What aisle do you find syrup?

You find syrup in the cereal aisle.

Is grenadine an alcohol?

Grenadine is a syrup made from pomegranates, sugar, and water. It does not contain alcohol.

What can I replace grenadine with?

Cherry juice, pomegranate juice, cranberry juice, or raspberry syrup can be used as substitutes for grenadine.

What flavor is grenadine?


Is grenadine just cherry juice?

No, grenadine is a syrup made of pomegranate juice, sugar, and water.

What can I substitute for grenadine?

Simple syrup, cherry syrup, pomegranate syrup, or raspberry syrup can be used as substitutes for grenadine.

Why do they call it grenadine?

Grenadine is a dark red, almost black, syrup made from pomegranate juice and sugar. It gets its name from the French word for pomegranate, grenade.

Are grenadine and grenadine syrup the same?

Grenadine and grenadine syrup are not the same. Grenadine is a clear, red syrup made from pomegranates. Grenadine syrup is a red, sweet syrup made from sugar and food coloring.

What is the English name for grenadine?

pomegranate syrup

How much alcohol is in grenadine syrup?

There is very little alcohol in grenadine syrup.

Is grenadine a syrup or liqueur?

Grenadine is a syrup made from pomegranates.

Is there alcohol in bitters?

Yes, bitters typically contain alcohol.

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