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Is 27 a perfect square?

No, 27 is not a perfect square. A perfect square is an integer that is the result of multiplying an integer by itself. The square root of 27 is 5. 19615, which is not an integer, and therefore 27 cannot be considered a perfect square.

Is the cube of 27?

Yes, the cube of 27 is 19,683. The cube of a number is determined by multiplying the number by itself three times. In the case of 27, the equation would be 27 x 27 x 27 = 19,683.

What kind of number is 27?

27 is an integer. It is a whole number that is between 26 and 28, and contains no decimal or fractional values. It is a prime number, which means it is only divisible by 1 and itself. Being a prime number, it also has special mathematical properties, such as its divisors adding up to 28 and it being the 5th number in the 6th row of Pascal’s triangle.

How do you know if it is a perfect square?

A perfect square is a number that is the result of multiplying a whole number by itself. To determine if a number you are working with is a perfect square you can use a few different methods. The first method is to try to factor the number and see if there is a pair of numbers that equals the given number when multiplied together.

For example, if you are looking at the number 36, you could factor this number as 6 x 6, making it a perfect square because 6 x 6 equals 36.

The second method is to look for a square root of the number. To do this, you would find the number which, when multiplied by itself, would equal the number you are researching. For example, the square root of 16 would be 4, as 4 x 4 would give you 16.

If the square root of the number is a whole number, this number then satisfies the criteria for a perfect square.

The third way to determine if a number is a perfect square can involve using a calculator. If you bring up a calculator and punch in the number itself multiplied by itself, such as 16 x 16, the answer provided should match the number you are researching.

If they match, then the number you are researching is a perfect square.

Is root 27 is rational or irrational?

Root 27 is an irrational number. This is because it cannot be written as a fraction of two integers, which is the definition of a rational number. We know this because when we try to express root 27 as a fraction, it results in an irrational number, which is a number that cannot be expressed as a fraction.

What type of number is square root of 27?

The square root of 27 is an irrational number. This means that the number cannot be expressed exactly as a fraction, and can only be expressed approximately. Its decimal form is approximately 5. 1961524227066, and it is a non-terminating, non-repeating number.

When written in its simplest form, it cannot be written in a fraction and cannot be expressed as a simple fraction.

How do you solve root 27?

The quickest way to solve the root of 27 is to use the inverse of raising a number to the power of itself – in this case, the 3rd power. This is commonly referred to as the cube root, and involves calculating the number that would need to be cubed (in this case, 3) to equal 27.

To solve, take the cube root of 27:

3√27 = 3

So, the solution to root 27 is 3.