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Did Tate and Violet sleep together?

No, Tate and Violet did not sleep together. This is evident throughout the entire series, since the two characters are never seen sharing a bed or engaging in any kind of intimate activity. In the rare moments when they are seen alone together, they are usually talking or engaging in some kind of platonic activity.

While the two do have feelings for each other, they remain platonic throughout the series and do not pursue a physical relationship.

What episode does Tate and Violet hook up?

The episode that Tate and Violet hook up in is “The Devil Within”, which is the twelfth episode of American Horror Story’s first season. This episode centers around Violet and Tate’s growing closeness and Tobys desperate attempts to keep them apart.

Violet’s parents go out for the evening, leaving Violet and Tate home alone and the two eventually give in to their growing desire for one another. The episode is full of tension and shows the first physical manifestation of Tate and Violet’s relationship.

Did Tate sleep with Violet’s mom?

No, Tate did not sleep with Violet’s mom. In the television series “American Horror Story: Murder House,” Violet Harmon and Tate Langdon had a romantic relationship. However, Violet’s mother, Vivien Harmon, only ever had romantic relationships with her husband, Ben Harmon, and the ghost of her deceased lover, Patrick.

Therefore, it is not true that Tate slept with Violet’s mother. It is also important to note that Tate was a ghost in the series and he was stuck in the Murder House ever since he died in 1994. Therefore, the context in which this question was asked is impossible to occur.

Who does Tate Langdon end up with?

Tate Langdon does not end up in a relationship with any particular character by the end of the series American Horror Story: Murder House. He has a complicated relationship with Violet Harmon, with whom he shares a deep, yet complicated bond.

Even after she discovers his past as a ghost, she ultimately still loves him and they share a moment before she exits the house together. The difference in their lives keeps them apart–Violet is alive, while Tate is not.

Ultimately, Violet moves on, leaving Tate in the Murder House; and Tate remains in the afterlife, alone and without closure. Despite the fact that Tate doesn’t find a romantic partner, he shows growth and maturity throughout the series, and he ultimately earns a semblance of peace by the time the series ends.

What episode does Violet and Tate kiss in?

The episode where Violet and Tate finally kiss is the finale in Season 1 of American Horror Story, titled “Afterbirth”. The episode follows Tate after he murders the school bullies and is taken away by the police.

He escapes and goes looking for Violet, who had previously gone to a party with the bullies. In a startling moment of realization, Tate runs towards Violet’s house and professes his love for her before they share a passionate kiss.

It is a memorable scene and marks the moment their romance begins. The episode culminates with Violet and Tate’s love story coming full circle, as the spirits of the Harmons’ home, Moira and Constance, finally rest in peace.

What mental illness does Tate Langdon have?

Tate Langdon, a character from the FX drama series, American Horror Story: Murder House, has been diagnosed with severe psychotic depression with sociopathic features. This mental illness is characterized by chronic depression, lack of empathy and remorse, a distorted sense of reality, distorted thinking, and impaired decision-making.

Tate’s mental illness is evidenced by his lack of empathy and remorse, his grandiose view of himself and his desire to manipulate the people around him. He also displays signs of disassociation, a detachment from reality and his emotions.

In addition, he has been known to engage in self-destructive behavior, such as violent outbursts and a tendency to isolate himself.

Tate’s mental illness is further complicated by his ability to see and interact with “ghosts,” the spirits of the dead who linger in the Murder House. It is suggested that this ability has contributed to the onset of Tate’s mental illness, as it has caused him to become more and more detached from reality.

What did Tate do to Violet?

Tate abused Violet both emotionally and physically throughout their relationship. During their time together, Tate forced Violet to do things she didn’t want to do and controlled her movements and choices.

He also deprived her of emotional support and regularly insulted her. On multiple occasions, he hit her and tried to choke her in moments of rage. Tate also manipulated Violet by constantly reminding her of the power he had over her, and tried to make her feel like she was incapable of taking care of herself.

What happened between Tate and Violet?

Tate and Violet had a turbulent relationship. They initially met in high school and were attracted to each other, but Tate’s dangerous behavior, fueled by his troubled instincts, pushed Violet away. Through a complicated series of events, Tate was able to demonstrate to Violet that he was willing to channel his inner demons towards the protection of his loved ones and the people around him, and the two officially began dating.

Their relationship was intense and passionate, but also had its fair share of arguments and misunderstandings. They eventually married but it was an often volatile union. The couple struggled with communication, trust, and other issues throughout their marriage but seemed to work through it until Tate was killed in the events of the show.

This event deeply affected Violet, who was still struggling with Tate’s death years later.

Was Tate a ghost the whole time?

No, Tate was not a ghost the whole time in the series American Horror Story: Murder House. It is revealed in the finale of the series that Tate was made out of the darkest parts of Vivien and Constance’s (his mother and grandmother, respectively) souls, creating an increasingly powerful and malevolent human-ghost hybrid.

It is also revealed that he was the result of a forbidden relationship between Constance’s daughter Adelaide and a man named Larry Harvey. While Larry is revealed to be an inhabitant of the Murder House itself, Tate is ultimately not a true ghost of the property, although he may have taken on some supernatural abilities later in life after being born in the house.

Who got Violet’s mom pregnant in AHS?

In the fifth season of the show American Horror Story: Hotel, the character Violet Harmon is revealed to be the daughter of two characters, John Lowe (portrayed by Wes Bentley) and Alex Lowe (portrayed by Chloë Sevigny).

Both characters were ghosts, trapped in the Hotel Cortez, who had been killed by the hotel’s resident serial killer, The Ten Commandments Killer.

It is unclear who actually got Alex Lowe pregnant with Violet. In the show, John Lowell claims to be Violet’s father, although it is revealed that he has been cheating on Alex with another ghost who was staying at the hotel.

As such, it is possible that the second ghost is actually Violet’s biological father. It is also possible that they provided their own sperm and eggs and created an embryo using in vitro fertilization, although this is even more of a stretch.

Ultimately, the show never reveals who got Alex Lowe pregnant with Violet, and the matter remains a mystery.

Does Tate love Nora or violet?

It is unclear whether Tate loves Nora or Violet. In the TV series “Tate,” Tate’s relationships with both of these women are complicated. While there are tender moments between Tate and Nora, it also appears that Tate is torn between his attraction to Nora and his feelings for Violet.

At times, Tate appears to be stronger emotionally attracted to Nora while other times, his feelings for Violet are more prominent. In addition, Tate’s relationship with Nora is complicated by his loyalty to Violet, whom he has known since childhood.

Ultimately, it is impossible to definitively answer whether Tate loves either Nora or Violet since his feelings for both of them appear to be conflicting and in flux.