Coalition Brewing is excited to announce the release of the first commercially produced Cannobidoil (CBD) infused beer in Oregon. Our mission with this beer series was to encompass a true collaboration of these “kissing cousins”, hops and cannabis. These two plants produce similar organic aromatic compounds known as terpenes, and will have no THC present, the psychoactive element found in marijuana. We have been working with leaders in this immensely fast growing local industry on this project to showcase a harmony of both the beer profile of the Pacific NW and the Cannabis plant. This new emerging industry has many hallmarks of our own industry, with a focus on community, innovation and a positive impact to the local economy. We are excited that beer once again is giving us the opportunity and platform of breaking down barriers.


The first beer in this unique series will be “Two Flowers”.  A CBD (cannabidoil) Infused India Pale Ale  

The base style is a west coast IPA that is light, crisp, bitter and refreshing. But in an effort to showcase the synergy between hops and cannabis we've infused this beer with CBD.  The bitter grassiness augments the hop bitterness, while the citrusy terpenes in the CBD mirror the aromatics and hop flavors.

6 % 55 IBUs – 4 mg of CBD per 12oz glass!

To find out more about this project and CBD, click here for articles and peer reviewed studies.

Watering Holes in Oregon to get this beer! - please call ahead to ensure availability 

  • Sassy's*

  • EastBurn Public House*

  • Ankeny Tap and Table*

  • Dots Cafe*

  • Apex*

  • Waypost*

  • Dick's Primal Burger*

  • Alberta Street Public House*

  • Hop Haven*

  • Jimmy's Bar and Grill* 

  • Coffee Beer*

  • Growler Guys (SW Bond)*

  • Bossanova Ballroom*

  • Clackamas River Growlers*

  • Flying Pie Pizza (Milwaukie)*

  • Baby Doll Pizza*

  • Schmizza Public House (Sherwood, OR)*

  • Growler House (Sherwood, OR)*

  • Hop Haven*

  • Gateway Pub

  • Garden Home Growlers

  • Ridgewalker Brewing

  • Screen Door

  • Room 122

  • Deadwood Country Market (Deadwood, OR)

  • Carlton & Coast Tavern (Carlton, OR)

  • Growler Guys (East Bend, OR)

* Two Flowers CBD IPA found at these locations regularly.

*This beer was developed with help from Half Baked Labs. For all your tasty infused treat needs, as well as more information about them, please visit Half Baked Labs by clicking here, or by emailing them at