangerous objects and entities.

This includes strange phenomena, hazardous objects, and creatures that could potentially cause harm to humanity. The goal of the SCP Foundation is to ensure the safety of both humanity and the world.

The Foundation’s motto is “Secure, Contain, Protect,” which emphasizes the Foundation’s core mission. In its efforts to contain, neutralize and protect, the Foundation employs various special containment protocols which are used to keep these potentially deadly items and creatures safely away from the public.

Many of the creatures and objects contained by the Foundation are referred to as SCPs. The SCP stories are usually written in the form of documents that detail particular phenomena, objects and creatures, as well as how they were secured by the Foundation.

It is important to note that although the SCP stories appear to be fictional, many believe that some of the items and creatures contained by the Foundation may actually exist in real life.


What is the human SCP?

The Human SCP is a term used to refer to any individual that has exhibited powers or abilities outside of the normal range of human abilities. These supernatural abilities could range from superhuman strength to the ability to manipulate reality, and can often set these individuals apart from the rest of humanity.

It is believed that the human SCP is caused by a combination of genetic factors and/or exposure to certain sources of energies or radiation, as some SCP-classified humans have inherited their abilities from a previous generation.

Human SCP’s have been known to be in the service of governments, or private companies, or to work solo as independent agents of their own devices. In most cases, although their abilities may provide them with an advantage over the regular populace, Human SCP’s are still ultimately subject to the laws of the same society that they live in.

Does the SCP exist?

The existence of the SCP, or Secure, Contain, and Protect Foundation, is widely debated. While some argue that the SCP is merely an online collaborative writing project, others believe that it might be a real organization that exists in some form today, although the facts around it remain largely unknown.

The SCP site focuses on a fictional organization dedicated to containing and studying anomalous objects, creatures, and phenomena that pose a threat to humanity. It has become the subject of several independent documentaries and articles, and has even spawned a number of video games.

Given its mysteriousness and notoriety, some people have speculated that the SCP could be a real organization that works to contain and monitor dangerous occurrences in the world. However, there is no firm evidence to back up this idea, and currently, the SCP is most likely just a successful online collaborative writing project.

What does SCP 001 do?

SCP 001 is a series of anomalies, designated collectively as “The Factory,” located beneath the city of Moscow, Russia. The Factory is the source of many anomalous items and entities which have been collected by the SCP Foundation.

While the exact nature of SCP 001 is not known, it is suggested that it is a large, automated manufacturing facility which is capable of creating almost anything. It is also speculated that SCP 001 has the power to manipulate reality on a cosmic scale, though there is no evidence to support this theory.

Additionally, it has been speculated that there may be multiple sites deeper within the facility, each responsible for manufacturing its own type of objects or entities.

Is SCP-3199 real?

No, SCP-3199 is not a real entity. SCP-3199 is a fictional character created by the SCP Foundation, a website dedicated to writing fictional horror stories in the SCP universe. The SCP Foundation is based around a shared universe of paranormal and anomalous objects, creatures, locations, and phenomena, and SCP-3199 is one such anomaly.

SCP-3199 is described as a faceless being composed of two larger, overlapping humanoid shapes growing out of the ground and entwined with smaller humanoid shapes. It is believed to have originated from a universe similar to ours but with a different set of physical laws.

SCP-3199 is usually seen as a benign entity, though it is capable of manipulating its environment, its behavior seemingly unpredictable. Its effects are ultimately beneficial, but its exact intentions are unknown.

As a result, it is classified by the Foundation as a “Safe” anomaly.

Given its fictional nature, it is clear that SCP-3199 is not a real entity.

What is SCP-3199 weakness?

SCP-3199 does not have a traditional weakness per se, as it is an incorporeal entity composed of dark matter. However, with its ability to adapt to whatever situation it is presented with, it is vulnerable to being overwhelmed with sheer mass and power.

It is capable of absorbing nearby matter and energy, but is limited in the amount it can absorb at any one time. This means that it can be overwhelmed by large bursts of energy or physical objects and be unable to absorb all of it.

