Is it legal to drink on the street in Nashville?

There are no laws against drinking on the street in Nashville, Tennessee.

Can you have open drinks in Nashville?

Open drinks are allowed in public in Nashville as long as the container is sealed.

Can you walk on Broadway in Nashville with alcohol?

You are allowed to walk on Broadway with alcohol in Nashville, but you are not allowed to drink it in public.

Can you drink in public in Tennessee?

You can drink in public in Tennessee as long as you are 21 years old and do not have an open container.

Can you walk around with alcohol downtown Nashville?

No, you cannot walk around with alcohol in downtown Nashville.

Can you walk Nashville?

Including downtown, 12South, Sylvan Park, and East Nashville.

Can passengers drink alcohol in a car in TN?

Yes, but it is illegal to drink alcoholic beverages in a vehicle on a public highway. The driver and all passengers are prohibited from drinking.

Does Nashville serve alcohol on Sunday?

Yes, most places in Nashville serve alcohol on Sundays.

What time does Nashville stop serving alcohol?

Many bars and restaurants close around 2:00 a.m.

Are bars closed on Sunday in Tennessee?

There are no statewide restrictions on bars in Tennessee. However, individual cities and counties may have their own ordinances in place. Check with your local authorities to be sure.

Is Nashville an open container city?

Yes, Nashville is an open container city. You are allowed to drink alcohol in public, as long as the container is sealed and you are not causing a disturbance.

Is Broadway Street in Nashville open container?

No, Broadway Street in Nashville is not an open container zone.

Can you walk around Nashville with an open container?

You cannot walk around Nashville with an open container, as it is illegal to drink in public in the city. If you want to drink alcohol, you will need to find a bar or restaurant that serves it.

What are the liquor laws in Nashville Tennessee?

There are no statewide open container laws in Tennessee, so each city and county is able to set its own regulations. In Nashville, it is illegal to drink alcohol in public, including on sidewalks, streets, parks, and parking lots. Restaurants and bars are required to serve drinks in closed containers.

Can you take alcohol to-go from a restaurant in Tennessee?

Take-out alcohol is not permitted from restaurants in Tennessee.

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