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What does GREY mean on iPhone text?

Grey on iPhone text usually means that your message has not been delivered. This could be due to a few reasons, such as if the recipient has bad service, they have their phone turned off, they are in an area with no service, or if they have blocked you.

It could also mean that your message was not sent properly, such as if you mistyped the recipient’s number when sending it. If the message has been grey for a significant amount of time, it is best to check with the recipient to ensure that they have received the message.

What does it mean when an iPhone message is gray?

When a message on an iPhone is gray, it typically means that the message has not been delivered yet. A gray raindrop message appears when a text is sent via iMessage, and that message is queued up to be sent to another device.

This usually occurs when the recipient’s device is not connected to the internet or is otherwise unable to receive messages, so the message cannot yet be sent. Generally, when the recipient’s device is connected to the internet and able to receive messages, the message will turn blue when it is successfully sent.

If it is not sent and delivered successfully, then it will remain gray.

Why is a message grey on iPhone?

A message on your iPhone might appear grey if it is in the process of being delivered or if it has been sent as an iMessage but was not delivered because the user is not connected to the Internet. When you send an iMessage, it will be blue if it is sent over Wi-Fi or an internet connection.

However, if the user does not have access to the internet for whatever reason, the iMessage will be sent as a text message, which will appear in grey. Additionally, if you are attempting to send a message to a user who doesn’t have an iPhone, it will be grey due to the fact that it won’t be an iMessage.

What color are iPhone messages when blocked?

When you block a contact on an iPhone, their messages will appear in the Messages app with a note that the contact was blocked, but the text will remain the same color it would be if you had not blocked that contact.

So if the messages before the contact was blocked were blue for iMessage or green for SMS/MMS, the text will remain that color after the contact is blocked. The blocked contact will still be able to see the messages you send, however you will not receive any messages from them.

What do blocked I messages look like?

Blocked iMessage chats typically appear as “delivered” on both ends, which may confuse users who are attempting to get in touch with someone who could have blocked them. The chat window of blocked iMessages will appear slightly different, as the messages cannot be viewed by either person involved in said conversation.

The text will appear too small to read and a small loading icon may also appear in the chat field. Additionally, if any images or videos are sent in messages, they may appear broken or blurry.

How do you tell if you have been blocked on iPhone?

If you have been blocked on iPhone, you may not be able to tell for sure, as the person who has blocked you could have their privacy settings set to not show their contact information. However, there are some signs that may indicate that you have been blocked, such as not being able to call or FaceTime the contact, not receiving text messages or iMessages from the contact, or not seeing the contact’s profile photo in your Contacts app.

Additionally, if you try to send a message to the contact and it appears to send successfully but the person never receives a notification or the message, you can assume that you have been blocked.

Does it tell you if your blocked on messages?

No, the Messages app does not tell you if you are blocked. If you are blocked, your messages will not be delivered, and the person who has blocked you will not be able to see your messages in their Messages app.

However, you will not be given any indication that this has occurred. If you suspect that you have been blocked, you can try sending a message to the person via a different medium, such as email or another chat app, to see if your message is received.

Are blocked messages blue or green?

That depends on which messaging platform you are using. On some messaging platforms, blocked messages may appear as either blue or green, while others may display them in a different color. Generally, messages from blocked contacts will be displayed in a color that doesn’t match messages from existing contacts, so if you notice a message appearing in a different color, it’s likely from someone who has been blocked.

Are texts still blue if blocked?

No, texts are not still blue if they are blocked. Depending on the messaging app, blocked texts may be displayed as a completely different color, or they may not show up at all. The blue color of texts typically indicates that the message was sent and received successfully, so if someone has blocked you, you will not see a blue color.

Do Imessages stay blue when blocked?

No, iMessages will not stay blue when someone has blocked you. When a person has blocked you, your messages will never show as “Delivered” on the iMessage app. Instead, they’ll remain blue as if you were sending a normal message, but the person you’re sending them to will never receive them.

Additionally, if you try to call or FaceTime someone who has blocked you, you will not be able to get through and you will receive a notification saying that the person is not available.

When someone blocks you what color is the text?

When someone blocks you, all of the text associated with that particular person will appear gray. This is because the person has blocked you, preventing you from seeing any updates or messages from that account.

In addition, any attempts to send messages or follow requests are also blocked by the person who has blocked you.

Why do iMessages suddenly turn green?

iMessages turn green when they are sent as text messages rather than iMessages. This usually occurs when the person you are sending the message to doesn’t own an Apple device or has their iMessage turned off.

When an iMessage is sent as a text message, it appears as green as this is the color used to differentiate between iMessage (blue) and SMS (green).

If you think you are sending an iMessage but it is appearing green, it is likely that either you or the recipient don’t have iMessage enabled on the device. To fix this, both parties should make sure their device has iMessage enabled, and try sending the message again.

Are messages green if someone blocked you on iPhone?

No, messages will not appear green if someone has blocked you on an iPhone. The messages sent by the person who has blocked you will not appear in your messaging app, but you may still be able to see the messages they sent you in the past, depending on your messaging app settings.

If you try to send the person a message, they will not receive it, and it will remain in your outbox. If you suspect someone has blocked you, you can always reach out using other methods of communication.

Why did iMessage turn from blue to green?

iMessage turned from blue to green for the purpose of distinguishing between iMessage users and non-iMessage users. The blue color was kept for messages sent and received between Apple devices. Green, on the other hand, was used to indicate that the message was sent to a non-Apple device such as an Android device.

This was mainly done because of the differences in the way these devices communicate with each other. Apple’s iMessage is much different from other messaging services like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, which are all green on Apple devices.

So, by changing the color of the messages, it was easy to differentiate between different messaging services and help users know what type of message they were receiving.

When you are blocked does it turn green?

No, when you are blocked on something it does not turn green. Depending on the context, a block could mean different things. For example, if you are blocked on a project, it could mean that you are unable to make any more progress on it until some kind of impediment is removed.

Similarly, if you are blocked on social media it could mean that you are unable to post or view any content from a particular user or group of users. In this case, the block does not visually turn the item green, but rather limits the level of interaction between you and the blocked users.