How many McMenamins properties are there?

McMenamins currently operates over 50 unique properties, comprised of venues ranging from historic hotels and landmarks to newly built breweries and more. Locations include pubs, music venues, movie theaters, spas, distilleries, and more.

The oldest and perhaps most iconic of these properties is the Malt and Vine building in Bothell, Washington, originally opened in 1895 and now home to the company’s corporate office and an array of tasty brews.

Other classic properties on the McMenamins list include the White Eagle Saloon in Northwest Portland, Oregon, opened in 1905 and now lovingly restored as a popular neighborhood hangout; and Edgefield, an estate-turned-hotel in Troutdale, Oregon with a colorful past as a poor farm, county poor farm, and a charitable center.

And to top it off, the McMenamins crew has gone the extra mile to establish 35 themed gardens in seven states. From flavor-packed edible gardens to unique sensory experiences, each location offers a unique and often unexpected appeal that ties in with the company’s motto: “Life Is An Adventure.


McMenamins continues to spread its unique brand of entertainment with additional properties in development, proving that when it comes to fun and inventive entertainment, they’re just getting started.

What was McMenamins first pub?

McMenamins first pub was the Old Cornell Schoolhouse, which opened in 1974. The pub is located in Portland, Oregon, and is still in operation today.

Who owns McMenamins?

McMenamins is a family-owned company that was founded in 1983 by brothers Mike and Brian McMenamin. The company owns and operates over 60 hotels, breweries, music venues, and restaurants in the Pacific Northwest.

Where is the first McMenamins located?

The first McMenamins location was in North Portland, Oregon. The company has since expanded to include locations in Washington state, California, and Idaho.

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Who does the art for McMenamins?

McMenamins is an American brewery, pub, music venue, and hotel chain headquartered in Portland, Oregon. The company was founded in 1983 by brothers Mike and Brian McMenamin. The McMenamins brothers are known for their involvement in the renovation of historic properties into hotels, brewpubs, and movie theaters.

The McMenamins brothers are also the principle artists for the company. The brothers have been creating art for McMenamins since the early days of the company and continue to do so today. In addition to the art created by the brothers, McMenamins also features the work of local, regional, and national artists in their properties.

What did Edgefield McMenamins used to be?

Edgefield McMenamins used to be a hotel and a spa. The hotel had a total of 50 rooms and the spa had 10 treatment rooms. The hotel had a restaurant, a bar, and a pool. The spa had a sauna, a steam room, and a hot tub.

Is there a secret room at McMenamins Edgefield?

There may be a secret room at McMenamins Edgefield, but it’s a closely guarded secret. If there is such a room, it’s likely used for special events or storage.

What was the poor farm?

A poor farm, sometimes referred to as a pauper’s farm or workhouse, was a farm maintained by a governmental entity at public expense in order to provide housing and employment for the indigent. The concept of the poor farm originated in England during the Tudor era, and poor farms were established in the United States during the colonial era.

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What is a poor farmer called?

Such as the region or country in which the farmer lives, their economic situation, and others. However, some possible terms that could be used to describe a poor farmer include “struggling farmer,” “impoverished farmer,” or “underprivileged farmer.


When did the last poor house close?

The last poor house in the United States closed in 2003. Poor houses were institutions that housed the poor, the sick, and the insane. They were also known as almshouses, poor farms, and pauper houses.

Poor houses were established in the 1600s in England and the American colonies. In the United States, poor houses were common until the early 20th century.

What was a poor house in the 1800s?

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What was it like in a poor house?

The poor house, also known as a poor farm or almshouse, was a place where people who were unable to support themselves were housed. In most cases, they were also required to work, usually in agriculture or domestic service.

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When was Mcmenamins railway established?

The McMenamins railway was established in the early 1990s.

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