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How do you do the water bottle smoke trick?

The water bottle smoke trick is a fun way to play a prank on your friends, and all you need are a few simple items.

Step 1: Get a two-liter plastic water bottle, a straw, and some matches.

Step 2: Cut off the top of the water bottle so that you have an open cylinder, then fill the bottom ½ of the bottle with water.

Step 3: Place the straw inside of the bottle and fill the remaining space with smoke. To do this, light a match and blow it out just as it starts to burn. This produces smoke that will fill the bottle.

Step 4: Place your hand over the top of the bottle, then quickly turn it upright. This will trap the smoke inside the bottle.

Step 5: Once the smoke is trapped, take off your hand and the smoke will come pouring out from the bottle.

Now that you know how to do the water bottle smoke trick, you can impress your friends next time you get together!

How do you make a pressure bottle?

To make a pressure bottle, you will need the following materials: a plastic bottle with a tight-fitting seal, a metal roller, a rubber or plastic disk, screws and nuts, a metal plate, a few meters of rubber hose, air compressor, a drill and a couple of nuts.

Start by drilling a hole in the metal plate. The hole should fit the plastic bottle and it should be the same size as the metal roller. Next, attach the rubber or plastic disk to the metal plate with the screws and nuts.

This is to make a seal so no air can escape.

Attach the rubber hose to the bottom of the metal plate. This will be connected to the air compressor to pump air into the bottle. Finally, place the metal roller on top of the plastic bottle. Make sure it fits securely inside the opening of the bottle.

Once everything is in place, connect the air compressor to the rubber hose. Start the compressor to pump air into the bottle. As pressure builds up inside the bottle, the rubber or plastic disk will start to form a tight seal and will stop the air from escaping.

Your pressure bottle is now complete! This device is a great way to store liquids under pressure. It can also be used to store gases or other substances that need to be stored in high-pressure containers.


Why does twisting a water bottle make smoke?

Twisting a water bottle to make smoke is a process called “smoke effect. ” This can be achieved by heating the water inside the bottle. The heat causes pressure to build up inside the bottle, which in turn causes the air in the bottle to expand, forming tiny bubbles of smoke.

When the air expands, it quickly escapes through the bottle’s opening, forming a puff of smoke. Generally this effect is created by using an open flame or other heating device to heat up the interior of the bottle.

It’s important to note that the bottle should be closed, as an open bottle can result in an increased risk of burns or an uncontrolled release of heat and smoke.

How do u make fake smoke?

Making fake smoke can be done rather simply with the use of some household objects and materials. The most common way to create fake smoke involves the use of a fog machine. This machine can be found for relatively cheap online, or in most Halloween costume stores.

All you will need to do is fill the fog machine with smoke fluid, which can also be purchased conveniently online. Depending on the size and strength of the fog machine you have, it can be used in a variety of different spaces with varying levels of smoke production.

Another great way to make fake smoke requires a bit more creativity. You can use dry ice if you would like to create billowing or cascading columns of smoke. All you need is a pot or container, dry ice, and hot water.

Make sure you are wearing thick gloves as dry ice can cause frostbite. Place the dry ice in the bottom of the pot, and slowly add hot water over the top. This will create an instant fog-like effect.

Finally, the easiest and least expensive way to make fake smoke is by using a simple incense burner. This can be found online, or in most convenience stores. All you will need to do is find a good quality incense product and light the end of it.

This will create a lighter and less defined smoke than the more methodical approaches.

Is there air in an empty bottle?

No, there is no air in an empty bottle. When the bottle is empty, the interior is a vacuum and is devoid of gas molecules. Air is composed of numerous gases molecules, primarily nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%), along with other gases like argon and carbon dioxide, so if there is no positive pressure inside a bottle, no air molecules can be found.

To introduce air into the bottle, one needs to unscrew the cap on the bottle, thus allowing external air to fill the enclosed space and thus, creating a positive pressure.

How will you show that an empty glass bottle is filled with air?

In order to show that an empty glass bottle is filled with air, you can demonstrate the concept of atmospheric pressure. You can do this by using a straw (the straw should fit tightly in the opening of the bottle) and ask an audience member to place their thumb over the top of the straw.

Then, lower the bottle into a container of water – so the opening of the bottle is beneath the surface of the water. If their thumb is still in place, air from inside the bottle is forced out of the straw, causing bubbles to rise from the straw.

This shows that the bottle is filled with air and is being pressurized by the atmosphere. Drinking straws are often used for this experiment for their long and narrow shape, which helps isolate the air more effectively inside the bottle.

How can you prove that an empty bottle contains air?

You can prove that an empty bottle contains air by performing a displacement experiment. Take the empty bottle and fill it with water until it is completely full. Take a ruler and measure the water level in the bottle.

Mark this level. Now, without adding or removing any water, seal the bottle tightly. Wait a few minutes and measure the water level again using the ruler. You should notice that the level of the water has decreased.

This is because the air in the bottle is displacing the water, which pushes the water down. This proves that air is still present in the empty bottle.

Why do water bottles feel hard?

Water bottles feel hard because they are usually made of plastic such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET is a lightweight, strong and rigid plastic that is used to make a variety of everyday items including water bottles.

The rigidity of the material is what makes it feel hard to the touch. Additionally, PET has a strong tensile strength which allows it to resist being crushed or deformed. This adds to the hardness of the water bottle as it can withstand pressure without breaking, unlike other materials like glass or aluminum which may deform or break when pressure is applied.

What causes the air pressure inside the bottle to decrease?

The air pressure inside the bottle decreases when air is allowed to escape. This could happen if the seal on the bottle is not tight enough or if there is a hole in the bottle that is permitting air to escape.

The decrease in air pressure reduces the pressure differential between the inside and outside of the bottle, thus allowing air to escape through the opening. This decrease can be accelerated by shaking the bottle or squeezing it, or if the bottle is placed in an environment with a higher pressure, such as underwater.

The decrease in air pressure inside the bottle can also be caused by rapid temperature changes, evaporation, or the reaction of gases inside the bottle.

Why does water not fall out from an upside down bottle?

When a bottle is filled with liquid like water, it creates a vacuum inside. This vacuum aids in holding the water in the bottle even when it is turned upside down. The vacuum formed is because of the air pressure created by the atmosphere above the liquid.

This higher atmospheric pressure prevents the water from spilling out. The atmospheric pressure is greater in magnitude than the pressure inside the bottle, which helps to hold the liquid in the bottle.

Due to this reason, the liquid doesn’t come out from the bottle even when it is inverted. However, if the bottle is shaken too vigourously or has a crack, the liquid may fall out from the bottle.

Can you reseal a water bottle?

Yes, you can reseal a water bottle if it has a resealable lid. Many store-bought water bottles have lids or caps that have a small pull tab or lever to make resealing the bottle easy. To reseal your water bottle, simply pull the lever or tab up to open the cap then hold the lid lightly while pressing the bottle gently to avoid spilling.

When the bottle is filled, place the lid on while gently pressing the sides of the lid to ensure a tight seal. For bottles with screw lids, be sure to make sure the lid is screwed on tight. Also check that the seal is in place to make sure no leakage is happening.