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Who is Freya’s crush?

Freya has never explicitly discussed her crush, so it is largely speculative as to who they may be. However, some fans have theorized that Freya may have a crush on her stepbrother, Killian. Though they do argue often, they also have moments of closeness and understanding that lead fans to believe that the two of them may have feelings for one another.

Additionally, other fans believe that Freya has a crush on Dash, who initially appears to be her enemy but then comes to her defense during a moment of need, suggesting that they may have some sort of connection.

Ultimately, without any confirmation from Freya herself or other characters in the series, speculation remains as to who Freya’s crush may be.

What does Freya whisper to Bell?

Freya whispers to Bell that she loves her and that her family and friends are always there for her. She also reminds her that no matter what she is facing or going through, there is always a way out and that things will eventually get better.

Freya emphasizes the importance of having hope and tells Bell never to give up. She reminds Bell to be brave and courageous and to keep pushing forward. Finally, Freya promises to always be there for her no matter what.

Does Bell join Freya Familia?

No, Bell does not join Freya Familia. Freya Familia is a Familia led by the goddess Freya that is based in the city of Orario and is one of the most powerful and influential Familias in the city. While Bell is one of the main characters in the light novel series DanMachi, he is a member of the Hestia Familia.

The Hestia Familia is a much smaller Familia with fewer members and resources, but Bell is fiercely loyal to his current Familia and does not join any other Familia.

Does Bell know Syr is Freya?

No, Bell does not know that Syr is Freya. Syr is a mysterious figure that has been seen around town for a few weeks now, and nobody knows their true identity. Bell has been spending more time with them lately, and they have formed a bond that is hard to describe.

While Bell is intrigued by Syr, they do not know the person’s real name or any other details. Syr has hinted at being a former court mage, which has earned Bell’s respect, but they still have no idea that it is Freya in disguise.

Does Freya know Bell is Zeus grandson?

It is not currently known if Freya knows that Bell is Zeus’ grandson. Since Freya is not directly related to Zeus and Bell, it is unlikely that their families have discussed the relationship. Bell is not even aware of this himself, as it is something his father kept secret.

Therefore, it is unlikely that Freya would have any knowledge of this connection. It is possible, however, that Freya may have figured it out on her own, as she has been seen to show incredible knowledge in mythology, which could lead her to discover this connection.

Is Bell part of the Zeus familia?

No, Bell is not part of the Zeus familia. The Zeus familia is a family business founded by Zeus Dedalos, originating from a small village in Crete that specializes in seafaring, fishing and traditional handicrafts.

They produce handmade souvenirs, jewelry and items related to Greek mythology. While Bell is a popular character in the anime series DanMachi, Bell Cranel is a human adventurer and aspiring hero in the world of Orario.

He joins the Hestia familia, led by goddess Hestia, and is mentored by the veteran adventurer and swordswoman Ais Wallenstein. Bell’s adventures with the Hestia familia are not related to the Zeus familia in any way.

What Familia is Bell in?

Bell is a member of the Familia Zenobia, one of the most powerful Familias in the dungeon. Familia Zenobia was founded by the demigoddess Aiz Wallenstein and consists of warriors from both the human and demihuman races.

It is known for being a well-trained and powerful Familia, and its members are some of the strongest adventurers in Orario. Bell is the first of Aiz’s adventurers to officially join the Familia, and is currently its youngest and most talented member.

He is well-respected amongst his peers and draws admiration from other adventurers in Orario, both human and demihuman. He is also considered to be a symbol of courage and determination to many.

Who does Bell end up with in dungeon?

At the end of Dungeon, Bell Cranel ends up with the goddess Hestia. After dealing with a number of threats throughout the series, such as demons, monsters, and the god Loki, Bell and Hestia finally come together.

Despite the numerous challenges, Bell developed into an impressive hero, and his love and devotion to Hestia had nurtured a deep bond between the two. In the end, Bell and Hestia get married and become an official couple.

Although they have to face a lot of danger, Bell and Hestia’s relationship will remain strong as they continue their adventures as a married couple.

Who likes Bell Cranel?

Bell Cranel is a beloved character from the anime and light novel series, DanMachi. He is a young adventurer and the sole member of the Hestia Familia, and he strives to become the greatest adventurer in the world.

He is well-loved for his kind and generous nature, as well as his unwavering determination and courage. His endearing innocence and upbeat attitude has earned him immense popularity amongst fans, who find his determination and innocence inspirational.

Additionally, many people admire Bell’s undying loyalty to the people he holds dear and his willingness to help others in need. Overall, Bell Cranel is a beloved character and his popularity is testament to the fact.

Does Wallenstein like Bell?

It is unclear whether Wallenstein likes Bell or not. While Wallenstein respects Bell for his bravery and sense of honor and does not seem to actively dislike him, it does not seem that he truly has any affection for him.

Wallenstein gives Bell commands and instructions but does not outwardly show any signs of friendship or fondness. On the other hand, Bell clearly looks up to Wallenstein and has a strong respect for him, so it is possible that Wallenstein may actually have feelings for Bell that he does not show.

Ultimately, it is up to the reader to decide if Wallenstein actually holds any real affection for Bell.

Does Ryu have feelings for Bell?

It appears that Ryu may have romantic feelings towards Bell. In the manga, while they are fighting the Grand Banquet, Ryu blushes and says that he will fight to protect Bell. Later in the manga, Ryu blushes when teased by other characters about his relationship with Bell.

Additionally, Bell acknowledges and responds to Ryu’s feelings by saying that she also feels the same way. Throughout their journey, it becomes increasingly apparent that Ryu has developed romantic feelings towards Bell.

It is unclear whether Bell reciprocates these feelings, as she is often confused by Ryu’s confession. However, it is clear that Ryu has strong feelings towards Bell, and that these feelings will continue to develop as their relationship grows.