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Who owns Shipyard Brewing Company?

Shipyard Brewing Company is owned by the Griffin Family. Founded in 1994 by Fred and Sara Fisher, the company has expanded since then and is now owned by their three sons: Bruce, Galen and Brett. The Griffin Family has led the company to becoming the No.

1 craft brewery in New England and the 26th largest brewery in the United States. They are passionate about craft brewing and are dedicated to producing regional beers from the Pacific Northwest to New England.

They have created over 70 different kinds of beer in their 28 years of operation and currently serve tens of millions of pints of beer annually to thirsty customers. They are committed to the highest quality standards for every aspect of their operation including sustainability, brewing, tasting, labeling, packaging and distribution.

With an amazing team of seasoned brewers, the Griffin Family has created an incredible beer that has been recognized globally and continues to bring joy to beer fans everywhere.

Who brews shipyard in the UK?

Shipyard is brewed by Marston’s PLC, a multinational brewing and pub company based in the UK and Ireland. Founded in 1834 in the Burton-upon-Trent region, the company is now one of the largest and most renowned brewing companies in the UK and Ireland.

Their beer range includes Shipyard and over 15 other brands, operating across more than 2000 pubs, bars, and restaurants as well as retail outlets across the UK and Ireland. Shipyard is a traditional bitter, made with pale and crystal malts, choicest traditional hops and a unique blend of herbs and spices.

It was first introduced in 1990 and continues to be popular in pubs and supermarkets today.

Is shipyard a real ale?

No, Shipyard is not a real ale. Shipyard is a type of beer brewed by the Shipyard Brewing Company in Portland, Maine. Although the beer brand is known for its “ale” style beers, the company does not brew any real ales.

Real ales are beers that are brewed using traditional methods and are cask-conditioned, meaning that they undergo a secondary fermentation in the cask. Shipyard beers are brewed using modern brewing techniques, including the use of pasteurization.

Different yeast strains are used and the traditional cask-conditioning step is skipped. As a result, Shipyard beers don’t qualify as a real ale, though they are still relatively low in alcohol content and have a smooth, light flavor.

Is Shipyard brewed in the UK?

Yes, Shipyard beer is brewed in the UK. The brewery responsible for producing Shipyard beer is Marston’s Brewery located in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire. Marston’s is one of the oldest breweries in the UK, having been in business since the 18th Century.

All Shipyard ales are created from their using a unique blend of hops and malts. They strive to create unique, flavourful beer for their customers both in the UK and around the world.

Is Sea Dog owned by shipyard?

No, Sea Dog is not owned by shipyard. Sea Dog is a boat manufacturing and sales company that was founded in 1993 by Steve Kiefer and Larry Grafman. It specializes in the production of luxury sport fishing boats, motor yachts, and express cruisers.

Sea Dog has factories and offices located in both Alabama and Florida and serves customers throughout the United States and around the world. Sea Dog has four core lines of boats that range from 25’ to 75’, as well as a wide selection of pre-owned boats.

The company is well known for its commitment to quality, customer service, innovation and value.

Is Shipyard A bitter?

Shipyard Brewing Company produces a variety of craft beers, so there is not a single answer to this questions. Some of their beers are not bitter at all, while others may have a moderate to strong bitterness.

Examples of their non-bitter beers include their Dammit Jim! Lime Lime Lime Lager and Union Ale, which both have a refreshing, crisp flavor, with moderate to low bitterness. On the other hand, some of their beers like The Commodore American Double IPA and Smashed Pumpkin Ale have higher levels of bitterness from the hops used in the brewing process.

Ultimately, whether a Shipyard beer is bitter or not depends on the particular beer involved.

Where is Shipyard Ale brewed?

Shipyard Ale is brewed in Maine in Portland by Shipyard Brewing Company. Established in 1992, the company has grown to become one of the most award-winning breweries in the Northeast. While they are based in Maine, they have multiple locations across the United States, including in Florida, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Ohio.

