Why does Bells Two Hearted Ale have a fish?

The fish on the Bells Two Hearted Ale label is a homage to the Two Hearted River in Michigan, where the beer is brewed.

What kind of fish has two hearts?

Most fish have two hearts.

Who owns Bells Brewing?

Bell’s Brewing is a craft brewery based in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The brewery was founded in 1985 by Larry Bell, who is the current owner and president.

Is Bells Two Hearted a West Coast IPA?

Bells Two Hearted is not a West Coast IPA.

Did New Belgium buy bells?

No, New Belgium did not buy bells.

Did Bell’s Brewery get bought?

In October 2018, Bell’s Brewery was acquired by Anheuser-Busch InBev.

How strong is two hearted?

Two hearted is a moderate to strong beer. Its alcohol content is around 7%.

What style of IPA is two hearted?

Two Hearted is an American IPA.

What is SRM beer?

SRM stands for “standard reference method.” It is a measure of the color of beer, and is used to help brewers control the color and appearance of their beer.

What do enigma hops taste like?

They have a very unique and intense flavor that is earthy, floral, and citrusy all at the same time.

What are Enigma hops?

Enigma hops are an Australian variety of hop that was released in 2012. The hop has a high alpha acid content and a unique flavor profile that has been described as being citrusy, floral, and slightly spicy.

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