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What happened to Jonas after he stopped taking his pills?

After Jonas stopped taking his pills, his memories of the Giver began to surface more and more each day. He started to remember all the memories the Giver had transferred to him, and quickly became overwhelmed.

His ability to see beyond his community had been unleashed, but the knowledge of what existed outside the walls of his world was too much for him to bear. He soon found himself overwhelmed and exhausted, and had to be left alone for days at a time for his own safety.

Despite his fear, Jonas soon collected enough strength to leave his home and set off on a journey of discovery to explore what lay beyond the walls of his community. He found that the world beyond was much more than he had imagined – he encountered lush forests, flying creatures, frozen mountains, vast oceans, thunderstorms, and wild animals, among other things.

He also discovered that the world was filled with many other people and communities, some of which were far from what he had known.

He eventually found his way back to the Giver’s dwelling and was reunited with his guide, who helped give him a sense of peace and focus. Jonas then realized that the sense of pain and fear he used to feel was now replaced by a sense of joy and purpose.

With the newfound understanding that the world was full of possibilities, Jonas knew he had to share his knowledge and help lead others to a better way of life.

How does Jonas feel after taking the pills?

After taking the pills, Jonas experiences a range of feelings. Initially, he feels a sense of calmness and tranquility. Even though he is terrified, he knows that taking the pill was necessary in order to understand and complete his assignment.

As he continues to take the pills, he begins to feel more open and understanding. He starts to understand ideas and concepts more deeply than before. He also finds himself becoming much more emotionally aware, as he is able to empathize and connect more deeply with other people.

His mind starts expanding and he gains a greater appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the world. He also reports feeling more in tune with himself and the people around him. Overall, Jonas feels a sense of liberation and clarity after taking the pills, which ultimately allows him to fulfill his assignment.

What happens after Jonas takes the pill?

After Jonas takes the pill, he begins to understand the community’s ideology and the truth behind the long-held secrets in the society. He is overwhelmed by the intense emotions and sensations, as well as vivid memories of the past and a much larger understanding of the community’s beliefs and values.

Jonas is able to experience the painful memories of the former receivers, as well as the happiness, sorrow, and love felt by everyone. Jonas also realizes the reasons behind the way the society is structured and why they have strict rules and punishments.

He starts to see the consequences of free will and can see moments of his life and the communities’ with a newfound clarity and understanding.

How did Jonas feel about taking the pills in the giver Chapter 5?

In chapter 5 of The Giver, Jonas is apprehensive and uneasy about taking the pills given to him by The Giver. He has noticed that all of the members of his community take the pills, yet no one talks about them.

The pills have been given to him without explanation, which further heightens his discomfort. Jonas is uncomfortable with the idea of taking something without knowing its purpose or why it is necessary, especially in the face of the pain that other members of his community experience after taking the pills.

As he watches the grimaces of his peers taking the pills, he contemplates the possibility of refusing to take them. He already feels different from everyone else due to the memories that he has been receiving from The Giver and he does not want to become even more of an outsider.

In the end, out of his sense of obedience, he swallows the pill. However, despite his compliant manner, Jonas continues to feel uneasy and unsettled by the unknown.

What did Jonas do with his pill at the end of Chapter 16?

At the end of Chapter 16, Jonas had an important realization that he was different from everyone else and that he was the one with the power to change things. He realized he had received memories and sensed that his community was not what it seemed.

He was able to experience things such as love and hatred that were present in the memories he received. In order to process his feelings, Jonas decided to swallow the pill that the old man, The Giver had given him.

The pill was a form of “release” that temporarily freed Jonas from the boundaries of his community and allowed him to experience life in the world outside its walls. He was able to escape his painful awareness of the truth that had been kept away from the citizens of his town and discovered a world of freedom.

After taking the pill, Jonas experienced profound visions and revelations about his community, his world, and himself. Finally at the end of Chapter 16, after swallowing the pill, Jonas falls asleep and wakes up in a new place, with a new sense of understanding, and the courage to change the miserable life he had been living.

What do the pills mean in the giver?

In The Giver, pills play an important role in maintaining the stability of the community and preserving its population from harmful emotions. The key component of this control is the pills the citizens of the community are mandated to take.

All citizens, from children to adults, are required to take green, red, and blue pills every day.

The green pills are the “lowest” of the three pills, and by taking them, citizens suppress their capacity to feel passionate connection or to feel intense emotions. These pills are meant to make the citizens feel unfeeling and robotic, so they can accept their role in the community in a manner that would not cause any controversy.

The blue pills are meant to combat low animal energy and create an overall sense of calm. Lastly, the red pills contain hormones that regulate fertility among citizens, and it is seen as a leisure or rejuvenation drug.

