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How many Saiyans are left alive?

It is difficult to provide a concrete answer to this question as the exact number of Saiyans that are still alive is unknown. However, according to Dragon Ball lore, Saiyans are an incredibly resilient race and their survival rates tend to be quite high even in the face of tremendous odds.

At the end of Dragon Ball Z, there are four Saiyans that are still alive – Goku, Gohan, Goten, and Vegeta. In Dragon Ball Super, a new generation of Saiyans is introduced with the infamous Broly and his father, Paragus.

Additionally, Goku and Vegeta’s sister, Broly’s twin brother Cheelai, Vegeta’s daughter from the future, Bulla, and the mysterious warrior, Kale have all been introduced as Saiyans.

Taking these characters into account, the number of Saiyans still alive could be as high as eight. However, this is not a definitive answer as the Dragon Ball franchise is ever-evolving and additional Saiyans could be introduced at any time.

Who are the 4 Saiyans left?

The four Saiyans left are Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, and Gohan. Vegeta is the original Super Saiyan and the prince of the fallen Saiyan race. He is the father of Trunks and Bulla and the husband of Bulma.

Trunks is Vegeta’s son and is one of the most powerful Saiyan hybrids in the universe. Goten is the son of Vegeta and Bulma, and is also a powerful Saiyan hybrid. Gohan is the son of Goku, and is a powerful fighter who has the potential to become one of the strongest warriors in the universe.

All four of these Saiyans are capable of tapping into their Super Saiyan forms, allowing them to unlock tremendous levels of power that far surpass their normal capabilities.

How many full blooded Saiyans are there currently in Universe 7?

Currently, there are only three full-blooded Saiyans left in Universe 7: Goku, Vegeta, and their fusion form, Gogeta (in the form of Vegito, who is only temporary). It is unclear how many Saiyans existed before the extinction of the Saiyan race due to the destruction of their home planet, Planet Vegeta.

Though there have been various localized Saiyans such as those created by Tuffle scientists, they are not full-blooded. In addition, there are various hybrid Saiyans scattered throughout the universe, including Nappa, Turles, Tarble, Broly, Raditz, Gohan, and Goten.

The number of these hybrids is unknown.

What is the population of Saiyan?

The exact population of Saiyan is unknown, as is the exact size of their population. It is believed that the population of Saiyans was once very large, but was greatly reduced in the wake of the destruction of Planet Vegeta, the home world of the Saiyans.

It is also thought that the Saiyans were originally from a distant planet, known as Planet Sadala, although it is not known how large the original population was.

In the wake of the destruction of Planet Vegeta, the remaining Saiyans fled to other planets. Some settled on Earth, while others settled on other planets such as New Vegeta and Planet Plant. Additionally, some Saiyans were able to survive and are still living today, although the exact number is unknown.

In addition to the Saiyans who have survived to this day, there are also groups of Saiyans living in secluded parts of the universe, content to keep their presence a secret.

It is believed that the current population of Saiyans is significantly smaller than what it once was, but due to their ability to reproduce at a rapid rate and the fact that some Saiyans still remain hidden, the exact population size is impossible to estimate.

Who are the 4 Saiyans that survived Planet Vegeta?

The four Saiyans who survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta are Goku, Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz. Goku and Vegeta were sent to Earth as infants in order to escape death when Frieza destroyed the planet.

Nappa and Raditz were sent to other planets but survived by unknown means. After the destruction of Planet Vegeta, these four Saiyans become the cornerstone of the Saiyan race and are pivotal in the preservation of their species.

Goku and Vegeta develop their strength and become the two most powerful warriors in the universe, while Nappa and Raditz remain important figures in the Saiyan army. They are powerful warriors who are often looked to as figureheads of the Saiyan culture, especially Goku and Vegeta.

Why does turles look like Goku?

Turtles and Goku are both iconic characters that have inspired generations with their captivating faces and personalities. While these two characters may look similar at a glance, it is really just because of their facial features.

