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Hazy Little Thing IPA from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company You Need to Know

Hazy IPAs are also known as the New England IPA, juicy IPA, or the unfiltered IPA. Almost all brewing company brew hazy IPAs. These companies wish to give people what they want.

In the same way, there is the Hazy Little Thing IPA. But what differentiates it from all other hazy IPAs. Read below and see the characteristics and distinguishing features of this IPA.

The History of The Hazy Little Thing

The History of The Hazy Little Thing

There are many brewing companies all over the world. But there is this one, Sierra Nevada. Yes, it has crafted several beers, but there is one with distinguishing characteristics.

While many brewing companies believe in fine clean beer, Sierra Nevada defied this. It came up with this hazy little thing beer. And indeed, it is misty, served straight from the tank to a can.

Ken Grossman, the founder of Sierra Nevada, came up with this IPA. But where did he start from? He laid the foundation with a pale ale, which set the standard for this company in Chico, California.

Ken Grossman

He is also known for the existing West Coast Pale ale. Many brewing companies have come up with hazy beers. But Ken Grossman tried this in a different manner. Ken then launched this IPA in February 2018. And, you can now find it on the shelves.

Characteristics of Hazy Little Thing IPA

You can easily recognize an IPA due to its different characters. Below are the defining characteristics of the little thing that will help you know if you are drinking the one or something different.

The Can

The Can of Hazy Little Thing IPA

The hazy little thing has not yet been packed in bottles. Mostly, you will see it in a beautiful, green with small yellow balls can. And the green writings are inscribed on a round crown yellow part. The can is preferred over bottles because it also preserves the beer.

This can holds 12 ounces of this drink. It also describes the place of origin (Chico), the ABV, and other information.


Color of Hazy Little Thing IPA

When you pour this IPA into your tulip glass, you will see a golden, opaque, and beautiful pour. The breadth of this pour is about a finger-size white soap. It produces an aggressive effervescence and copious lacing.

The white head maintains a solid stay on top of your glass.


Taste Hazy Little Thing IPA

If you have ever tasted this IPA, I know you are familiar with its fantastic taste. Your tongue will feel the sweetness of the mango flavour. Then, later on, some hint of zest and orange.

It then transitions to a piney and hoppy bitterness. Lastly, the bitterness is washed away by the residual sweetness.

Indeed, this is a well-balanced IPA. And if we can say, it meets the needs of both the bold and non-bold drinkers. However, you may not easily note alcohol content while drinking this IPA. So, it would be good to be careful to avoid over-drinking.

Mouth feeling

Hazy Little Thing IPA Mouth feeling

Hazy little thing presents to the mouth a medium-bodied feeling. The full carbonation foams and lifts the overall acidic feeling on the palate. This crispy IPA is highly drinkable too. It then leaves your mouth feeling smooth.


Hazy Little Thing IPA Aroma

If you love a fruity aroma, then you will find it in this IPA. A combination of mango, grapefruit, lemon, and pine produces a pleasant smell. These aromas leave your mouth feeling fresh and dank.

The yeast also plays a significant role in producing a refreshing aroma. And especially that this IPA is never filtered, you get all the pleasing aromas from every bit of ingredient.

The malt gives this hazy little thing IPA the sweet white bread aroma too.


The hops used in this IPA are; magnum, Citra, mosaic, El-Dorado, Simcoe, and comet. Magnum hops add more bittering character. And mosaic hops act as the finishing hops.

Oat and wheat constitute the body of the beer and give the IPA a cloudy appearance.

The ABV and IBU

The ABV and IBU

While the alcohol by volume is the recommended amount of alcohol in beer, the international bitterness unit is the recommended bitterness level.

Different IPAs have different ABVs, and IBUs-Little hazy thing has an alcohol content of 6.7%. Its bitterness level is 40. These rates are very standard. Since you cannot easily recognize the alcohol content, you may end up drinking too much of it.

Please watch this Youtuber giving more reviews and characteristics of this IPA.

Rules to Making the Best Hazy Little Thing IPA

Before making the hazy little thing IPA, it is essential to know some hazy IPA rules. These rules will enable you to produce the best IPA that will get every drinker talking. And, of course, positively.

Aroma hops

If you want the best distinctive hoppy aromas, you will need to balance between the hops and the bitterness. The higher the bitterness, the lower the aromas. Hence, you will need to add more hops at the end of the boil for the best hazy little thing.

The Mouthfeel

To boost the mouthfeel of the hazy little thing, we grains. These Oats and wheat also contribute to the haziness of this IPA. Hence, it is crucial to add the correct amount.

Besides, the grains are the main component of this IPA’s body. They also offer silkiness.

Chloride water

Do you want a sweeter IPA? Then, consider increasing the amount of chlorine in the water. Remember, the more the sulfate ratio, the higher the hoppy bitterness.

Hence, consider the higher chloride ratio that will intensify the maltiness, making your little hazy thing IPA sweeter.

Timing the dry hops

We need to subside all available aromas. How can we do it? Because we want our hazy little thing to smell fresh and tasteful. You will add the dry hops during the active fermentation. That is, at least a day or two after fermentation. Unlike other IPAs, this process is that you will add the dry hops after the primary fermentation.

