How much should a shot of Don Julio 1942 cost?

A shot of Don Julio 1942 should cost approximately $20.

Is Don Julio good for shots?

Yes, Don Julio is a good tequila for shots.

What is the top 5 tequila?

Some of the top tequilas include:

1. Herradura

2. Don Julio

3. Patron

4. Casamigos

5. 1800

What tequila is for taking shots?

Tequila is a Mexican spirit that is typically made from the blue agave plant. It is often used in taking shots, as well as in mixed drinks such as margaritas.

How strong is Don Julio?

Don Julio is 70 proof, or 35% alcohol by volume.

How do you take a Don Julio shot?

Don Julio shots can be taken straight or on the rocks.

Is Don Julio strong alcohol?

Yes, Don Julio is a strong alcohol.

How many shots of tequila will get you drunk?

Generally speaking, it takes about four or five drinks for most people to start feeling drunk.

Is Don Julio tequila expensive?

Yes, Don Julio tequila is considered to be expensive.

What kind of alcohol is Don Julio?

Don Julio is a tequila brand.

Is Don Julio considered top shelf?

While there are different opinions on what constitutes top shelf, many people would say that Don Julio is a top shelf tequila.

Is patron better than Don Julio?

As it depends on personal preference. However, many people consider Patron to be a higher quality tequila than Don Julio, as it is made using slightly different methods and is often aged for longer.

Which tequila is top shelf?

Some of the more popular top shelf tequila brands include Patron, Maestro Dobel, and Casamigos.

Is patron top shelf tequila?

Patron is a high-end tequila, and is considered top shelf.

What’s top shelf liquor?

Top shelf liquor typically refers to higher quality alcohols that are typically more expensive.

What is the most expensive tequila bottle?

The most expensive tequila bottle is the Clase Azul Ultra. It is made with aged tequila and costs $2,500.

What tequila does Michael Jordan own?

Jordan Brand

Is tequila a Casamigos?

No, tequila is not a Casamigos.

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