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Who does Reiner love?

Reiner loves his family and friends. He has a close relationship with his parents and siblings, and he forms meaningful connections with his closest friends. He is also a romantic and loves to be in relationships.

He is open to experiencing different types of relationships, whether it be the traditional romantic kind or platonic. He is always eager to learn and grow, and takes pleasure in taking part in activities with the people he loves.

He also loves animals, and often takes great pleasure in spending time with his pets. Reiner is passionate and loves life in all its forms, and is always looking for ways to bring joy to those around him.

Who is Reiner in love with AOT?

Reiner in Attack on Titan (AOT) is in love with his childhood friend and fellow warrior in the Survey Corps, Krista Lenz. Reiner and Krista grew up in a small rural village and have known each other since they were both very young.

After the fall of Wall Maria, Reiner and Krista both joined the Survey Corps and were eventually chosen to be part of the elite Scouting Legion. During the Survey Corps’ mission to reclaim Wall Maria, Reiner declared his love for Krista and tried to convince her to leave with him and the Armored Titan.

After being rejected, Reiner was plunged into a deep depression and eventually became a member of the Warrior Titans.

Although driven apart by their respective roles in the fight for humanity, Reiner’s feelings for Krista remain strong and it is his love for her which ultimately propels him to fight to the very end and have a fulfilling life.

While it is never stated outright if Krista returns Reiner’s feelings, it is obvious that they still share a very close bond. Ultimately, Reiner’s love for Krista is selfless and unconditional, never wavering no matter what obstacles are thrown in their way.

Is Reiner LGBT?

No, Reiner is not LGBT. While Reiner does have some characteristics that some might associate with the LGBT community, such as a strong connection to music and fashion, as well as a penchant for creative expression, he has never publicly identified as a member of the LGBT community.

Additionally, there is no indication that he has ever been in a romantic relationship with a person of the same gender. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that Reiner is not LGBT.

Does Reiner like Christa AOT?

Yes, Reiner definitely likes Christa in Attack on Titan (AOT). From the very beginning of the series, Reiner has admired her strength and determination, which he sees as a reflection of her motherly qualities.

Reiner is constantly putting himself in harm’s way to protect Christa, which shows his loyalty and admiration for her. Despite the fact that Reiner and Christa sometimes clash due to their opposing beliefs and personal views, Reiner still deeply cares for her and sees her as an important friend.

He has risked his own life on several occasions to make sure she remains safe, which serves as further proof of his genuine affections for her. Ultimately, Reiner does care for Christa, although he may not always make it obvious.

Who is Armin’s love interest?

Armin’s love interest is the sweet and kind Mikasa Ackerman. Although Armin’s feelings for Mikasa are subtle and hinted at throughout the Attack on Titan series, he is deeply in love with her. She is one of the most important people in his life and he strives to stay alive, so he can protect her.

Armin and Mikasa first met in their hometown, when they were children. Their bond quickly developed as they went through the traumatic situation of the Titans invading their village. It soon became evident as they spent more time together that they were very close and were two of the only survivors from the town.

Both Armin and Mikasa share a special bond, but it isn’t confirmed in the show until Eren’s confession of love for Mikasa. Armin responds to this declaration by saying that, despite his feelings for her, he wants her to be happy, no matter what.

Did Reiner have a kid?

No, Reiner did not have any children. Reiner was a master of disguise, known for his ability to transform himself into almost anyone. Part of his talent may have come from his intense research on studying people and their behavior.

He had a large collection of books on psychology and helped train people to help them embody their desired character traits. He was not known for having families or children, as his focus was on perfecting his skills and honing his approach.

Does Bertholdt have a crush on Annie?

There is some speculation that Bertholdt had a crush on Annie, as he was shown to have strong feelings of attachment towards her. This is seen in the anime when Bertholdt talks to Annie about wanting to protect her, despite being a Titan Shifter.

In addition, Bertholdt is shown to be jealous of Eren’s relationship with Annie, and this is further illustrated when Bertholdt protects Annie from a Female Titan attack and then later calls out Eren for failing to save her.

While Bertholdt’s admiration and attachment to Annie may hint at a potential romantic interest, it is ultimately unclear if Bertholdt does indeed have a crush on her. It could be argued that Bertholdt simply recognizes Annie for her strength and perseverance, and views her as a source of inspiration and admiration, rather than a romantic partner.

Ultimately, it is up to the viewer to decide whether or not Bertholdt harbors deeper feelings of romantic attachment towards Annie.

What does Reiner suffer from?

Reiner suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). After witnessing the destruction of Trost District, he was left to battle his own personal demons, which manifested as PTSD. PTSD can lead to anxiety, depression, flashbacks, isolation and other symptoms.

Reiner often has nightmares and flashbacks, which cause him to relive the events that happened during the destruction of Trost and the devastation that followed. He has difficulty connecting with others, and often avoids social situations or interactions where he could be reminded of the traumatic event.

He’s also prone to making decisions which put him in harm’s way, as he is deeply driven by the need to protect others.

What is the relationship between Reiner and Bertholdt?

Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover have been best friends since childhood and are often referred to as the “Dynamic Duo”. They are always seen together,and share a strong bond. They both joined the military to serve their country and were later assigned to the Scout Regiment.

During their mission to reclaim Wall Maria, Reiner and Bertholdt went through a lot together, including defending their friends and protecting the people around them. Despite their different opinions and views, they still remain close to each other.

As the story progresses, Bertholdt and Reiner start to show signs of strain in their friendship due to their extreme loyalty to the people of Marley, eventually resulting in a fight between them. Despite this, they still continue to care for each other and support each other throughout the series.

Who did Bertholdt like?

Bertholdt had a few relationships throughout the Attack on Titan series, but his most significant relationship was with Annie Leonhardt. Bertholdt showed romantic feelings for her since their days in military school, although Annie had a more platonic outlook on the relationship.

Despite this difference in their feelings, the pair remained close friends until Annie’s departure from the 104th Trainees Squad. Even after she left, Bertholdt still cared deeply for her, sadly tearfully watching her leave.

Later, when they meet again, Bertholdt was very protective of her and even seemed to hit a crossroads between wishing to save her and restore their friendship but at the same time knowing it would lead to another war.

Bertholdt’s love for Annie was evident in his actions, and he even accepted death alongside her to ensure she could be free. It is clear that Bertholdt cared deeply for Annie and the love they shared was strong enough to stay with him until his death.

Does Reiner love Bertholdt?

Although we never get to hear Reiner’s feelings for Bertholdt explicitly stated, there are numerous clues throughout the Attack on Titan manga and anime series that suggest that Reiner does in fact care for Bertholdt.

When Reiner first unveils Annie as the Female Titan and begins attacking Eren and his friends, Bertholdt pleads with him to stop, only for Reiner to angrily yell that Bertholdt doesn’t understand and that he should “shut up”.

Afterwards, Reiner calms down and apologizes to Bertholdt, a sign of his affection which isn’t seen again throughout the series. There is also the fact that they form a formidable pair whenever they’re fighting together, combining their respective strengths and skills to devastating effect.

Outside of battle, Reiner’s behavior towards Bertholdt shows that he cares for him. For example, when Bertholdt is laughed at for being afraid of thunder, Reiner laughs with him, rather than at him. He also reveals his desires for their future together, including becoming Marleyan warriors and fighting Titans.

Although their relationship is complicated and the answer to this question isn’t explicitly stated in the series, it is likely that Reiner does love Bertholdt, or at the very least has strong feelings of affection and care for Bertholdt.

Who is Reiner’s crush?

Reiner’s crush is Annie Leonhart, a training classmate of his. Reiner has had a crush on her since they first met, and his admiration for her has only grown over time. Annie is strong-willed, courageous, and an exceptional fighter, which Reiner has a deep admiration for.

During their mission to breach the walls of Wall Maria, Reiner even expressed how inspiring her courage was to him. Although Annie is not aware of Reiner’s feelings for her, he continues to protect and support her, like when he defended her against the Warrior candidate Eren Yeager at the Reunited Fields.

Reiner also courageously shielded Annie as the two were being attacked by Eren’s titan form. He ultimately risked his life to help her escape from the battlefield. While Reiner’s feelings for Annie remain unrequited, it’s clear that she is the object of his affections.

Who eats Bertolt?

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Bertolt is a type of fangtooth fish and these predatory fish are found in deeper ocean waters and often hide and ambush their prey. Anglerfish prey on small fish, squid, and crustaceans so if Bertolt was in their habitat, it is likely that he would be potential prey for them.

Did Reiner and Bertholdt care about their friends?

Yes, Reiner and Bertholdt both cared deeply about their friends. While Reiner had temperamental outbursts and a gruff, sometimes harsh demeanor, he had a strong sense of devotion and loyalty to his friends.

Notably, when Reiner chose to lead the ambush on the Scout Regiment, his hesitation came not from a lack of courage but because he knew it would potentially mean the death of his friends. Similarly, Bertholdt was fiercely protective of his friends and quite significantly, voluntarily went to his death trying to protect them.

Even after experiencing significant loss and choosing selfish paths, Reiner and Bertholdt retained a strong bond with their friends from the 104th Cadet Corps, most notably in the final battle where they both sacrificed their own lives to save the lives of their comrades.

Was Reiner a good guy?

Reiner’s character is complicated and, ultimately, subjective. Depending on how you look at it, he could be seen as either a good or a bad guy. On the one hand, he seemed to have a strong moral code, prioritizing the safety of his friends and family, even over his own interests.

He was especially devoted to the members of the Survey Corps, caring deeply about their lives, and he was willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. On the other hand, Reiner was often motivated by selfish desires, such as the desire to protect his own family and to gain favor among his peers.

He also betrayed all of his friends in the Survey Corps in order to achieve his own goals, and he continued his deceit until his very last breath.

Ultimately, Reiner’s actions are open to interpretation, and much of his character depends on personal opinion. So, to answer the question, it is difficult to definitively say whether Reiner was a good guy or bad guy.