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Was John a traitor in Fringe?

John was not a traitor in Fringe; he was a loyal friend and ally to the Fringe team. John’s character was a pivotal part of the Fringe story and he often helped the team solve cases. He was the one to introduce the team to the mysterious observer and the alternate reality.

He was also the one that provided the team with information on the pattern and its implications. Despite all the help he provided though, there were times when his actions seemed questionable. For example, in the episode “Concentrate and Ask Again,” John helped Walter Bishop with tricking an alternate reality building into allowing them access.

However, John was ultimately a loyal ally and he frequently helped the team more than he hindered them. He may not have been a member of the team in the traditional sense, but he was certainly an integral part of the Fringe story and a valuable ally to the story’s heroes.

What happened to John Scott in Fringe?

John Scott was a Fringe Division agent working with Special Agent Olivia Dunham during the first two seasons of the show. In the Season 2 finale, he was seemingly killed in a massive explosion while trying to save a critically injured Olivia’s life.

However, it was later revealed that Scott had not died and instead was sent to an alternate universe.

Scott was the first to be transported to the alternate universe, though he was taken away before Peter and Walter did not travel with him. It was eventually revealed that he had been captured by Walternate, the alternate version of Walter Bishop, and was used as a test subject for his experiments.

Walternate was attempting to figure out a way to cross over between universes using a body doubling procedure, and Scott was used to test the process.

When Olivia finally crossed over to the alternate universe, she discovered that John Scott had regained consciousness, though he was a shell of his former self, with very little memory and few motor skills.

After Olivia freed him, he regained some of his old skills, and eventually managed to make his way to his former home in the alternate universe.

Despite his ordeal and memory loss, John eventually managed to make a new life in the alternate universe. In season 5, he returned to his old universe to help Olivia and the Fringe team with one final mission before returning to his new life.

In the end, John Scott was able to find redemption and peace at last.

Who is the villain in Fringe?

The villain in Fringe is an alternate version of Walter Bishop from the parallel universe known as the Benefactor. Originally from the alternate universe, the Walter Bishop from the prime universe was replaced after he traded places with his parallel universe counterpart in order to save his son.

The alternate Walter Bishop behaves very differently from the original Walter Bishop, due to the events that occurred in the alternate universe. This alternate Walter Bishop is a dangerous psychopath bent on destroying both universes.

He has a mysterious agenda and a dangerous intellect. In order to accomplish his goals, he is willing to use any means necessary, including drugs, kidnapping, and even genocide. He is a powerful manipulator and liar and will go to extreme lengths to get what he wants.

His single-minded desire for power and domination make him one of the most dangerous villains of the Fringe series.

Who raised Etta on Fringe?

Etta was raised by her parents, Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop. Although they were not biologically related, they adopted her when she was a baby. Olivia and Peter worked together on scientific cases and often had dangerous missions, and they decided to take Etta in to give her a stable life.

Olivia and Peter were both able to provide a nurturing and loving home for Etta, which is why she grew up to be an intelligent and independent young woman. Olivia and Peter were key figures in Etta’s life, and she was able to draw strength and courage from them.

In the end, Olivia and Peter ended up sacrificing their own lives to save Etta’s and the world.

Does Peter find out about his son in Fringe?

Yes, near the end of the series it is revealed to Peter that the young Observer boy named Michael (introduced in season 4 as September) is actually his son. Before this, allusions were made to Michael being connected to Peter, but his true identity was not known until the series finale.

Peter is told by September that he purposely caused the “blip” (the 1988 timeline) because he wanted to keep Peter and his son safe. Through this, Peter discovers that Michael is actually the son he had with his former partner, the woman that is Fergus’s mother.

Walter also figures this out, telling Peter that despite the knowledge being difficult to hear, Michael is his son. As the series progresses, Peter continues to bond with the boy, ultimately learning he is the father.

What is Peter’s secret in Fringe?

In the science fiction drama Fringe, Peter has a major secret that he is not aware of. He is an alternate version of the other main character, known as “Fauxlivia” from an alternate universe. They are both part of a scientific phenomenon known as the “doppelganger effect” created by Walter Bishop and William Bell, which involves duplicating one’s consciousness and placing it in a parallel world.

Peter is unaware of his true identity and believes he is of the same universe as everyone else.

Fauxlivia’s counterpart in the original reality is known as Olivia. She was kidnapped from the alternate universe and placed in the original timeline to assist Walter and William’s research efforts and to help maintain peace between the two universes.

Olivia begins to suspect that something strange is happening with her new “friend” Peter when she notices that he exhibits almost identical behavior as hers.

Eventually it is revealed that Peter is an alternate version of herself, and that his extreme intelligence, heightened connection to alternate universe and the fact that he cannot access his memories are all a result of an experiment gone wrong.

He was taken from the alternate universe and placed in the original timeline to help maintain peace between the two universes. This is why he never remembers his alternate origins.

Despite learning the truth, Peter still chooses to remain in the original universe, feeling more connected to the people he has come to view as family there than to those from the alternate timeline.

In the end, Peter’s secret is revealed to the other characters and accepted by them.

What happens to Fauxlivia’s baby?

Fauxlivia’s baby is initially taken away from her by Walternate, the Secretary of Defense and father of the alternate universe. He does this to use the baby as leverage against Olivia, so that she will help him find a way to save the alternate universe from destruction.

