Who created Whiskey in the Jar?

The song “Whiskey in the Jar” was created by an Irish band called Thin Lizzy.

Is Whiskey in the Jar Based on a true story?

The song is based on a traditional Irish ballad, which may or may not be based on a true story.

What does wack fall the Daddy O mean?

It means to kill someone’s father.

When did Metallica Whiskey in the Jar come out?

The song “Whiskey in the Jar” was originally released by Irish folk band The Dubliners in 1967. Metallica released their cover of the song in 1998.

What year did Thin Lizzy record Whiskey in the Jar?


Is Thin Lizzy Irish?

Yes, Thin Lizzy is an Irish band.

What kind of alcohol did Thin Lizzy have in the jar in 1973?


Are any members of Thin Lizzy still alive?

Two members of Thin Lizzy are still alive: Scott Gorham and Brian Downey.

What is a high daddy?

A high daddy is a man who is sexually attractive to children.

What does wack mean in slang?

wack (adj.) crazy, insane, bizarre; stupid, dumb; bad, poor; fake, counterfeit.

What is whack slang for?

Whack is a slang term that can mean several things. It can be a synonym for crazy, weird, or strange. It can also be used to describe someone who is incompetent or foolish.

Is whack a bad word?

Whack is not a bad word.

Does whack mean boring?

The word “whack” can mean many different things, including “boring.”

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