How many members does Team RWB have?

There are over 200,000 members in Team RWB.

Who founded Team Red White and Blue?

Team Red White and Blue was founded by Nikki Beckett.

Do you have to be a veteran to join Team RWB?

No, you do not have to be a veteran to join RWB.

What is the old glory relay?

The Old Glory Relay is a coast-to-coast relay race across America to raise awareness and funds for America’s veteran community.

What is the 1776 Challenge?

The 1776 Challenge is a national competition that calls on startups to solve some of America’s most pressing problems. The competition is divided into four tracks: Education, Energy & Environment, Health, and Transportation & Infrastructure. Startups can compete in one or more of the tracks.

What does Team RWB stand for?

Team RWB stands for Team Red, White, and Blue.

What is RWB charity?

Red, white, and blue charity is a term often used to describe charities that support members of the military, veterans, and their families.

Is red white and blue a charity?


Where did the colors red white and blue come from?

The colors red, white and blue come from the American flag.

Who started Team RWB?

Team RWB was started by a veteran of the US Army, Mike Erwin.

Who started the 22 pushup challenge?

The 22 pushup challenge was started by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), as a way to spread awareness about the rate of suicide amongst veterans.

What will 100 pushups a day do?

100 pushups a day will strengthen your chest, shoulders, and triceps muscles.

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