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Is there anything in The Ratway Vaults?

The Ratway Vaults are a series of tunnels and sewers located beneath Riften, one of the cities in the world of Skyrim. The area is home to a variety of creatures, including bandits and even some magical creatures.

It looks like a very dangerous place to explore, but there are a few interesting sights to be found.

Inside the Ratway Vaults, adventurers may find a few gold coins and possibly a few items of clothing. The sewers also contains some rare loot, such as a unique axe or even a book of forbidden knowledge.

The bandit gangs that are scattered around the Ratway Vaults also carry lots of valuable and rare items that can be stolen or traded for gold.

The Ratway Vaults also feature an Alchemist’s laboratory, where alchemical ingredients can be purchased and where recipes for potions can be discovered. If the Dragonborn is lucky, they might even find the Amulet of Zenithar, a powerful amulet with unique enchantment powers.

Overall, the Ratway Vaults contain some interesting sights that adventurers can explore and benefit from. While the dangers of the place may make it a bit intimidating, those brave enough to venture there might just find some hidden treasures.

How do I get past the door in Ratway Warrens?

In Ratway Warrens, you’ll need to find the right combination of levers in order to open the door that is blocking your progress. To do this, you’ll need to find Yushima’s Lever, which is located in the small alcove at the top of the stairs directly ahead.

Pull it up and an image of a sun will appear on the other wall. Look at the symbols around the door and take note of the symbols that match the sun symbol that you just saw. These symbols will indicate which other levers you need to pull in order to open the door.

Pull them all in the correct order, and the door should open up and allow you to progress.

How do you get into the Ratway in Skyrim?

To get into the Ratway in Skyrim, you’ll need to start near the Riften marketplace, near the entrance to the Thieves Guild. Head west from there until you reach the path that leads down below the city – this is the entrance to the Ratway.

Enter the path and take a few twists and turns until you reach a large circular room with a lever in the middle. Activate the lever to open the door to The Ratway Vaults, which is where you’ll find the entrance to the Ratway.

Inside, you’ll find a long corridor filled with traps, Falmer, and creatures of all sorts. Make your way to the other side, carefully avoiding any traps, and you’ll eventually come to a door that leads to the Ragged Flagon.

You can ask the proprietor at the Ragged Flagon, Maven Black-Briar, to open the door that leads to the Ratway. From there, you’ll be able to access all of the areas in the Ratway.

Is the Thieves Guild in the Ratway?

No, the Thieves Guild is not located in the Ratway. The Ratway is a network of tunnels underneath the city of Riften, which is located in the eastern part of the province of Skyrim. The Thieves Guild is located in the city of Riften in the Ragged Flagon.

The Ragged Flagon is an underground tavern located in the sewers beneath Riften. It is home to the Thieves Guild, who use it as a base of operations and as a safe house. The Thieves Guild is also known to use the Ratway tunnels to make their way around the city, so while they are not officially located in the Ratway, they undoubtedly pass through its winding tunnels at times.

Do Thieves Guild quests ever end?

The Thieves Guild questline consists of a series of quests that the Dragonborn is given by Vex, Delvin, and Tonila, the three leaders of the Guild. The goal of the questline is to help the Guild become the most powerful crime syndicate in all of Tamriel.

The questline begins with the quest “Under new Management”, in which the Dragonborn is tasked with helping Vex and Delvin put a stop to the rival Guild, the Dawnbreakers. From there, the Dragonborn is given a series of quests to help the Guild in their efforts to take over the city of Riften.

The questline comes to an end with the quest “A Matter of Honor”, in which the Dragonborn is tasked with assassinating the Guild’s chief rival, the leader of the Dawnbreakers. After completing this quest, the Dragonborn is given the title of Guildmaster, and the Thieves Guild is officially the most powerful crime syndicate in all of Tamriel.

Does Brynjolf talk to you again?

Yes, Brynjolf will talk to you again. After you finish the Thieves Guild job that you were hired to do, he will come back to speak with you. He will thank you for a job well done and offer you more employment if you’d like to.

You can choose to accept or decline his offers of work, but either way, he will remain friendly and be willing to talk to you again.

Where is the Thieves Guild located in eso?

The Thieves Guild is located in Hew’s Bane, which is a peninsula off the southern coast of Hammerfell. The guild’s headquarters is located in Abah’s Landing, which is at the southern-most tip of Hew’s Bane.

It is here that one can find the guildmaster himself, named Mazrahil. Inside of the Thieves Guild headquarters is the back room, where you can take on the more ambitious heists and robberies. The Thieves Guild also has hideouts scattered throughout Hew’s Bane, in areas such as Bahraha’s Gloom, Chapels of St.

Pelin and Southern Tenmar.

Where are the Ratway Warrens?

The Ratway Warrens are located near the city of Riften in the northern region of Skyrim. The Ratway Warrens are a series of tunnels and rooms built underneath Riften, where the city’s less savory individuals and organizations often meet to conduct their illegal business.

The entrance to the Warrens is located at the back of the Riften Canal and is guarded by two Thalmor Justiciars. Such as behind The Ragged Flagon, run by the Thieves Guild. The Warrens are filled with many traps and puzzles, making it a difficult area to traverse.

Inside the Warrens, players can find a variety of NPCs and items, including a few quest-related items and a few miscellaneous items made available through various vendors.

Can u marry Brynjolf in Skyrim?

No, you cannot marry Brynjolf in Skyrim. Despite being a major character in the Elder Scrolls series, he is not an available marriage candidate. Bethesda Game Studios, the developer behind the Elder Scrolls games, does not include any marriages between NPCs and the player character in their games.

