How many calories are in 2 tbsp of grape jelly?

There are 60 calories in 2 tbsp of grape jelly.

Is grape jelly good for you?

Grape jelly is not necessarily good for you, but it is not bad for you either.

Does Smuckers grape jelly need to be refrigerated?

Smuckers grape jelly does not need to be refrigerated.

How much sugar does grape jelly have?

Grape jelly has about 48 grams of sugar per serving.

Is there a healthy grape jelly?

Grape jelly is made from grapes, sugar, pectin, and acid. It is a source of natural sugar and contains no artificial sweeteners.

How much jelly should I eat a day?

There is no guidelines for how much jelly one should eat in a day.

What are the benefits of eating jelly?

Jelly is low in calories and fat, and it is a good source of fiber. Jelly is also a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Does grape jelly have sugar?

Yes, grape jelly contains sugar.

Do they make sugar free grape jelly?

There are several brands of sugar free grape jelly on the market.

Is Welch’s jelly healthy?

However, it does contain sugar and calories, so it is important to consume it in moderation.

What are the ingredients in Welch’s grape jelly?

Welch’s grape jelly is made with grapes, sugar, corn syrup, pectin, and citric acid.

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