Where is Mike Hess from?

Mike Hess is from San Diego, California.

Is Mike Hess gluten free?

About their beer being gluten free. However, they do offer a cider that is labeled as gluten free.

What is HessFest?

HessFest is a three-day music festival held annually in July in DE.

What kind of beer is the dirty blonde?

A dirty blonde beer is a light-bodied beer with a slightly sweet taste. It is usually brewed with wheat and pale malt.

Where is dirty blonde beer brewed?

Dirty blonde beer is brewed in the United States.

Who makes Dirty Girl beer?

Dirty Girl beer is brewed by the Mendocino Brewing Company.

Is Dirty Blonde a craft beer?

No, Dirty Blonde is not a craft beer. It is produced by Goose Island, which is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Why do they call it dirty blonde?

The term dirty blonde is used to describe someone who has blonde hair that is not entirely clean or pure. It can also describe someone who has blonde hair with brown or black highlights.

What beer is considered craft beer?

The definition of a craft beer can vary depending on who you ask but generally, a craft beer is made by a small, independent brewery. The beers are usually made with traditional ingredients and methods.

Is a blonde beer an ale or lager?

Blonde ale is a type of craft beer.

Is a blonde an IPA?

A blonde is not an IPA.

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