Who is stone brewery owned by?

Stone Brewery is a brewery headquartered in Escondido, California, USA. Founded in 1996 in San Marcos, California, it is the largest brewery in Southern California.

Who makes Stone IPA?

Stone Brewery makes Stone IPA.

Did Stone get bought out?

Yes, Stone was bought out by Constellation Brands in October 2015.

Is Stone brewery going out of business?

I cannot find any evidence that Stone Brewery is going out of business.

How much is Stone Brewing selling for?

The Stone Brewing Co. is selling for $58 million.

Who purchased Ballast Point brewery?

Constellation Brands, Inc. purchased Ballast Point brewery in 2015.

What did New Belgium sell for?

It was reported that Anheuser-Bush InBev purchased New Belgium Brewing Company for $1 billion.

Who did Ballast Point sell to?

In September 2015, Constellation Brands announced that it would be acquiring Ballast Point Brewing Company for $1 billion.

Who bought modern times brewery?

In 2014, Modern Times was acquired by The Van Lier Group, a private investment firm based in San Diego.

What kind of beer is stone?

Stone is a type of beer.

Is Stone IPA a double IPA?

No, Stone IPA is not a double IPA.

Is Stone IPA a craft beer?

Stone IPA is a craft beer.

What makes a hazy IPA?

The use of certain types of hops can make an IPA appear hazy. For example, hops that are high in oils can contribute to a haze in the final beer.

What does the Stone IPA smell like?

The Stone IPA gives off a floral hop aroma with a citrusy undertone.

When was Stone IPA invented?

Stone IPA was invented in 1997.

What is stone beer?

Stone beer is an alcoholic beverage that is brewed using stone fruits such as apricots, peaches, or plums. These fruits add a unique flavor to the beer and can also contribute to its color.

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