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Why doesn t the nurse tell Juliet right away what Romeo said?

The nurse is an important figure in Juliet’s life who provides sincere and sometimes tough love; she often shields Juliet from harsh realities. In this case, the nurse elects not to inform Juliet right away of the news of Romeo’s banishment because she aims to protect Juliet’s wellbeing and therefore wants to carefully phrase the matter delicately.

As Romeo and Juliet have a very passionate and tumultuous relationship, the nurse certainly does not want to further exacerbate the situation and wants to assure Juliet, who holds both admiration and great love for Romeo, that the situation is not as dire as it may seem.

The nurse seeks to highlight Romeo’s love for Juliet and assure her of his affections and intentions so that she does not become despairing. By procrastinating in passing on the news, the nurse is trying to cushion Juliet’s reaction by attempting to devise a more palatable way to deliver the news.


How long has Juliet been waiting for the nurse to come with word from Romeo?

Juliet has been waiting for the nurse to come with word from Romeo for quite some time. It’s been hinted that Capulet had been planning the wedding for some time prior to Juliet’s confession to Lady Capulet.

The night prior to when Juliet is expressing her desire to hear from the nurse, Romeo and Juliet were secretly married by Friar Laurence. Therefore, Juliet has been waiting for the nurse for at least a few days.

However, due to a miscommunication from Friar John, the nurse does not arrive until the fourth day of waiting. This leads to Juliet becoming increasingly desperate to find out what has happened to her Romeo.

When did Juliet send the nurse out to find Romeo?

Juliet sent the nurse out to find Romeo in Act III of the play, right after she learned about the plan to have her marry Paris. Juliet had heard a rumor about Romeo killing Tybalt and was desperately trying to find out if it was true.

The nurse promised to go and find him so Juliet could learn what had happened, so after Juliet finished preparing her, she sent her out to find Romeo. The nurse promised to return in the morning with news from Romeo, so Juliet was left to wait and worry until she returned.

How does Juliet feel waiting for the nurse?

Juliet is feeling very anxious and impatient waiting for the nurse. She is filled with anticipation as she desperately hopes that the nurse will be able to help her in her time of need. She is also filled with foreboding, dreading the possibility of bad news and feeling vulnerable and powerless.

She is tense and restless, pacing back and forth, her mind racing with a million thoughts as she tries to figure out what will happen and how she will cope. Juliet’s emotions are a complex mix of hope, fear, and anticipation, but most of all, she is desperately hoping for a positive outcome.

What is Juliet waiting for in Act 3?

In Act 3 of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is anxiously waiting for the Friar to arrive with news from Romeo. She has just been informed by her Nurse that Romeo has been banished, sparking a deep desperation and heartache within her.

She is haunted by the thought of living her life without Romeo and desperately hopes that somehow her predicament can be fixed through the Friar’s intervention. Juliet is basically waiting to hear what the Friar has to say, hoping that he can make the impossible possible and reunite her with her beloved Romeo.

Why does the nurse take so long to tell Juliet the news?

The nurse takes a long time to tell Juliet the news because she is trying to think of the best way to deliver the news. She is aware that Juliet is deeply in love with Romeo and is worried about how she will react to the news of his banishment.

The nurse is also fearful of Juliet’s father, Capulet, and is aware that her news will displease him as well. As Juliet’s closest confidant, the nurse feels a responsibility to break the news to her in a gentle way, so she takes her time to consider her words carefully.

She is ultimately concerned for Juliet’s wellbeing, and she wants to make sure Juliet gets through the difficult news without hurting herself or anyone around her.

What is Juliet anxious about while waiting for the nurse?

Juliet is extremely anxious while waiting for the Nurse to arrive. She is desperately hoping for news about Romeo and his punishment from the prince. She is worried about her beloved Romeo and what will happen to him – whether he will be pardoned or condemned.

Juliet also fears the Nurse’s response, as she has promised Juliet she will try and help her marry Romeo and save him, but Juliet doesn’t know if the Nurse will be able to do anything to stop Romeo’s sentence.

In addition, Juliet is also concerned that the Nurse may be late, as she is Juliet’s only hope for salvation. Juliet is filled with anxiety and dread about what has happened to Romeo and what the Nurse may have to tell her.

Why is the nurse slow to give Juliet information?

Nurses are often slow to provide information because they want to ensure they are providing accurate information that is appropriate to the patient’s circumstances. This means that they may take longer to provide information because they are researching and gathering the right data to make sure the information they provide is accurate.

Additionally, nurses may want to provide detailed, accurate explanations to help the patient better understand their condition and the implications of their treatments. All of this may require a nurse to take more time to provide the necessary information to a patient.

Furthermore, nurses also need to take into account the patient’s emotional and mental state when assessing how to deliver the information. This can add to the time it takes for a nurse to provide necessary information.