The baby is eventually taken back to the alternate universe, but Fauxlivia is unable to be there with him. Before leaving the main universe, the baby’s genes are taken and replicated in the main universe, and the clone of the baby is now living with Fauxlivia and her husband, Lincoln.

In the alternate universe, the baby is monitored by Walternate and the alternate version of Olivia, and it is implied that the two of them are raising the child and Fauxlivia’s memories of him are blocked to ensure her loyalty to Walternate.

In the end, Walternate and the alternate Olivia die while doing what they think is best for their universe, and their sacrifice saves the universe, though at a great cost. As for the baby, nothing is known of what became of him, as he has not been seen or mentioned in any episodes set in the alternate universe.

What episode of Fringe does Peter find out?

In the Season 2 final episode of Fringe, titled “Over There: Part 2”, Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) discovers the truth about his identity. As it turns out, Peter is actually from the alternate universe, known as “Over There”.

In the episode, Peter’s father, Walter Bishop (John Noble), explains that when the two universes were connected, he swapped Peter with the alternate universe’s version in order to save his life. Peter, overwhelmed by the revelation, is initially resistant to accept this information, but ultimately decides to embrace his new identity and head over to the other side.

By the end of the episode, Peter is finally at peace with the knowledge that he is his own man and he has the power to decide his fate.

Does Peter ever forgive Walter in Fringe?

Yes, eventually Peter does forgive Walter in Fringe. At first, Peter is understandably angry and resentful towards his father, since Walter activated the doomsday machine, which resulted in the destruction of Peter’s home universe and caused him to be raised in the other one by alternate versions of his family.

However, as Walter tries to make amends, Peter gradually comes to understand that his father was only trying to protect him and was willing to sacrifice himself. Eventually, a true reconciliation takes place and Peter realizes that he no longer holds a grudge against his father.

In the series finale, after years of supporting each other through thick and thin and saving both universes, Peter and Walter have a loving farewell and their relationship is finally repaired.

What is Nina doing to Olivia Fringe?

Nina is giving Olivia Fringe a makeover. She is giving her a facial, selecting a new wardrobe, and styling her hair. She is also giving her tips on how to dress, apply makeup, and do her hair. In addition, Nina is providing advice on how to have confidence and be more assertive in social situations.

After the makeover, Nina hopes that Olivia will be able to express her true self and feel confident in her new look. She wants Olivia to be able to embrace her unique personality, and feel comfortable in her own skin.

Why did Astrid lie to the other Astrid?

Astrid lied to the other Astrid because she wanted to protect her from learning the truth about her identity and the life she was actually living. She wanted to preserve the false reality that she had constructed for them both and shield the other Astrid from being hurt and confused by the truth of her identity.

Astrid wanted to keep her safe from the surreal and heartbreaking aspects of her true life, and she believed that telling her the truth would only bring her pain. It was a difficult decision, but Astrid chose to tell a lie to preserve the peace in her relationships with the other Astrid and to avoid bringing her any suffering.

Is Walter evil Fringe?

No, Walter is not evil in Fringe. He may have done some questionable things during his time as an Observer, such as harvesting human brains, kidnapping children, and messing with time, but his intentions were never to cause harm.

Walter always not only has the best interests of his family and friends at heart, but all of humanity. He believes in a better world and, while his methods are often unconventional, they have always been done out of love and protectiveness.

Walter is not evil; he is a dynamic character with complicated motivations. Even though he has made mistakes, his immense knowledge and selfless personality make him a hero in the eyes of his friends and allies, and a lovable character for viewers.

Is Gus Fring the main villain?

Gus Fring is a notorious drug dealer and one of the main antagonists of Breaking Bad. He is a highly intelligent and cunning businessman who is well respected and feared by his peers. He operates two fronts: a chain of highly successful Los Pollos Hermanos fried chicken fast food restaurants and a massive underground meth operation.

Fring is known for his ruthlessness and has been successful in evading law enforcement. He is one of the most powerful and wealthy drug traffickers in the region, and his success and influence only grows as the show progresses.

As the series progresses, Gus Fring’s pivotal role in the various storylines as an antagonist to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman is clearly established. He is responsible for many of the major events in Breaking Bad and is the primary antagonist of most of the series.

Is Hal the villain?

Hal is not the villain in the 2001 sci-fi film, “A. I. Artificial Intelligence”. Rather, he is a robot created by scientists to be a companion for a terminally ill child. He is programmed to possess human-like emotions and behaviors so that he can be a friend, companion, and even a brother to the child.

Hal is not malicious, and he only wishes to please and protect the child. But Hal ultimately learns that he cannot replace the child’s real family, and ultimately comes to peace with his own emotional existence and purpose.

Even in the film’s climax, Hal is not depicted as a villain, but rather a victim of circumstance. He tries to warn the child of the dangers ahead, but to no avail and he is ultimately destroyed. Ultimately, Hal can best be described as a tragic hero, who tugs at the sympathies of the audience.

Who does Peter choose in Fringe which Olivia?

At the end of Fringe, Peter ultimately chooses the Olivia from the prime timeline over the previous Olivia from the alternate timeline. This decision is a difficult one for Peter, because although the Olivia from the prime timeline is his true love, the Olivia from the alternate timeline is deeply entwined with his own identity and he has been her anchor for many years.

Still, after much introspection, Peter realizes that his true happiness lies in being with the Olivia from the prime timeline, and so he chooses her. This decision, while bittersweet, brings some peace and resolution to the series as Peter is finally able to accept who he is and embrace the future with the love of his life.