Is root beer a Coke or Pepsi product?

Root beer is not a Coca-Cola or Pepsi product. Root beer is its own unique beverage that is produced by numerous companies.

What brand of root beer does coke make?

Coke’s root beer brand is called Barq’s.

Which company owns A&W root beer?

The A&W root beer brand is owned by Keurig Dr Pepper.

Does Coke or Pepsi make A&W root beer?

A&W root beer is made by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.

Is Dr Pepper just Coke mixed with root beer?

Dr. Pepper is not a mixture of Coca-Cola and root beer. Dr. Pepper has its own unique flavor that is not like Coca-Cola or root beer.

Is Dr Pepper just root beer and Coke?

No. Dr Pepper is a unique flavor all its own. It is a blend of 23 different flavors, including root beer and cola.

Is A&W a Coke?

A&W is not a Coke.

What companies does Coca-Cola own?

Coca-Cola owns multiple companies, including:

– Minute Maid

– Powerade

– Sprite

– Dasani

– Georgia Coffee

Did Pepsi stop making Mug Root Beer?

PepsiCo stopped production of Mug root beer in 2007.

What is the oldest root beer?

The oldest root beer is Dr. Brown’s. It was created in 1869 by pharmacist Charles Eli Whitney.

What happened to Mug Root Beer?

It is no longer produced.

Why is it called Mug Rootbeer?

It’s named after the type of glass it was originally served in, which was called a mug.

Does root beer and Coke mixed taste like Dr Pepper?

No, it does not taste like Dr Pepper.

What root beer is made by Dr Pepper?

A&W Root Beer is made by Dr. Pepper.

What is Dr Pepper a combination of?

23 flavors

Is Dr Pepper a mix of all sodas?

Dr Pepper is a mix of all sodas.

Is Big Red a Dr Pepper product?

No. Big Red is not a Dr Pepper product.

How is Dr Pepper different from Coke?

Dr Pepper is a type of carbonated soft drink that is flavored with a unique blend of 23 different flavors. Although its exact recipe is a closely guarded secret, it is generally accepted that it contains a combination of fruity, spicy, and floral flavors. In contrast, Coke is a type of cola that is flavored with extract of coca leaves, caffeine, and a variety of other ingredients.

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