Overall, these factors can lead to a nurse being slow to give Juliet the information she needs.

How long does it take the nurse to deliver the news to Juliet?

It would depend on several factors such as how far away Juliet is, the traffic or other circumstances that could impede the nurse’s travel time. If Juliet was in the hospital, then the nurse could deliver the news to her quickly.

However, if Juliet was at home or some other location, then it could take the nurse some time to travel there, depending on the distance. Additionally, the nurse would need to factor in other errands they may need to do during their trip, as well as time to talk with Juliet and explain the news to her.

All in all, it could take the nurse anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to deliver the news to Juliet, depending on the circumstances.

Why does Juliet become so impatient waiting for the nurse to return?

Juliet becomes so impatient waiting for the nurse to return because she is desperate for news about her love, Romeo. She had sent the Nurse to Verona earlier in the day to find out whether Romeo had any news for her, but the Nurse has not yet returned.

Juliet is filled with anticipation at the thought of the Nurse coming back with news about Romeo, and she becomes anxious and impatient as the wait carries on. This is because Juliet has been separated from her beloved Romeo due to the ongoing feud between their families, the Capulets and the Montagues.

Juliet is desperate to find a way for them to be together, and so her impatience is a reflection of her fervent hope that the Nurse will bring her a message from Romeo.

What is the effect upon Juliet of the long delay in the nurse’s return?

The long delay in the nurse’s return has a significant effect upon Juliet. This is due to her being anxious over hearing news from Romeo and what consequence he may have faced for killing Tybalt. Worried for his safety, Juliet cannot think of anything else but the nurse’s news about Romeo.

Therefore, Juliet is both anxious and impatient to hear the news, wanting to know the truth even if it might not be what she wants to hear.

Interestingly, the delay in the nurse’s return makes Juliet ponder the possible outcomes of Romeo’s fate, allowing her to think through the consequences of his actions. The delay also gives Juliet a sense of foreboding regarding the news that is to come, instilling a sense of dread as she imagines what news the nurse may bring her.

In addition, the delay in the nurse’s return has the effect of making Juliet emotionally unstable. She is becoming increasingly short-tempered and frustrated, as time passes and she still does not have the news of Romeo’s fate.

As such, Juliet’s emotions are riding on a rollercoaster of anticipation; she is desperate for any news but is dreading it at the same time.

Overall, the long delay in the nurse’s return has a significant effect upon Juliet’s emotional state. She is increasingly anxious, impatient, frustrated, and filled with emotions of dread and uncertainty.

Most of all, Juliet is desperate for news of Romeo’s fate and can only hope for the best.

What time does the nurse get back to Juliet?

The nurse typically returns to Juliet’s bedchamber after dinner, which could be anytime between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Depending on the particular night she may even come back before 7:00 pm. The nurse usually spends quite a bit of time in Juliet’s room, gossiping and teasing, offering advice, and comforting Juliet.

During that time, Juliet confides in the nurse about the troubles in her life and what decisions she should make. The nurse is also there to help and guide Juliet as much as possible. Once the nurse finishes talking with Juliet, she will typically depart for the evening, allowing Juliet to consider her words and make her own decisions.

What happens when the nurse brings the news of the fight to Juliet?

When the nurse brings Juliet news of the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio, Juliet is distraught. She knows that Tybalt, who is related to her family, has killed Mercutio, a close friend of Romeo’s. She is also aware that Romeo will be punished for Tybalt’s crime since Mercutio was his friend.

Juliet pleads with the nurse, asking her how she can possibly bear such news. She wonders why fate could be so cruel and rages against the stars for bringing all these events to pass. She is filled with sorrow for her family, for the loss of Mercutio, and for Romeo’s plight.

Juliet admits that she is so overcome by grief that she is unable to speak or move. The nurse attempts to comfort Juliet, but she is too heartbroken to listen and instead vows to never let Romeo pay for Tybalt’s crime.

What is the purpose of the nurse’s ramblings about Juliet?

The purpose of the nurse’s ramblings about Juliet is primarily to provide the audience with insight into Juliet’s character and personal history. The nurse is an important character in the play and her musings drive the plot forward.

She is tasked with delivering messages between Romeo and Juliet and helping to facilitate their relationship. The nurse knows Juliet better than anyone and provides a unique perspective on her. Through her ramblings, the audience learns about Juliet’s youth, her demeanor and her tomboyish nature.

The nurse also serves as a confidant and advisor to Juliet throughout the play. She provides advice on how to behave and how to pursue a relationship with Romeo, a subject which Juliet is inexperienced in.

The nurse’s ramblings give the audience knowledge about Juliet that Romeo does not possess, allowing for a more nuanced understanding of her character. By giving a more detailed look at Juliet’s background and personality, the nurse’s ramblings serve to develop sympathy from the audience, making them more sympathetic and understanding of her actions throughout the play.