Shipyard Ale is brewed using traditional methods with high quality two-row malted barley and select hops. They also use water drawn from Sebago Lake in Maine to create the perfect ale. Shipyard Brewing Company is well known for its dedication to quality, innovation and excellent customer service, which is why so many people enjoy Shipyard Ale.

Are shipyards vegan UK?

At this time, there is not a clear answer to this question as each shipyard in the UK will have their own menus and policies when it comes to vegan-friendly options. Some shipyards may have vegan options available, while others may have none.

In addition, it will depend on where you are looking and what area of the country you are in, as some parts of the UK may have more vegan-friendly options than others.

If you are looking for vegan-friendly options at a shipyard in the UK, the best thing to do is contact the shipyard directly to inquire as to what vegan options they have available. You can look online to research each shipyard individually and then call or email to ask about vegan options.

You should make sure to ask specifically about vegan items and not just vegetarian options as this will ensure that you are getting the most accurate information. Additionally, if you are planning to bring vegan food on board with you, it is always important to contact the shipyard beforehand to ensure that you won’t face any restrictions.

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What brands are real ale?

Real ale is any beer that is brewed using traditional methods, such as cask-conditioned, bottle-conditioned, and naturally carbonated beer. Several high-quality brands are renowned for producing real ale, such as Marston’s, Sharp’s Brewery, Fullers, Thwaites, Adnams, St Austell Brewery, Hawkshead and First Chop.

Real ale is typically served at cellar temperature, which is cooler than beer served from a keg. It also has a lower level of carbonation, which enhances the flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel of the beer.

Who makes Shipyard ale?

Shipyard Brewing Company, located in Portland, Maine, is the exclusive producer of Shipyard Ale. Since its founding in 1994, Shipyard Brewing has grown from a small regional brewery to become one of the largest and most successful craft beer producers in the United States.

They offer a range of delicious ales and lagers, from the popular Shipyard Export Ale to the infamous Smashed Pumpkin Ale. Every beer is brewed with precision and the highest quality ingredients, and the brewing process is never altered or compromised.

Shipyard is serious about beer – one taste of their ales or lagers will tell you why.

What type of beer is shipyard?

Shipyard is a beer brewing company founded in Portland, Maine in 1992. They brew a wide variety of beer styles, including pale ales, IPAs, porters, stouts, wheat beers, Belgian-style ales, pumpkin ales, and hard seltzers.

They also produce a range of barrel-aged specialty beers, including barrel-aged sours and wild ales. The most popular Shipyard beers include the American IPA, IPA Triticus, American Pale Ale, Summer Ale, Smashed Blueberry, and Bavarian Pilsner.

Shipyard’s creativity and passion for flavor has made them one of the most popular and beloved breweries in the Northeast.

Who bought shipyard?

In November 2019, the MacLeod Group, a family owned private equity firm, purchased the Shipyard Brewing Co. from longtime owners Freddy and Susan Jean. MacLeod Group had previously invested in Shipyard in January 2018, helping the company grow their distribution, improve their brewing and packaging operations, and expand their presence in New England, supplementing Shipyard’s existing footprint in California, Hawaii, and Florida.

With the acquisition, all Shipyard assets, including its breweries in Portland, ME, and Clearwater, FL, will come under the MacLeod umbrella. Shipyard’s team of more than 140 employees and its world-renowned brand will remain intact, with Freddy and Susan Jean continuing to serve in key roles for the company.

What kind of beer is Pumpkinhead?

Pumpkinhead is a refreshing wheat ale that is brewed by Shipyard Brewing Company. It is a smooth, light-bodied, citrusy beer with a hint of pumpkin and spice. The beer has an orange hue and has aromas of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove.

The flavor is lightly sweet with notes of pumpkin, nutmeg, allspice, and an earthy, wheat-malt finish. Pumpkinhead is a seasonal beer, typically released between August and October. The alcohol by volume (ABV) of Pumpkinhead is 4.

7%, making it a light, accessible beer that is perfect for cooler autumn days.