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How do you serve Ole Smoky?

Serving Ole Smoky is easy and enjoyable. Begin by chilling your Ole Smoky liquor of choice. If you’re looking to share Ole Smoky with several friends, you may want to consider adding it to a signature punch.

Start by pouring two parts Ole Smoky and adding in five parts lemon-lime soda. Next, add in three parts orange juice, two parts cranberry juice, and a splash of grenadine syrup. If desired, add flavor to the punch by muddling thinly sliced oranges, limes, and lemons into the mixture.

Serve chilled.

For a traditional shot, serve your Ole Smoky liquor-of-choice neat or with a few ice cubes. For flavored Ole Smoky, consider downing the shot with a chaser—a light, complimentary liquid that blends well with the shot.

Another way to enjoy Ole Smoky is by incorporating it into an old-fashioned. Start by stirring brown sugar and a few dashes of angostura bitters in your favorite glass. Add one or two of your choice Ole Smoky liquor and muddled oranges, cherries, and/or limes.

Pack the glass with ice and add in a splash of club soda or water for a touch of sweetness. Garnish with orange or cherry and enjoy.

Do you drink moonshine by itself?

No, I do not drink moonshine by itself. Moonshine is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made mainly from corn mash and other grains. It is known for having a high alcohol content and a raw, rough taste that doesn’t necessarily appeal to everyone.

For the best experience when drinking moonshine, it is best to mix it with other drinks or mixers, such as cola, cranberry juice, or ginger ale. Additionally, depending on the type of moonshine you buy, you could also add fresh fruits, such as oranges, lemons, strawberries, or limes for an extra flavorful drink.

Spirits, like whiskey, brandy, or Cognac, can also be added to give the moonshine more depth and complexity. Ultimately, with the variety of mixers available, there are plenty of ways to enjoy moonshine without having to drink it by itself.

Does Ole Smoky Moonshine taste like real moonshine?

Yes, Ole Smoky Moonshine is an authentic moonshine product that has been crafted with a recipe that is steeped in over a century of Tennessee distilling tradition. The premium white whiskey is made from corn and has a smooth, clean taste.

In addition, its recipe has been expertly crafted in small batches over months of distillation and barreling to ensure its flavor fully develops and has a flavor that is synonymous with moonshine. The taste of this authentic moonshine is reminiscent of the traditional spirits produced in the early days, featuring subtle notes of caramel and vanilla followed by a smooth and finished taste.

Ultimately, with its authentic, smooth, and clean taste, Ole Smoky Moonshine expertly captures the real taste of moonshine.

Is Ole Smoky Moonshine strong?

Yes, Ole Smoky Moonshine is strong – in fact it is 80-proof. That is, it is 40% alcohol by volume (ABV), which is about twice the strength of standard beer and wine. Ole Smoky Moonshine has a proof range from 70 to 100, providing a choice between a range of traditional moonshine flavors.

Because Ole Smoky Moonshine is so strong, it’s important to be aware of how much you’re consuming and to always drink responsibly.

How long does it take to get drunk from moonshine?

The amount of time it takes to get drunk from moonshine can vary based on a variety of factors, such as size, metabolism, and the amount consumed. Generally, the more moonshine a person drinks and the less body mass they have, the quicker they will become inebriated.

In addition, the alcohol content of the moonshine being consumed will play a role in how fast someone gets drunk.

Typically, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the alcohol to start affecting the system after moonshine is first consumed. Lightweight individuals can become noticeably tipsy after 20 minutes, while someone who weighs more and has a higher tolerance may take an hour or longer before they appear obviously impaired.

In general, if someone has had more than one drink, they are likely to be legally drunk after an hour, while heavier drinkers and lightweights may be legally impaired within a half hour.

The bottom line is that how fast someone gets drunk from moonshine is highly individual and unpredictable. As such, it is important to be cautious and aware of your levels of intoxication so that you can make sure you consume responsibly.

Is moonshine stronger than whiskey?

Moonshine is traditionally any alcohol that is illegally distilled, home-brewed whiskey being one of the most common types. Generally speaking, moonshine can be both weaker and stronger than whiskey.

This is because moonshine is usually made with different types of grain, fermented and distilled without the regulation that commercial distilleries, who make whiskey, are required to adhere to. As a result, the alcoholic strength of moonshine can vary wildly depending on how it is brewed and what basic ingredients are used.

Generally, moonshine can range anywhere from 40 to 120 proof, while the average whiskey comes in anywhere between 80 and 140 proof. Therefore, it can depend on each individual batch of moonshine as to whether it is stronger than whiskey or not.

What do you mix moonshine with?

Moonshine is a clear and unaged spirit, usually made from corn, that has been illicitly produced in the United States since the 18th century. It can be enjoyed straight or mixed with other liquids.

