How many breweries are in Kentucky?

According to the Brewers Association, as of 2016, there are 74 breweries in Kentucky.

What city has the most breweries total?

Portland, Oregon has the most breweries total with 84.

What state is known for beer?

Colorado is known for beer.

What is the most popular beer in Kentucky?

The most popular beer in Kentucky is vodka.

How many Kentucky bourbons are there?

There are countless Kentucky bourbons, but some of the most well-known brands include Jack Daniel’s, Jim Beam, and Wild Turkey.

What is the oldest brewery in Indiana?

The oldest brewery in Indiana is New Albanian Brewing Company, which was founded in 1993.

Is Sun King only in Indiana?

Sun King Brewing Company is a brewery located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Who owns Sun King Brewing?

Sun King Brewing is co-owned by Omar Robinson and Dave Colt.

Is Sun King 21 and over?

Yes, Sun King is 21 and over.

What is Sun King?

Sun King is an American pale wheat ale brewed by Sun King Brewing Company in Indianapolis, Indiana. The beer was first released in July 2009 and is available in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois.

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How much alcohol is in Sun King Cream Ale?

There is 4.5% alcohol by volume in Sun King Cream Ale.

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