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Who was Alison’s original A?

Alison’s original A is still unknown to this day. However, there are a few fans of the show that believe they know the identity of Alison’s original A.

The first theory is that Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) is the original A. Mona was shown to have an immense hatred for Alison, because she was constantly bullied by Alison. Mona was also very smart and tech-savvy, which could be an advantage if she was responsible for the A messages.

Another popular theory is CeCe Drake (Vanessa Ray), who was revealed as the person in the black hoodie at the end of season three. It’s believed that CeCe resented Alison for taking Jason away from her.

She also had a strong connection to the DiLaurentis family, as she had been friends with Jason and Alison since childhood. CeCe was also shown to be good with technology and would know how to pull off something like the A messages and harmful pranks.

The most popular theory, however, is that Toby (Keegan Allen) is the original A. Toby was seen as an outsider in Rosewood, and was protective of Spencer Hastings, who was in a love triangle with Alison and Emily.

Toby also had access to the Radley Sanitarium, which was a major part of the A game, and had something to gain by targeting Alison and her friends.

Overall, the identity of Alison’s original A is still a mystery.


Who was the A that was after Alison?

The identity of the mysterious A that was after Alison in the American mystery drama television series, Pretty Little Liars, remained shrouded in mystery for a significant part of the show’s duration.

After a six year mystery-filled journey full of suspense and intrigue, the show eventually revealed that the true A was Mona Vanderwaal.

When first introduced in the show, Mona started out as an awkward, yet normal high school student. She was a kind and sympathetic friend to the main characters and only wanted to be accepted and liked by everyone.

Little did the viewers know, behind this doe-eyed façade was an evil mastermind looking to seek revenge on Alison who had belittled Mona for years through her cruel gossip and teasing.

At first, the PLLs believed that Mona was the victim of A’s cruel pranks, but this was eventually uncovered to be a façade. In reality, it was revealed that while in a psychiatric hospital, Mona’s teacher, Mrs.

Grunwald, gave her the idea and taught her the skills to become A. After Mona was released from the hospital, she harnessed her newfound-civilian-authority to begin her new identity and set her plan in motion.

It was eventually revealed in the show’s series finale that Mona was the evil-genius A, who had been after Alison the whole time. After her plan had fallen apart and she was eventually confronted and re-institutionalized, viewers were finally given the answer they had been waiting for since the beginning of the show.

Who was A after all in Pretty Little Liars?

A after all in Pretty Little Liars was revealed to be the character, Charles DiLaurentis, who was more famously known as Charlotte DiLaurentis or “A” in the show. Charlotte was revealed to be the identical twin of Alison, making them both biological siblings.

Charlotte was sent away as a child due to her psychological issues, with her family abandoning and disowning her. As a way of revenge, Charlotte began to torment the Liars in various ways, from cyberbullying to physical surveillance.

Charlotte was eventually revealed as ‘A’ in the series finale and was killed off shortly after. Charlotte was the one behind most of the troubles the Liars faced, ultimately leading the five girls to a confrontation that resolved all of their issues.

Who were the 3 A’s in PLL?

The 3 ‘A’s in Pretty Little Liars are Mona Vanderwaal, CeCe Drake, and Alex Drake. Mona Vanderwaal was the original ‘A’, who was responsible for torturing and manipulating the Liars, with the help of her assistant, Jenna Marshall.

Mona was always one step ahead of the Liars, and it was revealed that she was the one who set up all the stunts and games that were used to manipulate and torment the friends. CeCe Drake was her successor as ‘A’, who wanted to ensure that the Liars were punished for what they had done to Alison DiLaurentis.

She was planning to avenge her death by torturing and manipulating the Liars, and by doing so, she had followed in Mona’s footsteps as ‘A’. The third ‘A’, Alex Drake, was revealed to be Spencer Hastings’s twin sister.

She had adopted CeCe’s persona as ‘A’ to get revenge for her sister Charlotte’s death, and wanted to ensure that she got what she wanted from the Liars, no matter the cost. Alex was eventually defeated, and the mystery of ‘A’ was finally solved.

Who was A in Season 7?

A in Season 7 of the hit teen drama, Pretty Little Liars, was revealed to be Alex Drake, the twin sister of Spencer Hastings. In one of the most shocking twists of the series, it’s revealed that Alex (also known as A.