By taking the pills, citizens are able to disengage from each other, block out their senses and emotions, and repress harmful desires. This makes it easier for citizens to adhere to the rules of the community and makes it easier for the Elders to maintain control.

Furthermore, the combination of the three pills gives citizens the illusion that they are happy, though in reality, they are suppressing many vital emotions. This creates a false sense of security that allows the Elders, who actually have the emotions that are being suppressed, to remain in control.

How do people get pregnant in the giver?

In The Giver, people do not get pregnant naturally, as the society has chosen to control their population growth through the help of technology. Through a process known as “release”, two adults in the community are brought together by the government and artificially inseminated.

This process is used by the government to create the most desirable genetic combinations to create children with the most desired traits—the most intelligent, most able, strongest, and healthiest children possible.

It is a method of population control and also creates social order in the community. This artificial insemination is carried out by a group of Elders, who record the genealogy and create their own “parental” relationships with the children, as if they had come from the same traditional family upbringing.

The children are then brought up in a communal family setting and raised for the good of the society. Even though the government has full control over formation of the family unit, the families do maintain their traditional roles, such as doing the education and discipline of the children.

Why and when did Jonas stop taking the pill to stop stirrings?

Jonas stopped taking the pill to stop stirrings when he began his training to be the Receiver of Memory. As part of his training, he was instructed by the current Receiver, The Giver, to take away the pill at the end of the day.

This was necessary because having stirrings meant that Jonas was becoming increasingly aware of reality and the feelings of other people, which was necessary for the Receiver of Memory to be able to do his job.

The Giver wanted Jonas to understand the beauty of feelings and of life, so taking away the pill was the first step in this process.

Is the giver a boy or a girl?

The Giver is a male character. He is presented as an older character who is wise and experienced in the world. He has grey hair and wrinkled skin and is considered the leader of the community. He is assigned to transfer memories, knowledge, and feelings to Jonas so he can understand the reality of the world beyond the community.

As Jonas learns to understand the value of memories, the Giver is able to help him understand the need to protect his own memories.

Why does Jonas have to take a daily pill now the giver?

When Jonas became the Receiver of Memory, he was given a pill to take every day that was a help to him in managing the memories he was receiving. Initially he was told that the pill was to help him sleep at night, but he soon realised that it served a much more important purpose.

It was allowing him to process and store the memories he was receiving from the Giver. Without the pill, Jonas would have been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that was continually flowing into his head, and it would have caused physical and emotional trauma.

Therefore, in order to protect himself, he was instructed to take the pill every day. Additionally, the pill helped to ensure that Jonas did not become overwhelmed with the memories or attitudes of others that had been recorded in the Giver’s memory.

In this way, the pill was necessary to Jonas being able to effectively serve as receiver and ensure the continuity of the community by passing on the memories he was given.

What effect did the pills have on Jonas?

The pills that Jonas was required to take had a profoundly positive effect on him. Initially, they dulled the sharpness of his senses, making colors and sounds less overwhelming and allowing him to concentrate better.

The pills also allowed him to focus completely on the exact discussion he was having, without being distracted by the emotions of the other people in the room.

At first, the pills eliminated his desires to stir up emotions in the room by creating laughter or even arguing in a heated manner. But eventually, after regular use of the pills, Jonas found himself as an able participant in discussions, and sometimes even enjoying his conversations.

The biggest effect of the pills was that they allowed Jonas to understand and empathize with the emotions of other people. The pills freed him from his own routine so he could step outside himself, experience the emotions of another and gain a new perspective.

The pills helped Jonas to be more accepting of and open to different outlooks and points of view. He enjoyed being able to look beyond his own narrow mindset and to find common ground with other people.

Ultimately, the effect of the pills on Jonas was a very welcome and positive one. The pills helped him to better understand himself, other people, and the world around him. He gained knowledge, self-awareness and a new appreciation for dialogue, feelings, and ideas that he had never considered before.

What can Jonas now see and keep by chapter 17?

By chapter 17 of the novel, Jonas is able to see and keep a vast array of memories and experiences that have been passed to him from the elders. He can now see a variety of colours and can experience the strong emotions of both love and grief, a drastic improvement from the flat, emotionless world he once knew.

Furthermore, he can also retain memories of past and present, something the rest of the community cannot do. He is also able to keep these memories and experiences, astounding the people around him who cannot comprehend it.

Particularly touching is when he stores a memory of his father’s love for him, imprinting it and nursing it to life, a thing he was never able to feel before. With all this knowledge, it is certain Jonas is far more enlightened then his community.