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How do you make a super cobblestone generator in Minecraft?

To make a super cobblestone generator in Minecraft, you will need to first build a cobblestone generator. To do this, you’ll need to make a 4×3 area of either obsidian or bedrock with a two block tall wall around it.

Inside the area, place two buckets of water that are two blocks apart and a lava source block at the far end of the wall. Then, using a block of your choice, build a one block tall wall between the two buckets of water.

This will allow the water to flow and create the cobblestone.

Once you have the cobblestone generator built, the next step is to make it a super cobblestone generator. To do this, you’ll need to surround the generator with a 3-block tall wall, either with obsidian or bedrock.

On the inside of this wall, place a row of torches around the generator and a water source in the middle. This will create a weaker version of the cobblestone generator that will produce more cobbled-stone.

From here, you can expand the generator with more blocks of your choice to increase the efficiency of the generator.

Finally, the last step in creating a super cobblestone generator is to add a hopper. Using an iron block, place a hopper on the side of the cobblestone generator and feed it from a chest containing cobblestone.

This will collect the cobblestone from the generator and dispense it back into the generator making the cobblestone generator able to work forever.

Creating a super cobblestone generator can be a long and complicated process, but when done correctly it will provide an infinite source of cobblestone for your Minecraft creations.

How do you get unlimited Stone Farms in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get unlimited Stone Farms in Minecraft. However, there are some strategies you can use to maximize the amount of stone you are able to obtain in-game.

One option is to farm monster eggs, which you can find in strongholds, dungeons, and other underground structures. These eggs, when mined, will occasionally drop stone when mined. You can also use a stone mason villager to trade for stone blocks, as they will buy a variety of stone-related items.

You can also look for natural sources of stone, such as exposed mountain edges or caves in your world. Finally, you can harvest stone from villages and monuments, provided you have the necessary permissions to do so.

Another idea is to use the Builders Wand mod, which allows players to craft blocks and double the output of their block harvesting efforts. By using this mod, you can quickly and efficiently gather the stone you need to build and progress in the game.

Ultimately, the best and most efficient way to get unlimited stone in Minecraft is to invest in Harvesting Hoes and use them to rapidly farm blocks from the ground. With this method, you will be able to harvest an unlimited amount of blocks from the world and build anything your heart desires.

Is it possible to make a diamond generator in Minecraft?

Yes, it is possible to make a diamond generator in Minecraft. The most popular option is to use redstone and pistons. Redstone is an item found in the game that can be used to power various automated devices.

Pistons are blocks that can be moved by redstone power, creating a loop of sorts. When placed in the right positions and wired up correctly, a diamond generator can be created. The generator requires a great deal of setup and understanding of the game’s mechanics, but with the right setup and knowledge, a diamond generator can be created.

How do you keep cobblestone from falling into lava?

The best way to keep cobblestone from falling into lava is to cover the lava with a non-flammable material and then put the cobblestone on top of that. A viable option would be to use a water-proof material like concrete, granite, quartz, or other composite materials that won’t be damaged by the heat generated by the lava.

Place these non-flammable materials on top of the lava in large enough pieces in order to provide a stable foundation that the cobblestone can sit on without sinking in. Once you have the non-flammable material laid down, you can place the cobblestone in whatever configuration desired.

This will work well to provide a safe, stable surface. You may also want to apply a bit of mortar to the cobblestone to ensure an even surface and keep the stones from shifting.

Do cobblestone generators produce ores?

No, cobblestone generators do not produce ores. Cobblestone generators are used in the game of Minecraft to provide an infinite source of cobblestone blocks. They are used to build things or as fuel for furnaces, but they won’t generate ores.

Ores are instead found in the world, usually near bedrock. They can also be found in generated structures, like dungeons and mineshafts, or in when villagers trade items with players. Ores can also be acquired using commands and cheats in-game.

What types of generators are there in Minecraft?

Minecraft has a variety of generators available for players to use. The type of generator that can be used depends on the game mode/version as well as the generator block that is used.

In Survival mode, generators are primarily used for creating energy sources for Redstone circuits and devices. Such as the Furnace Generator, Redstone Generator, and Energy Cell Generator. The Furnace Generator is the simplest type and uses a Furnace to convert items into energy.

The Redstone Generator is a more complex type and uses Redstone to convert items into energy. Finally, the Energy Cell Generator is a much higher level type, using an Energy Cell to output energy.

In Creative mode, generators are used to generate resources such as ores and blocks. Some of the generators available in Creative mode are the Mineral Generator, Generator Core, Nether Fortress Generator, and the Stronghold Generator.

The Mineral Generator generates a variety of ores randomly, while the Generator Core generates a multitude of blocks that are predetermined by the player. The Nether Fortress Generator generates the full layout of a Nether Fortress, and the Stronghold Generator creates a full layout of a Stronghold dungeon.

How do you get ores in vanilla skyblock?

In vanilla Skyblock, you can get ores by mining them in a variety of ways. The most common way to obtain ores is to mine them from natural deposits scattered throughout the world. Ores such as Iron, Gold, and Diamond can all be found while mining in certain areas.

You can also use a cobblestone generator to generate cobblestone, which can then be mined to get ores such as coal. Additionally, you can craft stone, iron and gold pickaxes, which can be used as tools to mine specific ores.

Additionally, Enchantment Tables and anvils can also be used to increase the chance of receiving ores when mining. Finally, you can also trade with other players or villagers to get ores.

Why does my cobblestone generator keep making obsidian?

One of the most common causes is that the generator is too close to a lava source, which will cause the generator to pull in lava instead of cobblestone. If your cobblestone generator is too close to a lava source, you will need to move it further away to make sure the generator is able to pull in the necessary cobblestone blocks.

It’s also possible that a vandal has replaced the cobblestone blocks in your generator with obsidian blocks. In this case, you can replace the obsidian blocks with cobblestone blocks to get your generator back on track.

You may also need to repair damage to the generator itself if a vandal has damaged it. Finally, make sure that you are using the right materials when making a cobblestone generator, as some materials such as sandstone can be mistaken for cobblestone blocks and result in the generator making obsidian instead of cobblestone.

By ensuring you have the right materials, keeping the generator away from lava sources, and replacing any damaged components or blocks, you should be able to get your cobblestone generator functioning properly again.

Can you smelt diamond armor?

No, you cannot smelt diamond armor. Diamond is one of the hardest materials on Earth and as a result is also one of the most difficult to shape into armor. The only way to make diamond armor is by using cutting edge diamond-cutting and polishing technology.

While diamonds may be found naturally in the Earth, they must be mined, cut and polished in order to fit into the necessary shapes and patterns. Diamonds are also expensive, which means that diamond armor is often very costly and out of reach for most people.

How do you make a ore in Minecraft with a command block?

Using a command block in Minecraft is an easy way to make an ore. To do this, you will need to use the command “/setblock” followed by the coordinates of the block you want to change. You also need to include the type of block you want it to become.

For example, to make an iron ore block, you can use the following command: “/setblock X Y Z minecraft:iron_ore”. Replace the X Y Z with the coordinates of the block you want to change. You should also remember to add a third argument to the command to specify the type of ore: the number 0 for normal ore, 1 for ore that spawns only in single blocks, 2 for ore that only spawns in huge veins, and 3 for ore that requires a silk touch pickaxe to be mined.

Once you’ve entered the command, it should change the block to the ore you specified.