How does a magnetic stir plate work?

A magnetic stir plate is a laboratory device that employs a rotating magnetic field to cause a stir bar placed in a liquid to spin very quickly, thus stirring it.

What is the function of magnetic stirrer hot plate?

A magnetic stirrer hot plate is a device that is used to heat and stir liquids. The device consists of a hot plate that is used to heat the liquid and a stirrer that is used to stir the liquid. The device is used to heat and stir liquids that are difficult to stir.

What is the purpose of the stir bar?

The stir bar helps to mix the ingredients in a liquid so that they are evenly distributed.

What is a stir plate?

A stir plate is a lab equipment used to agitate liquid cultures of bacteria or yeast. This allows for more oxygen to be dissolved in the culture, which can lead to more robust growth.

What are stir bars made out of?


How often should you stir your liquid culture?

Once a day

Can you use a plastic beaker with a magnetic stirrer?

No, a plastic beaker will not work with a magnetic stirrer.

How do stir bars spin?

The magnetic field from the stir plate rotates the polarities of the atoms in the stir bar. This causes the stir bar to spin.

Can magnetic stirrers be heated?

Yes, many models of magnetic stirrers can be heated.

What does stir do on hot plate?

A hot plate is a portable electric appliance used for cooking. Stirring on a hot plate helps to evenly cook food by distributing heat evenly.

What does a hot plate do in science?

A hot plate is a piece of laboratory equipment used to heat liquids, solutions and solids. It consists of a flat heating element that is turned on and off as needed. Hot plates are used in many types of experiments, such as titrations, and can be found in most chemistry and physics laboratories.

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