How do you make a super cobblestone generator in Minecraft?

A super cobblestone generator is a type of redstone device that produces an infinite supply of cobblestone. Cobblestone generators work on the principle of converting the energy of moving lava into cobblestone.

There are two main types of cobblestone generators: the water-powered generator and the piston-powered generator. Water-powered generators are the most common type of cobblestone generator. They use a water source block and a movable lava source block to create cobblestone. Piston-powered generators are more complex and use pistons to push lava into a water source block.

Creating a water-powered cobblestone generator is relatively simple. First, you need to find a water source block and a movable lava source block. Place the water source block on top of the lava source block. Then, add a block of obsidian or another source of fire to the system.

The water will slowly turn the lava into obsidian or cobblestone. As the lava turns into obsidian or cobblestone, the water will cool and turn into stone. The process will continue until all of the lava has turned into obsidian or cobblestone.

Piston-powered generators are more complex than

How do you get unlimited Stone Farms in Minecraft?

You can get unlimited stone from a stone farm by destroying the obsidian pillars that are holding up the farm.

Is it possible to make a diamond generator in Minecraft?

It is not possible to make a diamond generator in Minecraft.

How do you keep cobblestone from falling into lava?

By placing a block of obsidian on top of the cobblestone, it will not fall into the lava.

Do cobblestone generators produce ores?

Cobblestone generators do not produce ores.

What types of generators are there in Minecraft?

There are three types of generators in Minecraft: solar, water, and wind.

How do you get ores in vanilla skyblock?

However, it is generally agreed that the best way to obtain ores in Skyblock is to find a Skyblock island with a high level of ore density and then mine as much as possible.

Why does my cobblestone generator keep making obsidian?

The obsidian is most likely being generated by lava flowing into water.

Can you smelt diamond armor?

You can’t smelt diamond armor, but you can melt it down in a furnace to get 1 diamond back.

How do you make a ore in Minecraft with a command block?

/give @p minecraft:diamond_ore 1

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