Do you know what a plethora means?

A plethora is an excess or overabundance of something.

Could it be El Guapo once again?

He’s starting to appear more frequently in the polls. And he’s saying a lot of things that voters seem to like.

“We have nothing to lose,” declared veteran Sen. Lito Lapid.

“I have committed no crime and I have nothing to hide,” said former Vice President Jejomar Binay.

“Wala akong doble kara,” agreed former senator and presidential daughter Mar Roxas. (I have no double standard.)

Sen. Grace Poe might as well know by now.

Whatever you do, do it now.

Don’t put off anything that can make important people leave you only to join others who are equally as important.

But still, Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto said, the sentiment in the chamber is:Wait for 2016.

“We will wait for the decision of those who have higher electoral cough cough cough profile,” Recto said.

Former senator Richard “Dick” Gordon thinks that after 2016, Grace Poe might still be around to see another presidential election.

“Marami pa namang mga opportunity,” Gordon said.

“Always remember that if you want to become vice president or president, you

Who was El Jefe in Three Amigos?

El Jefe is an unseen character in Three Amigos. He is the leader of the banditos and the boss of the village of Santo Poco.

What does infamous mean Three Amigos?

The Three Amigos are an infamous trio of criminals who have been convicted of a variety of serious offenses.

Is Santa Poco a real place?

Santa Poco is not a real place.

What are the 3 Amigos names?

The Three Amigos are Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short.

When Should 3 Amigos happen?

When a team is struggling to communicate effectively, 3 Amigos can be a helpful tool to get everyone on the same page. It can be used at the beginning of a project to set expectations and ensure that everyone is aware of the team’s goals. It can also be used periodically throughout the project to check in and make sure that everyone is still on track.

Is Three Amigos kid friendly?

Yes, Three Amigos is generally considered appropriate for children.

Does Netflix have Three Amigos?

No, Netflix does not have Three Amigos.

Are Chevy Chase and Steve Martin Friends?

It seems unlikely that Chevy Chase and Steve Martin are friends. While they have worked together on several films, including Caddyshack (1980) and Three Amigos (1986), there is no indication that they are particularly close. In fact, in a recent interview, Steve Martin joked that he barely remembers working with Chase on Three Amigos.

Was there a sequel to The Three Amigos?

There was no sequel to The Three Amigos.

Are the three amigos friends?

The three amigos are friends.

Is the 3 Amigos on Netflix?

3 Amigos is not currently available to stream on Netflix.

Does Chevy Chase really sing in Three Amigos?

Chevy Chase sings in some parts of Three Amigos, but his voice is mostly dubbed by a professional singer.

Who is the 4th amigo?

Some people might say that the 4th amigo is Perico, or Pedro, but we cannot be sure.

What year does Three Amigos take place?

The movie Three Amigos takes place in 1916.

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