The most common drink used to mix with moonshine is cola, though many other sodas and juices can be used to create tasty cocktails. The classic combination is to pour moonshine over the rocks with a splash of cola, or to mix it with cola and a shot of orange or pineapple juice.

Another popular moonshine mixer is lemonade, which can be combined with moonshine, mint, and club soda for a refreshing summertime drink.

Sparkling water is also a popular mixer for moonshine. The two liquids can be combined with any fresh fruits and juices desired for a delicious and bubbly concoction. Ginger ale is another common mixer, and can be combined with moonshine, lime juice, and mint for a refreshing drink.

For a traditional southern cocktail, try mixing moonshine with sweet tea. This cocktail can be made sweet or spicy, depending on individual taste, and either version proves to be a crowd pleaser.

No matter which mixer is chosen, having the proper ingredients on hand is essential for creating successful. While having fun experimenting with various mixers, it is a good idea to take notes about the benefits and drawbacks of each combination in order to concoct the perfect drink.

Does Smoky Mountain moonshine need to be refrigerated?

No, typically Smoky Mountain moonshine does not need to be refrigerated. Because it is a strong alcohol, it is usually stored at room temperature or slightly cooler. However, it will stay fresher and last longer when stored in a cool, dark place.

If the moonshine contains additional ingredients such as fruit or other flavorings, it may need to be refrigerated to preserve the flavor. If the moonshine has been opened, it should be refrigerated, as the flavor may begin to degrade over time.

Do you have to refrigerate Ole Smoky Moonshine peaches?

Yes, it is necessary to refrigerate Ole Smoky Moonshine Peaches after opening. The product is double-distilled and contains no preservatives, so it should be stored in a cool, dark place or refrigerated to prevent spoilage and maintain the best quality.

While unopened Moonshine Peaches can be stored on a cool pantry shelf, any that have been opened need to be refrigerated. The jar should be tightly sealed and used promptly as the flavor and aroma will deteriorate after about five days in the refrigerator.

Ole Smoky Moonshine Peaches should be enjoyed within six weeks of opening and consumed within seven days after opening.

How can you tell if moonshine is safe?

To tell if moonshine is safe or not, it is important to understand how it is made. Moonshine is an unaged alcoholic liquor, usually made with a high percentage of corn mash, that is created through an illegal distilling process.

It is typically made with a still, which is a device that is used for the distilling of alcohol by heating and condensing the alcohol vapors.

The quality and safety of the moonshine will depend on the method used to make it and the ingredients used. Poorly made moonshine can have a variety of contaminants, such as lead, ethyl mercury, and methanol.

These contaminants can be dangerous and can even be deadly.

The best way to determine if the moonshine is safe is to seek help from a professional who is experienced in distilling. They can run the moonshine through a still and test it for contaminants. If a professional is not available, it is always best to avoid consuming moonshine or any other alcoholic drink that was made illegally.

Can you put Ole Smoky moonshine in the freezer?

Unfortunately, no, you should not put Ole Smoky moonshine in the freezer. To freeze Ole Smoky moonshine, the temperature would have to be below 26° F and the average home freezer temperature is around 0° F, which is far too cold and would damage and/or ruin the taste of the moonshine and reduce its potency.

Additionally, when moonshine is frozen, it expands, which means it can push against the bottle and cause it to break or crack due to the extreme pressure. Thus, for the best taste and safe storage, it is best to store Ole Smoky moonshine at room temperature.

Should moonshine be chilled?

Yes, moonshine should be chilled before consuming. Chilling moonshine can help to bring out its flavors and aromas. It also softens the harsh edge of the alcohol, making it more enjoyable to drink. As moonshine is a high proof spirit, it is best served cold to make it more palatable.

Additionally, chilling the drink allows you to enjoy the cocktail while preventing it from becoming too strong. To chill moonshine, it should be placed in the freezer for a few hours, or you can use a combination of ingredients such as ice, water, and salt to cool it down quickly.

If you don’t want to chill it, you can also add other mixers to the moonshine to make it more enjoyable.

How long will flavored moonshine last?

The shelf life of flavored moonshine will depend on a few things; such as the ingredients used and how it is stored. Generally speaking, if the moonshine is stored in a cool and dark place, it will last for a few years without any major flavor or quality differences.

It is important that the moonshine is properly sealed to avoid any moisture or air from getting in. If not, the flavor of the moonshine is likely to start deteriorating in about six months. Additionally, if any kind of fruits or herbs are used to flavor the moonshine it can also affect its shelf life.

For example, if fruits like oranges or apples are used, they should be consumed within six months as they are highly perishable. On the other hand, herbs like rosemary or thyme tend to have a longer shelf life and can stay intact for up to a year.