What are different types of ice?

Some types of ice include hail, sleet, snow, and glacier ice.

What kind of ice is best?

The best ice is dry, clean, and hard.

What type of ice lasts longest?

The type of ice that lasts longest is dry ice.

What is the strongest ice?

The strongest ice is dry ice.

Is there ice that doesn’t melt?

Yes, permanent ice or glacier ice is ice that doesn’t melt.

Why is crushed ice better than cubed?

Crushed ice is better than cubed ice because it has a larger surface area. This means that it can melt faster and can cool your drink more quickly.

What is the small ice called?

The small ice is called factions.

What is the difference between nugget and flake ice?

The main difference between nugget and flake ice is their shape. Nugget ice is smaller and has a softer texture, while flake ice is thin and has a flaky texture.

How many kinds of ice are there?

Lots! Probably around a hundred or so.

What is the coldest ice in the world?

The coldest ice in the world is found at the poles.

What is bullet ice?

I cannot find a good definition for bullet ice, but it appears to be a type of hail that is more jagged and irregular in shape than normal hail.

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