For example, it may be overcome by an impressive and unexpected display of fire or a large pile of rubble. Another method of neutralizing SCP-3199 is to create a signal or vibration of the proper frequency to disrupt its structure, though the exact frequency and signal strength has yet to be determined.

What SCP is unkillable?

SCP-682, also known as the “Hard-to-Destroy Reptile,” is an unkillable SCP contained in the SCP Foundation. It is classified as Euclid, indicating that it is highly dangerous and presents a moderate control challenge.

SCP-682 was first contained in a large animal containment facility at Site-19, although it has since been moved to a larger, much more secure containment chamber. The chamber is located in an underground bunker and kept on constant alert, guarded by numerous personnel and advanced security systems.

SCP-682 is a highly intelligent, hostile, and aggressive creature. It is almost impossible to kill, as it can regenerate tissue and organs at an alarming rate. In addition, it possesses an immunity to most known diseases and toxins.

Despite its total invulnerability, though, it does need to feed. As a result, it can be contained by feeding it large amounts of meat, though it will quickly consume an entire animal in a single feeding.

SCP-682 is also capable of astounding intelligence, understandings of basic sciences, and the ability to manipulate objects around it. It has been able to learn quickly and it possesses the ability to adapt to new situations quickly and solve complex problems in a short amount of time.

Overall, SCP-682 is an incredibly powerful, dangerous and near undefeatable creature, and deemed unkillable by the SCP Foundation due to its regenerating abilities, immense strength and sheer raw power.

As a result, it remains one of the strongest known anomalies contained within the organisation, and requires constant observation, surveillance, and guard.

What was the hardest SCP to contain?

The hardest SCP to contain is SCP-682, also known as the Hard-to-Destroy Reptile. It is an extremely hostile and dangerous entity, displaying a high level of strength, speed, and regenerative capabilities that make it difficult to properly contain.

It is immune to most forms of physical damage, including acid and conventional weapons, meaning it is nearly impossible to physically contain it. Furthermore, SCP-682 has displayed an ability to adapt to any hostile situation, making it nearly impossible to predict how it will respond and evade containment procedures.

Containment is further complicated by the fact that it has displayed the capacity to gain cognitive thought and the ability to reason, making it highly intelligent and manipulative. The best method of containing SCP-682 is to keep it sedated, utilizing a variety of chemical agents, which have been found to be somewhat effective in preventing it from escaping.

Additionally, regular surveillance, soundproofing of the containment chamber, and the use of robotic personnel to monitor it have all proven to be effective containment measures.

What is the real story of SCP 096?

The real story of SCP-096 (also known as “Shy Guy”) is a mysterious humanoid creature of unknown origin. It is a humanoid entity measuring approximately 2. 38 meters in height. It appears to lack a facial structure, having two black eyes in the place of a nose and mouth.

SCP-096 was first discovered in a remote region of [REDACTED], where it was seen wandering aimlessly in a state of extreme distress. It was soon contained by the Global Occult Coalition and taken to Site- ██ for research and analysis.

Research into the origin and nature of SCP-096’s behavior has so far been inconclusive, but it seems to display a deep dislike of being observed by humans. If sighted, it will quickly try to flee and hide, no matter the means necessary, and it displays a considerable level of fear when confronted.

When not fleeing, SCP-096 will remain in an emotionally distressed state, crying and trembling, and will occasionally curl up into a ball and wrap its arms around its head. It can become violent if provoked, and has displayed considerable strength in such cases.

The Foundation has attempted to study SCP-096 in order to learn more about it, but all attempts have failed to yield any significant results. It is currently contained at Site-██ and is to be monitored regularly.

It is likely that the real story of SCP-096 will never be known and its origin and behavior will remain a mystery.

What does SCP-096 do to its victims?

SCP-096 is a creature of unknown origin that, when sighted and identified, triggers a profoundly distressing reaction in all observers, immediately followed by hostile behavior. Upon sighting, all subjects within the vicinity of SCP-096 will become acutely distressed and will hide their face or otherwise shield their eyes from SCP-096.