Therefore, you cannot marry anyone in the game, including Brynjolf.

How long is brand Shei in jail?

The exact length of time that Brand Shei is in jail depends on the exact specifics of the case. Generally, the length of time someone is in jail depends on the severity of their crime and any mitigating or aggravating circumstances.

For example, if the court finds Brand Shei guilty of a minor offense, they may opt for a shorter sentence such as community service or probation. On the other hand, if they find Brand Shei guilty of a more serious offense, they may opt for a longer sentence and Brand Shei could remain in jail for several years.

Is Brynjolf a Nord?

No, Brynjolf is not a Nord. He is an Imperial, born and raised in Riften in Skyrim. He is the leader of the Thieves Guild in Riften and infamous throughout Skyrim for his crime activities. Brynjolf is a master of persuasion, able to talk his way out of sticky situations and get what he wants.

He is also a master thief and is unrivaled in his ability to stealthily infiltrate any place. His Imperial heritage gives him an advantage of being adept at both physical and magical combat. Brynjolf also has a strong connection to the Ebony Blade, which he wields with great proficiency.

His Imperial heritage also allows him to call out additional guards in battle, making him even more of a challenge to any adversary.

What race is vex Skyrim?

Vex is an Imperial in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. She is a companion to the Dragonborn and is encountered in the main story quest “A Night to Remember. ” She is a thief, specializing in locks and traps.

Vex also serves as an inspector for the Thieves Guild in Riften, and ultimately becomes the leader of the guild following the resolution of the quest “Blindsighted. ” She is also the “master rewards” vendor in the guild, and able to provide unique items in exchange for gold or items.

Vex is described as having a proud attitude who never thinks she has done enough, regardless of her accomplishments. She is confident and proud of her heritage, expressing admiration of the Imperial race and culture.

What race is Brynjolf?

Brynjolf is one of the many races found within the fantasy game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He is a Nord, one of the most populous races of the game and typically associated with the northern province of Skyrim.

Nords are described as tall, fair-haired and big-boned people, a people of sturdy stock with a great sense of honor and pride. They are considered representatives of the old Nord ways and have embraced the hardships of their homeland in order to survive.

In-game, Brynjolf can be found working in Riften, the capitol city of The Rift province. He is a master thief and operates the Guild of Thieves, known as the Thieves Guild. Brynjolf is a leader of the Guild and is identified by his distinctive facial tattoos and clothing.

He is known for his sharp wit, strong leadership, and willingness to get his hands dirty in order to accomplish his tasks. He is an invaluable member of the Guild, loyal to his friends, and provides a valuable insight into the lives of the people living in Riften.

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Why is Esbern not talking?

Esbern is not talking because he is lost in deep thought and reflection. He is a scholar of ancient lore, whose knowledge of the dragon language is unparalleled and invaluable to the Blades in their struggle against Alduin.

His extended silence could be indicative of him spending time processing the information he has gathered and reflecting on different possibilities, or it could be a form of polite avoidance of company.

He may feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the task before him, or he may simply not feel comfortable talking in the presence of others. Whatever the reason, it is clear that Esbern has much to ponder and reflect on, and his silence could be a sign that he is dedicating his time and energy to resolving this arduous quest.

How do you talk to Esbern in the Ratway?

Talking to Esbern in the Ratway is relatively easy, assuming you have made your way there. Upon reaching the Ratway, you should locate the area known as Ragged Flagon and make your way to the back room.

Here you should find a man sitting at a desk and talking to himself, this is Esbern. You can approach him to start a conversation at which point he will ask for the words of ‘The Unfathomable’. You can give him the answer Saarthal and Braytheim which will unlock the conversation with him.

He will tell you about his search for the ancient connection between dragons and the Blades and that he is trying to find Alduin’s Wall. After this, he will ask for your help and you can agree to work with him.

Before you can move on with your request you will need to acquire the key located around the corner from his desk. Once obtained, you can return to the conversation with Esbern to continue the quest.

How do I complete return to Esbern?

To complete the quest “Return to Esbern” in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you’ll first need to progress through some of the main quests to get to Riverwood. From Riverwood, take the boat to Solitude, then follow the road from Solitude towards Dragonsbridge.

Esbern will be in the ruined tower on the left just beyond the bridge. Speak with him, and he’ll join you in your quest, and will follow you wherever you go. Once you’ve located and unlocked the hidden door at the end of the hallway in the Ratway Warrens, you’ll be able to get inside and continue your search for Alduin’s Wall.

Talk with Esbern inside the Ratway Warrens, and he’ll help you find the wall. Finally, when you reach Alduin’s Wall, Esbern will provide you with a final task – to collect four Elder Scrolls. Once you’ve collected all four scrolls, return to Alduin’s Wall with Esbern and you’ll be able to complete the quest.

How do you fix Brynjolf bug?

Fixing Brynjolf bug can be a bit tricky depending on the cause of the bug. The first step in attempting to fix this bug is to make sure the game is up-to-date. Players should make sure all patch updates and DLCs are installed, as this bug has been fixed in some instances by these updates.

The next step is to try reloading a prior save point. If Brynjolf’s bug is related to a specific quest, reloading that save may fix the problem. The player should be aware that if a save point from too far back is reloaded, it could result in the loss of progress in the game.

If neither of these steps solve the problem, the best solution is to delete the game’s local content from the Steam folder. To do this, players will need to access the Steam files via the Steam library.

From there, locate the problematic game and delete its local content. Players must then re-download the entire content package and start over.

It is important to note that some issues with Brynjolf bug are not fixable and are inherent to certain versions of the game. If that is the case, the best solution is to contact the game’s developer and request a patch update or contact refund the game.