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How much does a charter cost on Sirocco?

The cost of a charter on Sirocco can vary widely depending on the size and type of yacht you’re looking for, the time of year, the location, and other factors. Generally, charter costs can range from several hundred dollars per day for a small sailboat to tens of thousands of dollars per day for a luxury superyacht.

If you’re looking to charter a yacht through Sirocco, you can use the online charter booking system to find the best boats and rates available, so you can get the best value for your charter adventure.

How much does it cost to charter Sirocco on Below Deck?

Sirocco is one of the largest yachts on Below Deck and is available for charter through the Dockwalk Charters website. The cost to charter Sirocco can range anywhere from $275,000 – $350,000 per week (plus expenses which can amount to another 15-20% of the total cost).

Rates are affected by the size of the group, the duration, and the season. Sirocco sleeps up to 10 guests in 5 staterooms and includes a professional and personalized crew of up to 10 members. Provisions, fuel, dockage, bar and gratuities are additional costs and are based on the length of the charter.

Do Below Deck charter guests pay full price?

Yes, the charter guests seen on Below Deck pay for the full charter fee. The cost of a typical six-day charter on a Below Deck-featured yacht typically runs anywhere from $130,000 to $250,000. This includes all meals, drinks, fuel, and the services of the yacht crew, which consists of a captain, chief stewardess, and two or three other crew members.

However, some episodes may feature a discounted charter fee if the production company is able to negotiate with the charter guest and/or yacht charter company. Ultimately, it is up to the charter guest to decide how much they are willing to pay for their vacation.

Who owns the Sirocco yacht?

The Sirocco yacht is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. The yacht was built in Germany in 2006 and is 183 metres long. It is renowned for being one of the most luxurious yachts in the world.

It has a variety of features, including five decks, a football field, an internal pool, several hot tubs, a cinema, a spa, and a helicopter landing area. The yacht also has an extensive crew of 60, including sailors, chefs, and security personnel.

The interior of the yacht is decorated with a variety of high-end furniture and accessories, as well as several art pieces. It is estimated that the Sirocco cost Abramovich around $400 million to build.

How much money does Captain Sandy make?

The exact salary of Captain Sandy Yawn is not publicly available, but perception of her wealth has been magnified by her appearances on the hit reality TV show Below Deck Mediterranean (and its predecessor Below Deck).

She has certainly earned a substantial sum from being a cast member, with some reports estimating she earns as much as $400,000 for a season on Below Deck Mediterranean. Furthermore, Captain Sandy also has her own business, Aloha on the Water, which offers the opportunity to explore the Mediterranean coastline with some of the most renowned captains in the industry.

As such, she likely earns additional income from the business, although again, exact figures remain undisclosed. However, taking into account her appearances on Below Deck and her own business, it is likely that Captain Sandy Yawn earns a high salary.

How much does the Below Deck crew make per charter?

The exact pay rate for the crew members of Below Deck varies and it is likely that each individual agreement among the crew and production company is slightly different. However, there is some general information available.

According to the International Business Times, deckhands make upwards of $50,000 per season, while the chief steward and bosun each make around $75,000. Meanwhile, the captain salary averages around $120,000 per season, while the yacht chef is reported to make a staggering $130,000.

Additionally, crew members receive a bonus between $1,500 and $3,000 for each charter. This is usually paid out in a lump sum at the end of the charter period. In total, crew members can make anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000 per season, depending on their role, the number of charters, and the arrangements of their individual contracts.

Do the charter guests on Below Deck get a discount?

No. The charter guests on Below Deck do not get any form of discount. The show is not set up to provide discounted charters for guests. Even though the charter guests may be paying a lot less than what a regular charter on a superyacht like the one featured on the show would cost, they are not receiving any kind of discount.

The guests featured on the show are paying the same rate as any guests who charter the yacht in real life. Furthermore, the guests are required to pay the entire charter fee in advance and the production company pays all onboard expenses, including food and drink, crew salaries, and mooring fees.

Do yachties get paid a salary plus tips?

Yes, yachties typically get paid a salary plus tips from their charter guests. Yachties usually receive their base salary from the yacht owner and any tips from charter guests serve as additional income.

Charter tips for yachties vary depending on the size of the yacht, the length of the charter and the quality of service provided. The rate of tips also varies between yachties and charters. Generally speaking, guests will tip anywhere from 10-20% of the charter fee.

Yacht owners may also provide additional tips to the crew as a bonus or reward for exceptional service. It is important to remember that tips are not mandatory and some yacht owners may even forbid tips on board.

Who pays for guests food on Below Deck?

Typically, the guests onboard a Below Deck yacht will be responsible for covering the costs of their own food and drink. The only exception is in the event that the charter guests are offered a complimentary bar which is not uncommon.

When the charter guests bring their own food and beverages onboard, the chief stew will usually place all of the items in the galley freezer, pantry and refrigerator and keep track of the items they consume.

At the end of the charter, the chief stew and the yacht’s chef will subtract the total cost of the food and beverages consumed from the charter fee that the guests have paid.

In some cases, the charter guests may also have the option of selecting a pre-planned meal package from the chef for their charter, with the cost of the package included in their total charter fee. This meal package will include breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the duration of their stay, and the guests will have the opportunity to discuss any dietary restrictions or preferences with the yacht’s chef prior to their charter.

What is the appearance fee for Below Deck?

The appearance fee for Below Deck is not publicly disclosed, as it would vary based on the talent and their level of notoriety and experience. However, typically reality stars can receive anywhere between $3000-$10,000 per episode.

Talent on the show have also been known to receive bonuses and additional compensation for other activities such as public appearances, interviews, and events.