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Is Charles DiLaurentis a twin?

Yes, Charles DiLaurentis is a twin. He is the twin brother of Alison DiLaurentis, one of the main characters in the popular Freeform television series, Pretty Little Liars. Charles is Ali’s older brother, and he was assumed to be dead for almost a decade before being revealed as the mysterious ‘Big A’.

It is eventually revealed that Ali’s parents sent him away to a special treatment facility due to his troubled history as a child. In addition, Charles is also revealed to be trans and had started transitioning to become Charlotte DiLaurentis, who is Ali’s twin sister.

Are Charles and Charlotte DiLaurentis the same person?

No, Charles and Charlotte DiLaurentis are not the same person. Charles is Alison DiLaurentis’ brother who went missing when he was a child. He was thought to be dead, but was later revealed to be alive when he returned to Rosewood under the alias CeCe Drake.

On the other hand, Charlotte DiLaurentis was revealed to be Alison’s twin sister and was shown to have been adopted by Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis in the same night that Charles was taken away. Charlotte initially pretended to be CeCe Drake and adopted a male identity as it was valuable to her.

Both characters had a strained relationship as Charlotte/CeCe displayed resentful behavior towards Charles and was revealed to be the one responsible for the death of Mona Vanderwaal.

How did Charles DiLaurentis become Charlotte?

Charles DiLaurentis is the older biological brother of Alison DiLaurentis and their parents are Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis. Charles had a troubled and traumatic childhood, and after being diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria, he and his parents decided to socially transition and live as his true self, Charlotte.

He started hormone therapy in 2014, and while his parents planned to announce the transition publicly, he was murdered before they could. After his death, Jessica and Kenneth grieved in private and covered up Charlotte’s true identity, memorializing her as Charles and lying to the Liars and their friends that Charles had been sent away to a “special program”.

Years later, it was revealed to the Liars that in fact, “Charles” was actually Charlotte DiLaurentis and she was using the name CeCe Drake.

Did Mrs DiLaurentis know CeCe was Charles?

Yes, it was revealed that Mrs DiLaurentis was fully aware that CeCe was her son, Charles. She had known this since before she sent him away to Radley, a mental health facility. Mrs DiLaurentis had even gone so far as to bribe a nurse to help keep Charles’ identity a secret, and to ensure that no one ever found out the truth.

Mrs DiLaurentis’s decision to keep Charles as a female and not reveal the truth to anyone caused her immense amounts of guilt and regret over the years. As it turns out, Mrs DiLaurentis was keeping the truth about Charles from even her own husband, Mr DiLaurentis.

In the end, the truth was revealed to the family that CeCe was, in fact, Charles, and although it caused a lot of pain, it also helped to bring closure to the entire DiLaurentis family.

Who is CeCe Drake’s parents?

CeCe Drake’s parents remain unknown. CeCe’s past is mostly kept mysterious as we never even learn her real name. It is heavily implied that CeCe is Alison DiLaurentis’ biological half-sister, however their biological parents remain unrevealed.

As it was revealed that Mary Drake had an affair when she was young, it is likely that both she and CeCe’s father are unfamiliar to audiences. It is possible that the two were never legally married, and thus CeCe’s father was never recognized as her biological parent.

It is also possible that CeCe’s parents were in a secret relationship, not known to any of the DiLaurentis family.

What made CeCe become A?

CeCe became “A” for many reasons. When she was younger, she was repeatedly teased and bullied for her gender identity and her connection to the Liars. She eventually decided that the best way to gain power and control over her tormenters was to become “A”.

At first, she was motivated by revenge, but as time went on, she became addicted to the power she felt when she was manipulating the Liars. As “A”, she manipulated and monitored the Liars, controlling them and punishing them whenever they did something she deemed unacceptable.

Eventually, she became so obsessed with being “A” that she was willing to go to drastic lengths to maintain her power over the Liars, even if it meant bending the law or harming them.

How is CeCe related to Alison?

CeCe (aka Charlotte DiLaurentis) is actually Alison’s older half-sister. CeCe was the daughter of Mary Drake, who was present when Charlotte was born. Charlotte was actually born Charles DiLaurentis, to Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis, and was sent away after the birth.

Kenneth did not approve of the fact that Charlotte was born as a result of an affair that Jessica had with another man, and as a result Charlotte was sent away and given to Mary Drake. Years later, Charlotte returned to Rosewood, having had gender reassignment surgery, and re-introduced herself as Charlotte and began using the name CeCe.

Upon arriving, CeCe exposed Jessica’s long kept secret; that she has a second daughter. Consequently, Alison and CeCe ultimately come face to face, and Alison realizes that she has an older half-sister that she never knew about.

Are Alison and CeCe cousins?

No, Alison and CeCe are not cousins. Alison and CeCe are not related by blood at all; they are only connected through their mutual friendship and the plot of the show Pretty Little Liars. They have been friends since childhood and have a strong bond, but Alison and CeCe are not related in any way.

Is Spencer and Charles related PLL?

No, Spencer and Charles are not related in Pretty Little Liars. Charles is actually Spencer’s half-brother who was adopted by another family when their mother, Mary Drake, gave him up for adoption. Charles was discovered to be Mary’s son after Mary was jailed for killing Wilden, and it turns out that Charles is 15 years older than Spencer.

Charles was born when Mary was institutionalized at Radley Sanitarium, and Charlotte was born while Mary was at the facility, which is where she met Peter Hastings, Spencer’s biological father, and gave birth to him.

Charlotte became the godmother of Charlotte, and the findings of this secret family connection helps explain a lot of what has been going on in the show since it premiered.

Did CeCe know Spencer was her sister?

No, CeCe did not know that Spencer was her biological sister until the season 3 finale of the show. It had been revealed that Mary Drake, the biological mother of both CeCe and Ali, had a second child: Spencer.

Initially, Ali had pretended to be her twin in order to protect both of their secrets. CeCe found out at the end of season 3 and was shocked at the reveal. Even though Spencer had known for much longer and had become emotionally attached to CeCe, this was a huge reveal for both of them and they needed some time to come to terms with the truth.

In the coming seasons, they have accepted reality and have become close allies and even confidantes.