Can vodka be taken with Coke?

Vodka and Coke is a popular alcoholic drink that can be made in a number of ways. The most common way to make a Vodka and Coke is to simply pour one shot of vodka over ice into a glass and then top it off with Coke.

Is vodka and Coke popular?

Vodka and Coke is popular among young people in the United States.

What alcohol goes good with Coke?

Vodka and Coke is a popular alcoholic drink.

What should I mix with vodka?

But some of the most popular include orange juice, cranberry juice, and soda water.

What happens if you mix alcohol and Coca-Cola?

If you mix alcohol and Coca-Cola, you get a drink called a ” Rum and Coke.”

Does mixing vodka with Coke make it weaker?

Yes, adding Coke to vodka will make it weaker.

What drink gets you drunk fastest?

The answer to this question depends on many factors, including the person’s tolerance for alcohol, the type of drink, and how much is consumed.

How much vodka do you need to get drunk?

Including the person’s weight, body fat percentage, alcohol tolerance, and how much food has been consumed. Generally, however, it takes about four to eight drinks of vodka to get most people drunk.

Is tequila good with Coke?

Yes, tequila is good with Coke.

What is whiskey and Coke called?

A Jack and Coke.

Is Coke and rum good?

Coke and rum is a classic mixed drink that is popular among many people. The two ingredients complement each other well and create a refreshing and flavorful drink.

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