When should I shake my grain spawn jars?

You should shake your grain spawn jars when you are ready to inoculate your substrate.

Do you have to shake grain jars?

No, you do not have to shake grain jars.

How do you store inoculated grain spawn?

You can store spawn in a cool, dark place like a fridge.

How do you tell when a grain jar is fully colonized?

The fully colonized grain jar will have white mycelium growth throughout the entire grain substrate.

How long after inoculation should I see mycelium?


After inoculation, you should see mycelium within a few days.

Should mycelium be kept in the dark?

No, mycelium should not be kept in the dark. Mycelium need light to produce fruit bodies.

What helps mycelium grow faster?

Mycelium grows fastest in a moist environment with a temperature between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

How can I increase mycelium growth?

It is possible to increase mycelium growth by providing the appropriate substrate, temperature, and humidity.

How long does it take for mycelium to fully colonize?

It typically takes mycelium 2-4 weeks to fully colonize a substrate.

How long can colonized jars sit?

Colonized jars can sit for up to a month before being used.

Will mycelium grow at 65 degrees?

Yes, mycelium will grow at 65 degrees.

How long can you keep fully colonized grain spawn?

A fully colonized grain spawn can be kept for up to two weeks under the correct storage conditions.

How do you speed up mushroom colonization?

The easiest way to speed up mushroom colonization is to use a sterile inoculation method. This means using a clean needle or scalpel to transfer spores or mycelium from a clean culture to your substrate.

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