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Coalition Brewing

Welcome to the ideal place for tips and guides on all things IPA beer and wine.

We believe that there is an art behind IPA beer and wine. Nowadays, we find that the art of it all has disappeared. Very few people take a second to slow down and appreciate the drink that is in their hands anymore. There is so much more to alcohol than drinking with friends or having a glass of whatever wine happens to be in your fridge to take the edge off after a stressful day. The idea for this publication came from our strong desire to change and reinvent the way that society views alcoholic beverages. Our main goal is to reintroduce the art of alcohol to the adult alcoholic beverage drinking community by providing guides and tips on all things IPA beer and wine. We aim to include techniques, trends, tips and research in a way that not only informs, but entertains as well.

We are extremely passionate about educating adults in society on techniques for the best possible experience that one can have while enjoying a drink whether alone or with some friends. We also aim to connect with those of all backgrounds and economic standings. Have you ever found yourself thinking that wine is reserved for the wealthy, famous and possibly pretentious? Many of our articles aim to prove that high prices are not necessary when trying to find a good quality and nice tasting wine. We also aim to teach you how you can make that leftover cheap wine in your house taste amazing.

Say you are going on a trip overseas to Italy or France and want to make the most of your experience in the World’s largest countries for wine and alcoholic goods exports but do not know where to start. We have guides and articles on how you can find the best wines while on your vacation.

Your Ideal Place to Learn About the Art of Alcoholic

Our magazine also aims to provide simple tips that should be known by any alcoholic beverage drinking adult. Our articles will teach you simple things such as how to tell if your wine has gone bad, and the basics of how to start home brewing your own wines and IPA beers.

We strive to be an educational and professional magazine while also being entertaining to our readers. Our mission is to show the public that there is so much more to alcoholic beverages than just grabbing any drink at a party or sports game. We are all in. We are ready to explore the world of IPA beers and wines along with our readers. We are ready to discover the next big things in alcoholic beverages, give credit to the wine and IPA beer manufacturers who deserve it, share knowledge and tips on how to improve your experience with alcohol, and connect with the alcoholic beverage loving community around the World.

Don’t settle for that lukewarm bottle of IPA beer in your garage, read our articles and learn once again how to appreciate the art of alcohol.