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Can you record at Third Man Records?

Yes, you can definitely record at Third Man Records! Third Man Records is a renowned recording studio located in Nashville, Tennessee that was founded by Jack White in 2001. The studio has seen a variety of artists come through its doors, from established rock and roll bands to emerging local talent.

It is also home to one of the most iconic three-quarter inch analog tape machines, allowing for a unique recording experience.

At Third Man Records, all recording sessions are fully booked with a team of engineers and producers that are extremely knowledgeable about recording and mixing music. Additionally, Third Man’s renowned mastering room allows for a superior post-production experience and the direct results are audible in the recordings.

In addition to the stellar recording experience and quality of sound, the studio has a range of amenities on offer, such as a curated record store and a comprehensive audio-visual room. As a result, studios visitors have the opportunity to relax, purchase memorabilia, and interact with other musicians and music lovers.

Ultimately, Third Man Records is a world-class studio and recording experience that is open to all musicians looking for something special. It is perfect for both emerging and established artists who are looking for the unique, analog sound that the studio is known for.

How do I submit music to Third Man Records?

The best way to submit music to Third Man Records is to visit their website and locate the contact page. Once there, you can fill out the form available with information about yourself, your music, and any other relevant details you would like to provide.

Make sure that you provide a link to streaming audio sources such as Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc. if you have any. Additionally, you can also attach a file with a complete audio recording, full-length song, or demo.

After submitting this information, be sure to keep a close eye on your email inbox—that’s how Third Man Records will contact you to let you know whether they’re interested in your submission.

Does Third Man Records accept demos?

No, Third Man Records does not accept demos. The company is owned by Jack White, who is an impressive musician and only works with musicians who are just as talented. Due to this, the company is more focused on providing A&R services for those artists that they have committed to working with.

If you are an established artist, you can contact them in regards to release inquiries. If you are an up-and-coming musician, there are other avenues you can explore to get discovered such as independent radio, media outlets, and more.

How much does it cost to press records?

The cost of pressing records depends on several factors, including the size and quantity of your order. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $0.30 to $2.00 per disc for a standard 7-inch record, and from $1.50 to $4.

00 for a standard 12-inch record. Some labels may offer better discounts for larger orders. The big variable is setup cost. Setup generally costs a minimum of $75 and increases with complexity. This cost will normally be added to your per-disc cost, so the higher the setup cost, the higher the per-disc cost.

Additional factors such as the type of sleeve, colors and labels desired, will also affect pricing. In general, the more you order the lower your cost per unit will be.

How do I press my own vinyl records?

Pressing your own vinyl records is an involved process, but with the right tools and knowledge it can be a rewarding and fruitful experience. Before you start, you need two main components: a lathe, which cuts the sound-grooves and a press, which molds the vinyl disc.

Making your own discs involves several steps which you will need to carry out in the order listed below:

1. Mastering: This involves calibrating and controlling the speed and quality to ensure the correct sound reproduction. You can do this yourself but it is recommended that you work with a professional mastering engineer for a quality product.

2. Lacquer Cutting: After mastering, you need to transfer the audio to a lacquer disc. This is done by a lathe which etches the sound into the lacquer.

3. Electrophoretic Transfer: Once the lacquer is ready, it must be electroplated. The lacquer is placed in a tank and plated with a thin layer of metal. This metal layer is then transferred to a vinyl master disc, allowing for mass production.

4. Pressing: Finally, the vinyl is put into a press and molded into shape, creating ready-to-sell discs.

With the right tools and materials, you can press your own vinyl records. It is a long and involved process that requires patience, skill and expertise, so it is highly recommended that you work with professional engineers to maximize the quality of your record.

How much does a vinyl player cost?

There is a wide range in prices for vinyl players. You can find some models for under $100 and others that cost several thousand dollars. The price largely depends on the quality of the unit and its features.

For example, a high-end player might have a built-in pre-amplifier, while a lower-priced model might not. Some players come with built-in speakers, while others require you to use your own. The price also varies depending on the brand.

Here are some examples of different prices you might find:

-Audio-Technica AT-LP60BK-BT: $179.00

-Pro-Ject Debut Carbon USB Turntable: $399.00

-Rega Planar 1 Plus: $995.00

-VPI Prime Signature Turntable: $4,999.99

How many Third Man record stores are there?

There are currently two Third Man Records stores in the world. They can both be found in Nashville, Tennessee. The original Third Man Records store opened in 2009, is located in the historic neighborhood of Uptown Nashville, and specializes in turntables, Crosley record players, vinyl and apparel.

The second store, known as Third Man Pressing, opened in 2017 and is located just outside the original store in an industrial district of Nashville. This store is dedicated to the vinyl pressing process, enabling artists to get their music pressed onto vinyl and released to vinyl fans around the world.

Both stores are dedicated to providing a unique experience for music fans, offering exclusive records and exclusive merch from both Third Man artists and esteemed collaborators.

Who is Third Man Records owned by?

Third Man Records is an American independent record label founded by musician Jack White in Detroit, Michigan, in 2001. The label specializes in vinyl records, and the label has released recordings by White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather, as well as solo material from each of the band members.

Third Man Records is owned by Jack White, who serves as its president. The label also operates a store in Nashville, Tennessee, and its Vault subscription service, which provides exclusive record releases to its members.

The company also produces an extensive range of books, apparel, editorial content and music videos.

What bands are signed to Third Man Records?

Third Man Records is a record label founded by musician Jack White in Detroit, Michigan in 2001. Over the past decade, the label has signed a number of popular artists and bands, including The Kills, The Raconteurs, Brendan Benson, Stephen “Steady” Boggs, The Dead Weather, Alicia Wiley and The Greenhornes.

More recently, Third Man Records has signed Kings of Leon, The Detroit Cobras, Neil Young and his band the Promise of the Real, and the Black Belles. The label has also released albums from a plethora of other esteemed acts, such as Wanda Jackson, Neko Case, Pokey LaFarge, The White Stripes and many more.

What label is Mac Demarco signed to?

Mac DeMarco is an independent artist, but he released most of his music on labels such as Captured Tracks, FAT Possum, and Royal Mountain Records.

Captured Tracks is an independent American label based in Brooklyn, New York, which Mac DeMarco has been affiliated with since 2011. Mac DeMarco has released three studio albums (2, Salad Days, and This Old Dog) and two EPs (Rock and Roll Night Club, and Another One) on Captured Tracks.

FAT Possum Records is an American independent record label based in Water Valley, Mississippi, which Mac DeMarco has been affiliated with since 2012. Mac DeMarco released his debut studio album, 2, as well as a live album, Live at 3rd Man Records, on FAT Possum Records.

Royal Mountain Records is an independent Canadian record label based in Toronto, Canada, which Mac DeMarco has been affiliated with since 2018. Mac DeMarco’s most recent studio album, Here Comes the Cowboy, was released on Royal Mountain Records in 2019.

Mac DeMarco also self-released his EPs, Some Other Ones and Old Dog Demos, and a mini-LP, Another One, through his own record label, Mac’s Record Label.

Does Jack White have kids?

Yes, Jack White has two kids. His daughter, Scarlett Teresa White, was born in 2006 and his son, Henry Lee White, was born in 2009. Scarlett was born to Jack White and his ex-wife Karen Elson. Henry is the only child of Jack White and his current wife, model and singer Karen Elson.

Jack has stated that he is a devoted father and greatly values his family life.