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Do Izzie and Alex get back together after the divorce?

Unfortunately, Izzie and Alex do not get back together after the divorce. After going through serious treatments for their respective cancer diagnoses, the couple struggled to stay connected. While they were both battling cancer, Alex chose to focus on his recovery and Izzie moved out of the house.

Following their divorce, the couple remained on good terms, but never reconciled their relationship. Even in the series finale, it is revealed that despite being married to different people, Alex and Izzie still had romantic feelings for each other.

They eventually moved on from one another, but remained friends with a mutual understanding that they still had feelings for each other.

Do Alex and Izzie end up together in the end?

At the end of Grey’s Anatomy, Alex Karev and Izzie Stevens have gone their separate ways. Alex is shown moving to Kansas to raise a family with Jo, the woman he was married to at the time. Izzie moved to a small town in California with a seemingly new husband and two daughters.

Although Alex and Izzie do not end up together in the end, their friendship remains strong. In a heartwarming reunion, Alex and Izzie come together to help an old patient of Izzie’s. In their brief reunion, Alex tells Izzie that he is happy with his life in Kansas and that he wishes her the best in California.

After the reunion, Alex and Izzie go their separate ways, indicating that although their tumultuous relationship has reached its end, their bond has remained strong.

Do Izzie and Alex have a baby?

No, Izzie and Alex do not have a baby. They were a couple on the medical drama TV show Grey’s Anatomy, which aired from 2005 to 2010. The two had a relationship during this time, but ultimately ended it and moved on.

Despite their tumultuous relationship, they never had a baby together. After their relationship ended, Izzie was diagnosed with cancer and was ultimately cured after experimental treatments. Alex went on to marry another doctor at the hospital and is the father of two children with her.

Who does Izzie get pregnant by?

Izzie from Grey’s Anatomy gets pregnant by Alex Karev. The two had a short-lived romantic relationship in Season 5 of the show, and Izzie subsequently discovers that she is pregnant. Alex supports her throughout her pregnancy and is there for her when she gives birth to their daughter, whom they both name Elizabeth after Izzie’s deceased mother.

Alex eventually marries Izzie, however, later in the season, she decides to move away with Elizabeth so that Alex can pursue a better career. In the episode “What a Difference a Day Makes” in Season 6, Alex and Izzie informally divorce, allowing her to continue raising their daughter on her own.

Who does Cristina Yang end up with?

Cristina Yang ends up with Dr. Preston Burke, her mentor and one of the founding members of Seattle Grace Hospital. The pair initially decided to marry at the end of the third season, but Burke abruptly left Yang at the altar on their actual wedding day.

After much hurt and many arguments, they eventually reconcile and make amends at the end of the sixth season. While the relationship isn’t rekindled, there is a sense of understanding and closure between them and the episode “Flight” ends with Yang saying “He was my person”.

Does Izzie stay married Alex?

No, Izzie and Alex’s marriage ultimately ends in divorce after five years. After a long struggle to make their marriage work, they ultimately decide to go their separate ways. Izzie moves to Seattle and continues her medical career while Alex moves on to another relationship.

Despite their split, Alex and Izzie remain good friends and continue to care deeply for one another.

Did Derek and Addison have a baby?

Yes, Derek and Addison did have a baby. On the medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy,” they welcomed their son, Bailey, in the season 5 finale. Their daughter, Harriet, was born in season 10. Derek and Addison are very proud of their children and both have been devoted parents throughout their parenting journey.

How did Izzie get pregnant with Alex’s babies?

Izzie and Alex became a couple after Izzie realized that she had developed feelings for him. She initially hesitated to pursue a romantic relationship with him, believing he only wanted to be her friend.

However, after a series of honest conversations, Izzie and Alex decided to explore their relationship further.

By the time Izzie became pregnant with Alex’s babies, the couple had become very close and were head over heels in love with each other. In fact, Izzie was actually considering marriage with Alex when they got the shocking news of her pregnancy.

The couple wasn’t sure how it happened as they had both been taking precautions to ensure that they didn’t conceive a child. They both suspected they may have been victims of the production crew who had selectively replaced the birth control pills each of them had taken with sugar pills.

This would explain why both Izzie and Alex felt no ill side effects, unlike when their mutual friend George accidentally overdosed on overdoses of birth control pills.

Fortunately, Izzie and Alex embraced their newfound family and found strength in each other to face the challenges that lay ahead of them bravely. Despite the struggles and hardships, Izzie and Alex were able to make it through and eventually welcomed healthy twin babies into their family.

Does Alex Karev marry Izzie?

No, Alex Karev does not marry Izzie. Despite having a strong connection and dynamic relationship over the course of the series, Alex and Izzie themselves were never married. Though they were both in love with each other, Izzie left Seattle to move home to raise her daughter when Alex has proposed to her.

They would continue their friendship, with Alex eventually meeting and marrying Jo Wilson.

Why did Alex choose Izzie over Jo?

