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What are the seats at a White Sox game?

The seating at a White Sox game very much depends on where you are seated; there are various different sections and seating options available depending on the game, budget and preference. Some of the most common seating options at a White Sox game include:

Club seating – located behind home plate on the 200 level of the park, these are some of the most exclusive seats in the ballpark; they feature various inclusive amenities including complimentary food and beverage, wider and more padded seats, access to the Miller Litepen outside the seating section and in-seat wait service.

Upper Reserved Seating – located in the 500 level of the ballpark, these seating options are more affordable – perfect for those looking for general admission with clear sight lines into the ballpark.

Premium seating – includes Suites and Outfield Boxes, located down the left and right field foul lines; these seats provide fans with an experience that includes all-inclusive food and beverage packages and a suite or box attendant to answer to any needs throughout the game.

Bullpen Sports Bar – located down the third base line, this seating option features the best view of the White Sox bullpen and includes access to the Fire Flamethrower Shawarma Bar, a custom craft beer bar, flat-screen televisions, cocktail tables, and complimentary access to a buffet.

All-Inclusive Comiskey Club – located behind home plate in the first row of the lower 400 level, this is an exclusive, all-inclusive seating area that offers a five-star dining experience, lounge chairs and couches, specialty cocktails and exclusive club access.

Overall, there are a variety of seating options available at a White Sox game, making it easy to find one that fits your needs and budget.

What is the Goose Island section Guaranteed Rate Field?

The Goose Island section at Guaranteed Rate Field, located on the main level along the third-base line of the Chicago White Sox’s stadium, is an all-inclusive, premier seating area that caters to fans looking for an elevated in-game experience.

Guests in the Goose Island section enjoy an all-you-can eat feast that includes an array of ballpark fan favorites like hot dogs, nachos, and popcorn, plus a selection of unique, chef-created dishes.

Additionally, guests in the Goose Island section are given unlimited soda, water, and beer (for guests 21+) during each game, ensuring no one goes thirsty. Furthermore, in-seat service agents are always nearby to take any additional orders.

Every ticket holder in the Goose Island section also has access to the Goose Island lounge, which offers a climate-controlled environment and exclusive food and drink specials. The Goose Island section also offers some of the best views in the ballpark, along with comfortable seating and access to private televisions that provide access to in-game stats, highlights and more.

For many, the Goose Island section strikes the perfect balance between affordability and experiencing the best Guaranteed Rate Field has to offer.

What do White Sox scout seats include?

White Sox scout seats include a range of exclusive amenities. These include several multi-level seating options, access to the Scout Lounge which offers an upscale buffet, along with an all-inclusive food and beverage experience.

There are numerous in-seat service options available for these seats, ranging from complimentary snacks, drinks, and other concessions. Additionally, guests in scout seats will also have access to private VIP parking, a private entrance on shield level, an express suite entrance, and exclusive White Sox swag.

Additionally, these seats include an in-game photography experience, so guests can capture all the action, excitement, and memories.

What are scout tickets?

Scout tickets are tickets or passes used to get into a particular event such as a concert, show, or other entertainment activity. They are usually provided by the promoter or organizer and are cheaper than regular tickets.

Scout tickets are usually given away to students, scouts, or other individuals who agree to promote the event and help build a larger audience. Scout tickets are also sometimes referred to as promotional tickets.

This type of ticket typically provides access for a discounted price or for free in hopes that the recipient will spread the word of the event and tell their friends, thus encouraging more people to attend.

Scout tickets are a great way for promoters and event organizers to create interest and raise awareness of their event.

What do you get with wintrust Scout seats?

When you purchase a wintrust Scout seat, you are provided with an exclusive experience and access to several benefits. Depending on the type of seat you have, you can have access to different amenities.

All Scout seat holders have access to comfortable cushioned seating, in-seat wait service, a premium drink, private restrooms, and access to the wintrust Skydeck.

