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Is Malcolm Ezra’s son?

No, Malcolm is not Ezra’s son. Malcolm is in fact Ezra’s nephew, as he is the son of Ezra’s brother, Simon. Simon and Ezra are both brothers, however they have never been close. Simon and his wife, Jackie, moved away many years ago and have since then kept their distance from the family.

Since Malcolm’s parents both moved away, Ezra has provided much of his care and support throughout his life, treating him like a son in many ways, but he is not his son.

Why did Maggie pretend that Malcolm was Ezra’s son?

Maggie pretended that Malcolm was Ezra’s son for a few different reasons. First, Maggie was in a difficult financial situation and felt she had no choice but to accept a large sum of money that the wealthy and successful Ezra offered her.

By pretending Malcolm was his son, Maggie could take advantage of this opportunity without Ezra expecting anything more from her.

Second, she wanted to protect Malcolm and herself from any potential pushback they might receive from their family, friends, and community if they found out the truth. Maggie was worried that disagreeing with the expectations of her social circle could leave her and Malcolm vulnerable to judgment.

Finally, Maggie wanted to give Malcolm the opportunity to have the privileged life that Ezra could provide him with. By pretending Malcolm was his son, Malcolm would have access to a better education, experiences, and overall lifestyle than what Maggie could provide.

Ultimately, Maggie’s love for her son motivated her to make this difficult decision, as she wanted to give him the best future possible.

How did Ezra find out Malcolm isn’t his son?

Ezra found out that Malcolm wasn’t his son after a long and complicated series of events. Ezra’s adopted son Josh had been struggling with health issues, and when Ezra took him in for tests they discovered that Josh was not actually his biological son.

It turns out that the hospital had mistakenly swapped Josh and Malcolm’s test results in the pre-adoption process. After realizing the mistake, Ezra did an investigation that discovered Malcolm wasn’t his biological son either.

In addition, the investigation revealed that the woman listed on Malcolm’s paperwork as his biological mother was an impostor. Furthermore, the investigation revealed that Malcolm’s biological mother was Ezra’s ex-wife, Diane.

Thus, Ezra realized that Malcolm was the product of their affair prior to their divorce.

Is Maggie’s baby Ezra’s?

Yes, Maggie’s baby is Ezra’s. They were in a relationship at the time of conception and Maggie has never indicated any reason to suggest this isn’t the case. In the show, Eli Brown is revealed to be the father of Maggie’s baby after a paternity test but it is later revealed this test was a false positive caused by a lab mix up.

Ezra receives a DNA test confirming him to be the father after the mix up is revealed.

Did Ezra get Maggie pregnant?

No, Ezra did not get Maggie pregnant. Maggie got pregnant after breaking up with Ezra and starting a relationship with Zane. Ezra was unaware of the pregnancy until Maggie told him months later. He was extremely supportive of her decision to keep the baby, and the two remained friends.

Maggie eventually married Zane and they welcomed a daughter into the world.

What episode does Aria tell Ezra she’s pregnant?

In the season 7 episode of Pretty Little Liars titled “Power Play”, Aria Montgomery tells Ezra Fitz that she is pregnant with his baby. It is a very poignant moment as the two of them had been on-and-off romantic partners over the course of the series.

Throughout the episode Ezra and Aria must decide what they will do regarding the pregnancy, as knowing that there is a child involved makes the decision of their future much more difficult. In the end, they decide to find out the gender of their baby, regardless of the outcome.

Unsurprisingly, Ezra is ecstatic and the two agree to work together to figure out the best way to handle the pregnancy.

Who was Maggie pregnant by?

Maggie’s pregnancy is a topic of great debate. It has not been revealed who she was pregnant by in the show, and no official canon material exists which indicates who the father was. However, there are some theories that suggest a few different possibilities.

One theory says that Maggie was pregnant by her husband Glenn, who she was married to at the time. It is well-known that the couple had tried several times to conceive a child, but they never succeeded.

Another popular theory is that Maggie was pregnant by her former lover, or even a stranger. It is also possible that Maggie was pregnant by her late brother, Beth – as she was exposed to his post-mortem virus, which can cause pregnancies in women.

Ultimately, the answer to this question remains unclear, as it has never been expressly stated in any official canon material. As such, it’s likely that we will never know the true answer to this mystery.

Who did Ezra have a baby with?

Ezra had a baby with Maggie Cain, an old college friend of his. The couple had known each other since their university days, and had grown close through their shared passion for literature. After the baby was born, Maggie and Ezra dedicated themselves to raising their child together and making a life for themselves.