D. ) had been impersonating Spencer since the “A-Team” was no longer in control. Alex had been working with Wren Kingston, an old friend of the Liars and former flame of Spencer’s.

In an attempt to be just like her sister, Alex gained access to Spencer’s bank accounts, was the fashion designer of a new line of clothing using the Hastings family name “Hastings Collection”, tried to marry Toby Cavanaugh, and much more.

It was also revealed that Alex was “A. D. ” to get revenge on the Liars after they ruined the life of her mother, Mary Drake. Alex’s manipulation of the Liars also included getting control of their lives as well as attempting to get Charlotte DiLaurentis’ out of the mental institution she had been stuck in for years.

Ultimately, Alex’s twisted plan was thwarted and Charlotte was freed. In the end, Alex left Rosewood and a happier life.

Was Aria supposed to be A?

No, Aria was not supposed to be “A” on Pretty Little Liars. Although Aria was one of the main four characters, and the gang of four experienced plenty of harassment, she was never the one responsible for it.

Instead, the identity of “A” was ultimately revealed to be Mona Vanderwaal, though this mystery was brought to a resolution in season six. Throughout the series, it was revealed that Mona, who was often bullied by the Liars, orchestrated everything from the dollhouse to the multitude of games and tricks she played on the Liars in her attempt to seek vengeance.

And, as it turned out, Mona was the one who gave the Liars the “A” designation in the first place.

Does Aria join the A team season 7?

No, Aria does not join the A team in season 7 of Pretty Little Liars. At the end of season 6, Aria gets a fellowship in Savannah and leaves Rosewood after her high school graduation. Throughout season 7, the team is reduced to only 3 members: Hanna, Emily, and Spencer.

While Aria’s character is still referenced and she is still very much a part of the group, she is not physically present. Aria returns to the show for the 2-hour series finale, where it is revealed that she is currently living in Europe with Ezra.

It is unclear if she fully re-joins the team during the finale, although it could be inferred from the way the scene ends.

Who got Alison pregnant PLL season 7?

Despite a revolving door of potential suspects, the identity of Alison’s unborn baby’s father remains a mystery for much of the seventh and final season of Pretty Little Liars. However, in the series finale, it was revealed that the baby’s father was none other than Alison’s beloved high-school sweetheart, Emily Fields.

Though the two had experienced a rocky and tumultuous past, they both reconciled when Emily moved back to Rosewood to support Alison throughout her pregnancy. In the finale, Emily lovingly accepted the role of being Alison’s baby’s father and embraced the idea of them eventually being a family.

Who is ad in PLL season 7 Spoilers?

In the season 7 spoilers for the hit drama show Pretty Little Liars, the identity of the character “Ad” is finally revealed. Ad is actually short for “A. D. ”, an acronym for “Artist of Dolls”. This is the alias used by Charlotte DiLaurentis, the twin sister of Alison DiLaurentis, who was revealed to still be alive in the previous season.

Charlotte/Ad is the main antagonist of Season 7 and has been tormenting the Liars all along. Ad has been pulling the strings since season 4 and playing by the rules set by Mona, the original “A”. Together, they managed to keep the Liars in a state of fear and confusion and manipulated the situation to their advantage.

It is likely that Charlotte/Ad was using her abilities as “A” to protect her sister from the rest of the Liars, since Alison herself had been a target of “A” before Charlotte revealed her identity.

It’s finally revealed in the season finale of Pretty Little Liars that Charlotte/Ad had a personal vendetta with the Liars, as she holds them responsible for the death of her best friend Mona, the original “A”.

She also reveals that she was the mastermind behind the events of the season, planting evidence to incriminate the original suspect, Ezra Fitz.

The season 7 finale of Pretty Little Liars resulted in Charlotte/Ad being arrested and imprisoned for her crimes. Despite her attempts to manipulate the situation in her favor, the Liars outsmarted and overcame Charlotte/Ad, proving once again that no secret or mystery can stay buried forever.

Did Alison know CeCe was A?

No, Alison did not know that CeCe was “A” throughout the duration of the series. It wasn’t until the mid-season 4 finale that Alison discovered that CeCe was the enigmatic figure they had been trying to uncover all these years.

Alison had grown suspicious of CeCe throughout that season because of her strange behavior, which eventually led to her forming an alliance with Mona against CeCe and even going as far as to try to expose her as “A.