And what does the yeast do to the hops? The yeast transforms the hops to some different compounds. These compounds then squeeze out the fresh flavours and the juices we want in our hazy little thing.

You can as well add more dry hops in the can or some few days before bottling. And indeed, you will enjoy the most exciting hazy IPA.

With all these tips in mind, it would be profitable to make this IPA. Read below and see;

How To Make The Hazy Little Thing


Grains or malt

Flake oats

Flaked wheat

Hop additions

0.5 oz mosaic hop at 60 minutes

0.5 oz Citra hops at 15 minutes

0.5 cascade hop at 5 minutes

0.5 el dorado at 5 minutes

Dry hops

0.5 comet at 0 min

2.5 oz Citra at 0 minute

0.5 oz at 0 minute


Two vials WLP 066


  1. Measure out your water to your desired amount.
  2. Heat the water up to 15 degrees Celcius.
  3. Add the grains slowly.
    Add the grains slowly
    Stir continuously to expose the grains.
  4. Seal your mash tun. But you need to ensure that your temperature is on point. Thoroughly stir the mixture to obtain a consistency of a watery oatmeal flow.
  5. Bring your sparge to a boil to a 15 degrees Celcius temperature than the average sparging temperature.
  6. Transfer the water to your hot liquor tank. Then, position the liquor tank above your mash tun.
  7. To prepare the lauter, place the kettle below the mash the kettle below the mash tun
  8. Recirculate the mash. Slightly open the mash tun’s valve to allow your wort to come out. Catch the stream with two measuring cups. You will notice some small particles floating on this mixture.
  9. Once the pitchers are full of the wort, gently pour it back to the mash tun. Repeat this process several times.
  10. Lauter the wort into your kettle. Ensure you set the sparge just above the grain bed. Open the Hot liquor tank valve to enable the partway and begin the sparge.Brewing Beer
  11. You will need to adjust the hot liquor’s and mash tun’s flow rate to maintain one inch of water above your grain bed. Continue with this process until you get your desired temperature.
  12. Let the wort boil. When it reaches a stable boiling point, start the countdown from 60 minutes and slowly add the hops. Remember to follow their subsequent timings.
  13. Clean and sanitize all the equipment that will come into contact with your beer.
  14. You can then add the wort chiller into the pot beside your boil. This is to give it time to sanitize. Ensure you have connected the hoses before putting the chiller to your pot.
  15. Once you are through with the boiling, start the cooldown. Turn on the hose to a slow-flowing rate. The water will be too hot, ensure you connect it somewhere safe.
  16. Stir the wort again using a sanitized metal spoon. Ensure to create a whirlpool.
  17. Cool the wort to the correct fermentation temperature. Then, pour it into the sanitized fermenter.
  18. Take your yeast. Cut the edge using a pair of sanitized scissors and add the yeast to the fermentor.add the yeast to the fermentor
  19. Wait until fermentation is complete, then dry-hop. Fermentation can be complete after ten days.
  20. Dry hop. Wait for one week, then drink your hazy little thing IPA. Straight from the fermenting tank to your can. Or you can pack. But anyway, it is just as you desire.

This is how your hazy little thing will look like in a glass; golden, tasty with a frothy head. It is enjoyable and highly drinkable too.

How the Little Hazy Thing IPA Ages

How the Little Hazy Thing IPA Ages

Like all hazy IPAs known for their short lifespan, the Little Hazy Thing is not so far from the rest. Take a can, put it on your shelf, drink slowly, every week. Note the difference. But let me explain to you what you will find out.

Let us experiment with three months;

The aroma will have changed. But to what? In the first month, the fragrance will be lush and with a fresh-fruit scent. On the forty-fifth day, you will notice a citrusy aroma. And by the end of the ninety days, you will feel like it is something different and not an IPA.

The can becomes milder also. Compared to the first one, which was beguiling. However, it is still aromatic and brighter.

This IPA’s flavour is more of tropical fruits, but as days go by, it changes. You will notice citrus, spiky notes like that of essential oil or, let us say, ascorbic acid.

Well, it is notable that this Hazy Little Thing IPA is best when you consume it while still fresh. That is if you want to enjoy most of its properties. And will not like to get the best of the flavours?

However, most hazy beers do not have a longer lifespan on the shelves. The aromas and flavours will all disappear days after being canned. But this story is different with the hazy little thing.

Food Pairings

Hazy Little Thing IPA Food Pairings

Just like other IPAs have food pairings, so also is this Hazy Little Thing. While you can take your beer with anything, some foods blend well with your selected IPA.

So, when you have a Hazy Little Thing bottle or can at your bar table, consider these foods for the best delicious flow;

  • BBQ pork ribs
  • Passion fruit sorbet
  • Sharp white cheddar
  • Grilled tilapia

To enjoy the drink, serve it between 46 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit in a Spiegelau IPA glass.

You can also enjoy a spicy, citrusy, and smoky food pairing with this IPA beef slider. See this recipe and know how you can come up with such a delicious pairing.

Finally, this is your hazy little thing IPA. The best unfiltered IPA, unlike some, which you will find clear and clean.

Try this IPA style, and I believe you will go back for several bottles. Bring the Sierra Nevada hazy little thing fresh fruit flavour to your shelves. Take one bottle or two bottles, and you will not regret your choice.