Who owns McMenamins?

The McMenamin brothers.

How many McMenamins pubs are there?

There are currently 65 McMenamins pubs.

Where is the original McMenamins located?

The original McMenamins is located in Portland, Oregon, USA.

How much are the McMenamins worth?

The McMenamins are worth $1.3 billion as of March 2013.

What is a cosmic Tripster?

A cosmic tripster is a being that exists outside of the realm of normal space and time. They are able to travel between different dimensions and times, and often have mystical or magical powers.

What was McMenamins Edgefield before?

Edgefield was originally a poorhouse, and then a county hospital for the insane.

When did Edgefield open?

Edgefield Hotel opened in the early 1800s. However, the exact date is unknown.

When was Edgefield McMenamins built?

Edgefield McMenamins was built in 1911.

Did McMenamins sell their company?

McMenamins was sold to Columbia Distributing in 2016.

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