They soon discovered that their love for each other was greater than either had ever anticipated, and they became engaged soon after. In the years that followed, they built a beautiful life and family together, and their little bundle of joy ended up being the light of their lives.

Does Ezra Fitz have a child?

No, Ezra Fitz does not have a child. He is a fictional character from the television series Pretty Little Liars, and his past relationships from the show have not resulted in any children. He was in a relationship with Aria Montgomery for much of the show’s run, and the couple’s relationship did not involve any children.

Ezra is portrayed as an attentive and devoted partner in everything they do together. Despite their strong bond, they eventually decided to break up and move on with their lives.

Who was Malcolm’s father in PLL?

Malcolm’s father in the television series Pretty Little Liars (PLL) was revealed to be none other than the villainous villain “A,” also known as “Uber A” or Charles DiLaurentis. Charles DiLaurentis revealed himself to be the father of Alison and Jason during the Season 6A finale in order to make a deal that would spare the liars of any further harm.

It is revealed that Charles faked his death in order to keep himself hidden and watched over the liars from afar. In the season 6B finale, Charles took a trip down memory lane where it is finally revealed he is the father to both Alison and Jason, as well as the mysterious twin, Malcolm.

Although Charles DiLaurentis is Malcolm’s father, it is never revealed who Malcolm’s mother was, as Charles refuses to reveal any information.

Why did Spencer take Malcolm in PLL?

Spencer took Malcolm in on Pretty Little Liars because she was feeling overwhelmed and desperate for a connection to her family. Her mother was out of the picture, her father was preoccupied with his campaign, and she was increasingly isolated.

She felt especially drawn to Malcolm, who seemed to offer her a sense of understanding and support. Spencer initially lied and told her friends that she was just watching him while her dad was away. However, when Spencer’s dad soon discovered Malcolm living with them, she didn’t try to kick him out or get rid of him; this showed that she had ultimately made a conscious decision to take him in and make him a part of the family.

Malcolm had endured a tough upbringing, and despite her own worries and fears of the unknown, Spencer wanted to prove that Malcolm could be part of an accepting, supportive family.

Which episode does Ezra get revealed?

The episode that Ezra is revealed as a member of the rebellion is 4×14 “A World Between Worlds”. This episode aired on February 24th,2018. In this episode, Ezra, alongside Kanan, enter the mysterious realm “The World Between Worlds” in search of information they can use to defeat the Empire.

While there, they discover that Ezra is connected to the realm in a special way because he is a member of the prophet Malachor’s ritual sacrifice. After Malachor reveals himself within the realm, he states that Ezra must become an agent of the rebellion in order to prevent his own destruction.

This revelation unlocks Ezra’s potential and the two eventually escape with a holocron containing the knowledge to free ‘Lothal’. This episode served as a major turning point in the series, as it was the first time viewers truly saw Ezra embrace his identity as a rebel fighter.

Did Ezra know Aria was a minor?

No, Ezra did not know that Aria was a minor when their relationship began. Although he had been working as a teacher in her high school since she was in the 10th grade, he did not become her English teacher until her 11th grade year and their relationship does not begin until afterwards.

Furthermore, Aria had presented herself as a college student when they first meet, further complicating the matter. Additionally, in the television series adaptation of the book, Aria claims to be eighteen when they initially meet, so Ezra had no reason to believe she was actually a minor.

In summary, Ezra was unaware Aria was only a minor when their relationship began.

Who is Ezra’s child PLL?

Ezra’s child on Pretty Little Liars is Malcolm Cutler, born in the fifth and final season of the series. He is the son of Ezra and his former lover Nicole, who was kidnapped in the fourth season. Malcolm was born after a complicated pregnancy and delivery due to Nicole’s injuries.

After an intense season of Ezra and Aria struggling to balance their relationship and the responsibility of raising a child together, Ezra eventually gains full custody of Malcolm. Aria leaves Rosewood to attend college, leaving Ezra to be a single father to Malcolm, who they both love deeply.

Who is the father of Ezra’s son?

The father of Ezra’s son is unknown at this time. In season 6 of the television series “Pretty Little Liars,” the teenage girls find out that the father of Ezra’s five-year-old son, Malcolm, is a mystery.

In the season 6 finale, viewers learn that Malcolm’s mother is Maggie Cutler, a former high school friend of Ezra’s. However, the identity of Malcolm’s father is still unknown. During the time of his conception, Ezra was involved with both Hanna and Mona, raising speculation as to who Malcolm’s father could be.

Despite Ezra’s marriage to Aria Montgomery, it is uncertain if they were ever together when Maggie conceived her child.