Are Princess Cookie and hollyberry related?

Although it seems unlikely given their different species.

Does Hollyberry Cookie have a son?

And it is unlikely that Hollyberry Cookie has a son.

Is Raspberry Cookie a musketeer?

No, Raspberry Cookie is not a musketeer.

Is affogato Cookie a male?


Is milk cookie a girl?

As far as I know, there is no such thing as a milk cookie girl.

What tier is Raspberry Cookie?

Raspberry Cookie is a T1 pet.

What pronouns does mango Cookie use?

Mango cookie uses the pronouns she, her, and hers.

What gender is caramel Arrow cookie?

Caramel Arrow cookie is male.

Who is cotton candy Cookie in love with?

Cotton candy Cookie is in love with the Cookie Monster.

Is Raspberry Cookie and raspberry mousse cookie related?

Raspberry Cookie and raspberry mousse cookie are related because they are both types of cookies that contain raspberry flavorings.

Who is Raspberry Cookie’s cousin CRK?

Cookie’s cousin CRK is a computer program that helps you create custom cookies.

Is Roguefort Cookie a boy or girl?

As the character’s gender is never specified in the game. Mouse the oracle in the game says that Roguefort Cookie is “a being of great destiny”, which could be interpreted either way.

Are pure vanilla and custard Cookie related?

No, pure vanilla and custard are not cookie related.

Who is Princess Cookie related to?

She is related to the Cookie Cat.

Are Devil cookie and Angel Cookie related?

As the companies that make these cookies do not have any affiliation. However, some people speculate that the two cookies are related, as they have similar flavors and textures.

Does vampire Cookie have a sister?

As the character of Cookie has never been specifically said to have a sister. However, it is possible that she may have a sister, as she has never been said to not have one.

Is Alchemist Cookie related to Vampire Cookie?

Alchemist Cookie is not related to Vampire Cookie.

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