Turtles have long been a mascot for the martial arts, with their large, round eyes representing intense focus and concentration, and their shell acting as a shield or armor. Goku, the main character from the widely popular Dragon Ball series, has many of the same characteristics.

His large eyes, round face, and head spikes liken him to turtles, but his powerful energy and transformation abilities set him apart. He is an icon of bravery and strength, something many people aspire to.

While Goku and turtles may look similar, their history and background runs much deeper than a passing glance.

How did Turles survive Planet Vegeta?

It is unclear how Turles survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Some believe he was off-world at the time, while others believe that he managed to flee to a distant planet in time. The most predominant explanation is that Turles was empowered with a higher form of Saiyan biology that allowed him to survive the massive blast of the Supernova that obliterated the planet.

This higher form of biology could have potentially been the result of his parentage, with Turles being the son of a Saiyan and member of the mysterious Tuffle race, possibly making him a partial Tuffle himself.

Additionally, Turles could have had some sort of technological aid that allowed him to survive, such as a powerful energy shield or a space pod that allowed him to escape in time. Whatever the case may have been, Turles was able to survive the destruction of Planet Vegeta, leaving him as one of the few remaining survivors of the Saiyan race.

Who is Goku’s 4th son?

Goku’s fourth son is named Goten. He is the youngest of Goku’s five children and the only one to be born during the Dragon Ball Z timeline. Born as the result of a union between Goku and Chi-Chi, Goten is a full-blooded Saiyan and possesses a power level of 8,000 at the age seven.

He has a kind and gentle personality, similar to his father’s, and cares deeply for his family. However, Goten is often overshadowed by his brother Gohan due to his prodigious power level and intellect.

Goten’s power is impressive in its own right, and he is capable of performing feats such as the Kamehameha with ease. Notably, Goten is the first hybrid of a Saiyan and a human and one of the first characters in the series to possess the Super Saiyan transformation.

Though his power has grown considerably since his childhood, Goten still holds a special place in the hearts of Goku’s fans.

Is their a Super Saiyan 100?

No, the concept of a “Super Saiyan 100” does not exist in the official canon of the Dragon Ball franchise. Although the series has explored transformations up to Super Saiyan 4, there have been no discussions or references within the official material about what comes after SS4.

However, there have been instances where fan-made artwork and other unofficial sources have created their own interpretations of a Super Saiyan 100. This has been done mainly in video games, fan-created manga, and other fan projects.

Is Broly a pure Saiyan?

Yes, Broly is a pure Saiyan. He is one of the few remaining full-blooded Saiyans in the universe, and he is a powerful warrior. He was born with an immense power level, much higher than any other Saiyan, and as a result he was feared by the other Saiyans.

His power was so great that even the Saiyan Queen, Kale, afraid of his immense power, thought it best to keep him hidden on the distant planet Vampa.

Broly is a formidable fighter and is one of the strongest of all the Saiyans in the universe. In the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, he is able to take on both Goku and Vegeta simultaneously and is only defeated when Frieza interferes.

In the Dragon Ball Super: Broly manga, he is even powerful enough to take on Jiren, the strongest fighter in Universe 11.

Since Broly is a pure Saiyan, he is able to make use of a few techniques such as Power Impact and Gigantic Roar to amplify his strength. He has also shown the ability to transform into the Legendary Super Saiyan form, granting him incredible power.

Who has super Saiyan 6?

No one currently has Super Saiyan 6. The Super Saiyan 6 transformation is a hypothetical form that exists in the Dragon Ball universe, but it has yet to be seen. It is speculated that Super Saiyan 6 was the legendary Super Saiyan God form, due to its coloration, but this has yet to be confirmed.

It is assumed that Super Saiyan 6 would be an even more powerful state than the existing Super Saiyan forms and could be achieved by drawing upon the power of the Super Saiyan God form. But as of yet, no one in the Dragon Ball universe has achieved Super Saiyan 6.