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Can kids go to Sun King?

Yes, kids are welcome to visit Sun King Brewery! We offer a tour every Saturday from 1-3PM that is open to those that are 21 and over, but the tap room is open to those of all ages. During the tour, we show you the brewing equipment and process, discuss the source ingredients of our beer, and provide beer samples for those 21 and older.

Those under 21 may purchase a soda to enjoy during their visit. We also have a patio area where families can relax outside while others enjoy their drinks. We have a full calendar of events, nights with food trucks and music, and a schedule of activities that are open and free to all ages.

Who is the owner of Sun King?

The owner of Sun King is Clay Robinson. Clay is a lifelong resident of Indianapolis, Indiana and a graduate of Purdue University. He opened the Sun King Brewery in 2009 and has since grown the business to become one of Indiana’s largest craft breweries.

Sun King produces a wide range of craft beers to meet the diverse tastes of their customers, from popular IPAs to seasonal brews and traditionally handcrafted brews. In addition to the Sun King line of beers, Clay has also opened The DAVe, a small batch brewery in Indianapolis, as well as the Sun King Spirits Distillery in Carmel, Indiana.

He’s been recognized for his contributions to the craft brewing industry with he was named a James Beard Foundation Award semifinalist in 2017. Outside the brewery, Clay is the chair of the Brewers of Indiana Guild and the board of Genesys Works.

What is the largest brewery in Indiana?

The largest brewery in Indiana is Sun King Brewery, located in Downtown Indianapolis. Sun King Brewery has been brewing craft beer since 2009 and is one of the largest breweries in the Midwest. It is owned and operated by Clay Robinson and Dave Colt, who both have decades of combined experience in the brewing business.

Its core selection of beers includes Sunlight Cream Ale, Wee Mac Scottish Ale, Osiris Pale Ale, and River Rooftop IPA. In addition, Sun King also produces a variety of specialty, seasonal, and barrel-aged ales, lagers, ciders, and sours.

The brewery is well-known for its taproom, which serves over a dozen beers on tap, and its outdoor garden, which features live music, food trucks, and games. There is also a full-service restaurant and bar within the brewery, which serves food and beer.

Sun King has built quite the reputation for itself, having won numerous awards for its beers, including the Indiana Brewer’s Cup and Great American Beer Festival.

Where is Sun King?

Sun King is an American craft brewery located in Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. It was founded in 2009 by Clay Robinson and Dave Colt and is known for its collection of ales and lagers, as well as seasonal offerings.

Sun King’s core brands include both canned and draft, with year-round options like Sunlight Cream Ale and Wee Mac Scottish-Style Ale. Additionally, their portfolio includes specialty releases, Small-Batch Series, home-brewer recipes, and limited bottle releases.

Sun King has championed community collaboration, having brewed hundreds of collaborations with local Indianapolis breweries, entrepreneurs and organizations. In 2019, Sun King forged a collaboration with Indianapolis’ charitable organization Big Car to create Sun King IMPACT, which partners with local non-profit organizations, social enterprises, and citizens to create sustainable small changes in the Indianapolis community.

Sun King is also one of eight founding members of the Brewers of Indiana Guild, a nonprofit trade association working for the promotion of Indiana Craft Beer.

Why was he called Sun King?

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Who was the Sun King of Egypt?

The title of “Sun King” is believed to have first been bestowed upon Pharaoh Amenhotep III who reigned from approximately 1386-1350 BC and was the ninth ruler of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt.

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Is Sun King only in Indiana?

No, Sun King Brewery is not only in Indiana. Founded in 2009, Sun King Brewery is the second largest craft brewery in Indiana and is widely distributed throughout Central Indiana, Columbus, Ohio and parts of Kentucky, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Illinois.

Sun King began distribution to the Chicagoland market in June of 2017. They even have expanded distribution to portions of Georgia and now distribute their beers in fifteen total states plus the District of Columbia.

Sun King has also opened tasting rooms in Fishers and Carmel, Indiana, and a production facility in Fishers.

How many breweries are in Indiana?

According to the Brewers Association, in 2021 there are 177 active breweries in Indiana. These include multi-location operations, brewery-owned pubs, and production facilities as well as microbreweries, brewpubs, and other locations which produce beer for sale.

Indiana is home to many both small and large breweries, ranging from local microbreweries, to regional brewing companies and larger national brewing companies with locations in the state. Craft beer has become very popular in Indiana and the craft beer industry continues to grow each year, with new breweries and specialty beers being added to the landscape of Indiana breweries.

Is Sun King in Carmel kid friendly?

Yes, Sun King Brewing in Carmel, Indiana is a kid-friendly establishment. As one of the largest craft breweries in Indianapolis and the surrounding area, Sun King has created a space and atmosphere to welcome people of all ages.

The taproom, which has indoor and outdoor seating and couches for lounging, allows minors until 9pm on weekdays and Saturdays and 7pm on Sundays. Sun King also offers non-alcoholic options including root beer and ginger ale, plus their very own Sun King Kids Soda.

A variety of board games are available to visitors of all ages, and small snacks like peanuts and chips. Sun King also hosts family-friendly events, such as live music, cornhole tournaments and food truck events, in addition to kid-friendly story time and yoga classes.

So, if you’re looking for a place to visit with the family and kids, Sun King Brewing in Carmel, Indiana is definitely the place to go!.

Is Sun King 21 and over?

No, Sun King Brewing is not 21 and over. The brewery offers a variety of beers that are available for purchase in bars and stores throughout Indiana, but anyone of any age can purchase them. As a craft brewery, Sun King offers tastings and tours at its facilities, but the brewery operates on a “buyer beware” policy, meaning that anyone consuming the product must be 21 years or older.

You can visit Sun King’s website to learn more about its commitment to responsible drinking and the law.

Can kids eat in bars in Indiana?

In Indiana, minors (under the age of 21) are allowed to enter and consume food in restaurants, bars and other retail establishments that serve alcohol, with some restrictions. Minors may not order, possess or consume alcohol.

Additionally, minors are not allowed to loiter in the area where alcohol is served. Some locations require that minors be accompanied by a parent or guardian, in which case, minors can legally eat in bars.

Lastly, it is important to note that even if a minor is allowed to enter a bar that serves alcohol, that same individual cannot gamble or be a part of other activities related to gambling, as this is illegal in Indiana.

Who owns Sun King Brewing?

Sun King Brewing is a family of independent craft breweries owned by Clay Robinson and Dave Colt. The first brewery was established in 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the two now own additional breweries in Fishers and Carmel, Indiana.

Sun King is known for providing some of the highest quality craft beer to central Indiana and continuously strives to innovate and promote craft beer. They are dedicated to local sourcing, sustainability, and community involvement, and have been recognized multiple times for their business and commitment to craft brewing.

Sun King has also co-created charitable beers, which are specialty beers designed to benefit local Indiana charities.

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How do I charge my Sun King solar?

To charge your Sun King solar, you will need to ensure you have access to natural or artificial light sources. If you have access to direct sunlight, simply unfold the solar panel, plug it into the charging unit, and place the solar panel in direct sunlight.

The unit will start charging when exposed to the light.

If you are using artificial light sources, you can use any device that produces light, including table lamps, desk lamps, flashlight, LED lamps, etc. The charging unit has a port that fits most USB charging cables and plugs.

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In addition to charging via natural or artificial light sources, the Sun King also has a powerbank built in, so you can charge the unit with AC power when there is no light available. To do this, use the included AC power adapter and plug it directly into the powerbank located on the backside of the charging unit.

The powerbank will start charging when connected to AC power.

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