If you have a field level scout seat you also have access to a private Concierge Bell Desk, complimentary coat check, the Scout Lounge, and a $10 concession voucher. If you have a suite scout seat, you can also enjoy a personalized limousine experience, complimentary parking in the VIP lot, unlimited access to the VIP dining area and exclusive luxury suites.

Whatever type of scouting seat you purchase, you can be sure it will provide you with an exclusive, upscale experience with added perks and exclusive access.

What is Premium Club Box Chicago White Sox?

Premium Club Box Chicago White Sox is a VIP club in Chicago, Illinois. It allows members to get exclusive access to the best seats at US Cellular Field and guaranteed guaranteed priority access to home games.

The club also provides a number of additional benefits and perks, including presale and discounted ticket offers, access to a private Premium Club Box Suite, discounts on White Sox merchandise, and more.

Premium Club Box members also get access to members-only events, special experiences during games, priority access to meet-and-greets with White Sox players, and exclusive VIP gift packs. Overall, Premium Club Box Chicago White Sox is the perfect way to experience a White Sox game in true VIP style.

What’s the official beer of the Chicago White Sox?

The official beer of the Chicago White Sox is Miller Lite. Miller Lite is a golden light lager with a well-balanced hop-to-malt ratio. Miller Lite is packed with flavor yet low in calories, giving you a great-tasting beer that is refreshing and easy to enjoy.

As the official beer of the Chicago White Sox, Miller Lite will be available in concession stands at the team’s home games, giving fans the chance to enjoy a light and easy-drinking lager while they cheer on their favorite team.

Miller Lite also sponsors various in-stadium promotions throughout the season at Guaranteed Rate Field, making it a great way to show your team pride even when you can’t make it to the game.

How much is a beer at Sox Park?

The price of a beer at Sox Park depends on the type of beer you would like to purchase and the size you would like to get. Generally speaking, small 12 oz. domestic beers cost around $8.50, while 16 oz.

imported beers go for around $9.50. Prices may vary depending on the day and the specific beer that you would like to purchase. The concession stands at Sox Park also offer a wide selection of craft beers at various prices.

Is Guaranteed Rate Field still cashless?

Yes, Guaranteed Rate Field is still a cashless facility. The Chicago White Sox have been a cashless facility since 2019 and have no plans to change that status. At the facility, fans are only able to purchase tickets, food, beverage, and merchandise with a credit or debit card, or through a contactless payment mechanism such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Additionally, the stadium has partnered with Vossip, a transaction payment service that will allow fans to use their phones to securely store money and use it for transactions at the stadium. Using this system, guests can purchase items with a touch of a button without having to wait in line or handle cash.

What MLB stadium has the most expensive beer?

The most expensive beer in Major League Baseball (MLB) stadiums is found at the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Dodger Stadium. A 20-ounce beer will set you back an astounding $12 – making it the most expensive beer in the entire league.

The beer selection is limited at Dodger Stadium to just three Mexican beers: Dos Equis, Modelo, and Tecate. Other MLB stadiums that are known for expensive beers include Oracle Park in San Francisco and Petco Park in San Diego, both of which offer 20-ounce beers for around $10.

The cheapest beer in MLB stadiums can usually be found in stadiums located in small markets such as Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri and Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio. A 20-ounce beer at these stadiums can be found between $5 and $6.

How much does a beer cost at Wrigley Field?

The average cost of a beer at Wrigley Field is between $7 and $8.50 depending on the type, size, and quantity purchased. Beer served in Wrigley Field includes domestic, craft, and import beers, with prices increasing depending on type.

For example, with domestic beers, a 20 oz can of Budweiser will typically cost around $7, whereas a 12 oz can of craft beer, such as Goose Island IPA, will cost closer to $8.50. Additionally, specialty drinks, such as margaritas, can cost up to $14.

Beer can be purchased in concessions stands, at all levels of the stadium and at most of the concession outlets inside the stadium.