If the target is unable to turn away and maintain visual contact, SCP-096 will begin to rapidly approach its intended victim in a stoic and emotionless manner.

When SCP-096 makes contact with a victim, it will proceed to attack and rapidly dismember them, often dying from exsanguination or internal damage in the process. It will then search for a new victim in the immediate vicinity before returning to its formerly placed state.

Victims of SCP-096 have exhibited trauma and shock associated with this event, as well as signs of severe hypovolemic shock as a result of extreme blood loss.

What happens if you see SCP-096 face?

If you see SCP-096’s face, it will become enraged and will begin to pursue you relentlessly. Depending on its proximity to you, it may slowly move towards you or it could move at an alarming speed. All human contact will only make it more angry, and its speed and strength will increase.

It is said that SCP-096 is capable of reaching speeds of up to 40 mph and is able to break through reinforced steel doors. SCP-096 is unpredictable, though, and if it has not yet seen your face (which is considered the trigger for its extreme rage), it may be more docile.

Regardless, it never fully calms down and it may still be agitated if it has not yet been able to wipe its memory clean. If SCP-096 does catch up to you and it is able to gain visual contact, it will enter an extreme rage and will relentlessly pursue you until it is stopped or it catches up to you and kills you.

What if a blind person looks at SCP-096?

If a blind person looks at SCP-096, the potential for a violent reaction is still possible as it does not require vision to bring about the initial fright response. The Foundation has observed that objects in the presence of SCP-096, such as furniture, can be affected by its presence even without physical contact.

It is possible that other senses may act to alert SCP-096 of the presence of an individual in the same manner.

If a blind person was in the presence of SCP-096, they would have no way of knowing of the danger which they could face. With the range of SCP-096’s responses ranging from mild discomfort to extreme violence, it is likely that the individual would suffer some form of response.

It is unknown as to whether this would result in the same physical reaction as would someone with sight, but it is clear that a violent reaction could still occur. Considering this possibility, it is best to avoid a blind person coming into contact with SCP-096 as a safety measure.

Does SCP 096 have blood?

No, the anomalous humanoid entity known as SCP 096 does not have blood. According to its documentation, 096 has an anatomy which is internally similar to a human’s, with skin and limbs that have a degree of humanlike appearance, but its internal organs and other features are not recognizable as those of a human.

In addition, 096 does not need to consume food, drink, or breathe, and it appears to lack the physical circular structures within its body structures that would normally signify a circulatory system.

The Foundation has not conducted in-depth studies of 096’s anatomy, due to the physical danger it poses when not contained. Given that 096 has never exhibited any behaviors or properties characteristic of a traditional human fetus or newborn, and that no recognizableblood is present in its body, Foundation researchers continue to believe that 096 is not biologically human.

Is there a way to escape SCP 096?

No, it is impossible to escape SCP 096. SCP 096 is an indestructible and relentless creature that appears to be impervious to all attempts at stopping it. Once SCP 096 has spotted its target, it will hunt them relentlessly until it catches them, making avoidance the only realistic means of escape.

While some persons have tried to fight back against SCP 096, it is fruitless and can only lead to greater danger. The best advice is to hide or run from SCP 096 until it gives up and leaves. If you are able to find somewhere with heavy walls or an airtight environment, SCP 096 will not be able to enter and you might have a chance of escape.

How many SCPs are there?

As of April 2021, there are 3,151 published SCP objects on the SCP Foundation website, with a few thousand more submitted and pending. The SCP Foundation is a collaborative writing project managed by volunteers, so the total number of SCP objects living at any given time can vary widely.

The project’s open source nature also means that readers are free to create their own SCP objects and post them on the site. In recent years, several community-created projects such as SCP: Containment Breach and SCP: Secret Laboratory have also added further to the total number of SCP objects out there.

In the real world, though, it is difficult to figure out just how many SCP objects exist.