” However, she was never able to truly prove her suspicions until CeCe revealed the truth herself. Unfortunately for Alison, even after she learned about CeCe’s secret identity, she still ended up in her clutches, as CeCe blackmailed her into thinking that she was A in order to protect her from the police.

Despite this, in the end, Alison was able to outsmart CeCe and expose her as A. Ultimately, Alison had no idea CeCe was A until the final moments of the show.

How do the Liars find out CeCe is A?

The Liars eventually find out that CeCe is “A” after uncovering a plethora of clues. They had been receiving seemingly random texts and messages from someone or something known as “A” which had been terrorizing them since the first season of the show.

At first the Liars believed the culprit to be their friend Alison, who had gone missing and was presumed dead, but as the show continued they discovered that “A” was in fact CeCe Drake, an acquaintance of theirs and Alison’s, who had been posing as Alison’s long lost sister.

Throughout the show, the Liars discovered a variety of clues that hinted at CeCe’s involvement in the hauntings. At one point, they found a picture of CeCe and Alison together from when they were children, which led them to believe that the two were related.

Other secrets, such as CeCe’s past hospital stays and her involvement in the disappearance of their friend, Maya, also began to unravel, eventually leading the Liars to figure out that CeCe was in fact “A.

” Other clues included a variety of texts, emails and phone calls from CeCe, as well as her frequent visits to the abandoned house where most of the hauntings occurred.

In the end, the combined effort of the Liars and their detective friend, Detective Wilden, led to the uncovering of CeCe’s involvement and identity as the mysterious “A.”

Did Mrs DiLaurentis know about CeCe?

Yes, Mrs DiLaurentis definitely knew about CeCe. In the tv show “Pretty Little Liars”, CeCe Drake is revealed to be Charlotte DiLaurentis, the long-lost twin sister of Alison DiLaurentis. Alison’s mother, Mrs.

DiLaurentis, had kept the information of Charlotte’s existence a secret as Charlotte was transgender and she had been rejected by their family. However, Mrs. DiLaurentis had eventually accepted Charlotte and had been helping her from a distance ever since.

She continued to keep the information of her twin daughters a secret from the rest of their family and the town for the safety of her children.

Whose body was in Alison’s grave?

The body found in Alison’s grave was that of Bethany Young, a teenage patient from Radley Sanitarium who was apparently killed by Alison’s twin sister, Courtney DiLaurentis. Bethany had been in Radley due to her own mental instability, and she claimed to have been friends with Alison prior to her disappearance.

Although the police initially believed it to be Alison’s body, further investigation revealed that the body was actually Bethany’s. After being confronted with the corpse, Mona Vanderwaal, a friend of Alison’s, revealed that Alison was still alive and had been hiding out in an unknown location.

In addition, it was later revealed that Bethany had been killed as a victim of “A,” an anonymous person tormenting the Liars.

Who all knew Alison was alive?

The list of people who knew Alison was alive before the public announcement is not publically known. It is likely that the liars, who had a lot of personal contact with Alison, were aware of her survival after she was believed to be dead.

It is also likely that a few people close to the liars or with knowledge of the events were also aware of her survival. These might include Mona Vanderwaal, who pretended to be Alison when communicating with the liars, as well as Alison’s sister, Courtney.

It is likely that Ezra Fitz and Jason DiLaurentis knew Alison was alive, as it has been speculated that Ezra helped Alison fake her death. Additionally, it was suggested at one point that Melissa Hastings and Wren Kingston also knew about Alison’s survival, though it is not confirmed.

Ultimately, it is impossible to determine exactly who all knew Alison was alive, but it would have been a small group of people who were very close to her.

Who was A before Alison went missing?

Prior to her disappearance, Alison was a bright, outgoing, high-achieving teenage girl. She was an excellent student and got along well with both her peers and teachers; she was often described as someone who was always willing to help out her classmates and was always seen with a smile on her face.

Though she wasn’t without her own problems, she was overall a model student and a well-liked member of her community. In her spare time, Alison enjoyed going out with her friends and spending time with her family.

She had a talent for singing, dancing, and playing the piano and enjoyed spending time with her family and even babysitting her younger siblings. Alison looked forward to graduating high school and going to college and had dreams of becoming a psychologist.