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What does * 60 do on a landline?

On a landline, pressing the “* 60” key will activate a feature called Distinctive Ring (or Selective Call Acceptance). This feature allows the user to program up to 12 phone numbers into the system, and when those numbers call, the phone will produce a special tone so that the user knows the call is coming from one of the pre-programmed numbers.

This can be useful for when the user only wants to answer certain calls. The user can activate Distinctive Ring through an automated telephone service or by calling their telephone service provider.

Does * 61 block unwanted calls on landline?

Yes, *61 does block unwanted calls on landline. This is done by creating a list of up to 12 numbers that you want to block, and activating this list by dialing *61 from your landline phone. This will cause any calls from blocked numbers to be immediately disconnected, and any calls from unblocked numbers to go through as normal.

You can also manage the list of blocked numbers by dialing *60 before you dial *61. Additionally, you may need to check with your phone company to make sure that their services are compatible with *61.

What is the code * 61 * used for?

The code *61* is part of the Anonymous Call Rejection service offered by many telephone companies. This service functions by rejecting any incoming calls that have been marked as anonymous or private by the caller.

When Anonymous Call Rejection is activated, a special recording will inform these callers that they need to remove the anonymous or private caller designation to reach the person they are attempting to reach.

Activating the Anonymous Call Rejection feature usually involves dialing *61* followed by the 10-digit phone number of the line you wish to activate it for. If you have an AT&T or Verizon landline, you can also activate this feature through your online account.

This feature can be deactivated by dialing *87*. Anonymous Call Rejection helps to reduce unwanted calls and is especially useful for those who receive frequent calls from numbers that have been marked as private or anonymous.

What is * 62 * phone number?

*62* is a code used in phone systems to allow blocking of the caller’s number so it cannot be seen by the person being called. It was created as a way to protect those wishing to remain anonymous while making a call, such as victims of domestic violence or those wishing to report a crime.

The code is often used by businesses that require all incoming calls to be anonymous. To activate the service, one would dial *62 after the dialing in the phone number of the person they wish to call.

The call then goes through, and the recipient will see the caller as “Private,” “Anonymous,” “Blocked,” or a similar designation. When *62 is dialed, it activates the user’s Anonymous Call Rejection list and their number will be blocked from displaying on the recipient’s end.

How do I hide my caller ID on a landline?

Hiding your caller ID on a landline phone is relatively straightforward. You can do this either by entering a prefix code before dialing a number or by activating a feature on the phone itself.

The most common prefix code to hide your caller ID is *67. To use this feature, you would dial *67 before dialing the number you wish to call. This will block your number, so it won’t be displayed on the caller ID.

If your phone has the capability, you can also hide your caller ID permanently. To do this, you need to check your phone menu and find the “Caller ID” or “Private ID” setting. You should be able to select “Block” or “Private” and then confirm the change so that your number is blocked for all future calls.

Keep in mind that some landline phone companies can override the prefix code and Caller ID blocking features, so the only way to make sure your number is private is to call the carrier and ask them to block your caller ID from being transmitted.

Is Star 69 mean on a landline phone?

Star 69 is a feature on landline telephones that allows the user to call back the last caller, or return the call, as a way of quickly getting back in touch with someone who just contacted them. Star 69 works by dialing the star symbol, followed by the number 69 on the telephone’s keypad.

This triggers a line that will then call the person who just previously called the user, allowing the user to quickly get back in touch with them. However, Star 69 is not available on all landline service providers, so it is best to check with one’s local provider to see if this service is offered.

What numbers are free from a landline?

In many countries, calls to certain numbers are free from a landline. For example, in the United States, calls to 911 and 411 are always free, regardless of the type of phone used. Likewise, calls to most toll-free numbers are free no matter where you are calling from.

These toll-free numbers typically begin with area codes 800, 888, 877 and 866. Additionally, some countries may offer free calls to certain area codes or other services such as directory assistance. Finally, in some areas, calls to local numbers may be free of charged when calling from a landline.