Alex chose Izzie over Jo because he was ultimately more compatible with her. Izzie had a more upbeat and positive attitude that brought out the best in him, whereas Jo was more critical and often argued with him.

Alex could relate to Izzie’s more laid-back and easy-going nature, so he felt naturally drawn towards her. On top of that, Izzie shared a similar outlook on life that was in line with his own.

Izzie had many qualities that set her apart from Jo in Alex’s eyes. For example, Izzie was incredibly supportive of Alex’s career aspirations and encouraged him no matter what. Jo, on the other hand, was often skeptical of Alex’s choices and would try to talk him out of things.

Izzie was also very passionate about Alex’s hobbies and showed genuine interest in them—which Jo didn’t do. In fact, Jo often found fault with Alex’s interests and hobbies, which ultimately led to a lot of disagreements between them.

The bottom line is that Alex realized that he and Izzie would be able to build a better, more supportive relationship than he ever could with Jo. He knew that Izzie would always be there for him and that she would accept him for who he is—unconditionally.

That’s why Alex chose Izzie over Jo.

Where does Karev go in season 16?

During the 16th season of “Grey’s Anatomy”, Dr. Karev has a few life-changing decisions to make. After being presented with the opportunity to take over the hospital with Dr. Webber, he decides to move on from Grey Sloan and pursue his dream of running a rural hospital in Washington state.

The hospital is known as Pacific Northwest General Hospital and it is located in the small town of Issaquah, just outside of Seattle. After competing with a number of other applicants, Karev gets the job and embarks on the exciting journey of turning the failing hospital into a top-notch institution.

Throughout the 16th season, Karev deals with the challenges and triumphs of running a hospital. He meets new people and faces difficult decisions that test the core of his being. Despite the obstacles, Karev eventually turns the hospital from a troubled facility into a thriving, successful institution.

As the season comes to a close, Karev is rewarded for his hard work when he and his new wife Jo are presented with the opportunity to purchase the hospital and continue running it into the future.

At the end of the season, Karev is in a much better place than when the series first began 16 years ago. He has successfully faced his challenges and proven that he is an able leader of a hospital, but more importantly that he is a compassionate person who has a deep passion for improving the lives of others.

Did Alex leave Jo for Izzie?

No, Alex did not leave Jo for Izzie. At the beginning of their relationship, Jo suspected that Alex had feelings for Izzie, but this did not end up being the case. In fact, throughout their relationship, Alex continued to show Jo that he cared deeply for her.

Alex and Jo ultimately ended their relationship because she was beginning to move away due to a job offer. Despite Alex’s love for Jo, the two were unable to continue their relationship due to the distance.

Izzie, while an integral part of Alex’s life and the staff at Seattle Grace Hospital, had nothing to do with the end of his and Jo’s relationship.

Why was Izzy written out of GREY’s anatomy?

Izzy was written out of Grey’s Anatomy at the end of season 8 due to Katherine Heigl’s decision to focus on her film career. In a 2011 statement, she said, “I am taking a step away from Hollywood and taking the time to focus on my family and myself.” She had also been vocal about her frustration with the lack of quality material her character had been given over the years, saying that she was “not challenged by the material”, which may have led to her decision.

After leaving Grey’s Anatomy, she went on to star in several successful films, including Knocked Up, One for the Money, and Life As We Know It. In 2017, she returned to TV, starring in the NBC drama series Suits for two seasons.

What episode does Izzie come back after season 6?

Izzie came back for a brief appearance in the series finale of Grey’s Anatomy, which was the Season 16 episode entitled “Put on a Happy Face”. This episode aired on April 9, 2020. In the episode, Izzie returns as a ghost to say goodbye to Alex (Justin Chambers) and comfort him during a difficult period in his life.

She then reappears one last time in a closing montage of moments from the show’s history, symbolizing the love and bonds shared between the beloved Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital staff.

What happens to Izzie and Alex?

Izzie and Alex have a complicated relationship, which takes many twists and turns throughout the show. At the beginning of the show, Alex is torn between his love for Izzie and the fact that she is his friend and colleague.

Eventually Alex and Izzie develop a romantic relationship and eventually become engaged. However, Izzie discovers she has cancer and decides to break off the engagement for Alex’s own good, as she does not want him to have to go through her illness and battle with her.

After battling cancer, Izzie finds out that she will be able to keep her heart and proceed with a normal life. Alex offers to help her financially while she recovers, and they get back together. Eventually they get married and have a daughter, Sofia, who Izzie gives up for adoption to give her a better life.

In the last episode of the show, we see a now adult Sofia returning to Seattle Grace, reuniting with Izzie and Alex. They are both still married, but live in separate apartments, which indicates that their relationship is a bit strained.

It is never mentioned in the show if the couple will ever get back together, but Alex mentions to Sofia that even though Izzie hurt him, he still loves her.

In the end, the show leaves their relationship somewhat up to the imagination. It is possible that they might reunite some day, but they will always have the bond of their shared love for their daughter – Sofia.