What happened to the characters in McFarland, USA?

The characters in McFarland, USA go on to have successful careers in running. Some of them continue to coach running teams, while others become professional runners.

Who did Thomas Valles marry from McFarland?

There is no record of who Thomas Valles from McFarland married.

Who is Julie in McFarland, USA?

Julie is a student at McFarland High School.

Who is Jim White’s daughter?

Johnna White

Why did Victor from McFarland go to jail?

Victor from McFarland went to jail because he got into a fight with a coach and hit him.

How old is Jim White McFarland?


What team does Jim White support?

Jim White supports Sunderland.

What happened to Jim White?

In July 2010, White was fired from his position as radio host at KIRO-FM in Seattle, Washington. The firing came after White made comments on his show regarding the then-pending sale of the station to Bonneville International Corporation.

What football team does colin Montgomerie support?


Where was Jim White born?

Jim White was born in Belle Glade, Florida.

Where is Jose Cardenas now?

Jose Cardenas is currently a news anchor for the Univision network.

Did Thomas Valles marry?

No, Thomas Valles did not marry.

Who was the fastest runner in McFarland movie?

At the end of the movie, the fastest runner is listed as being Thomas Valles.

How would you describe the character of coach White in the film?

The character of coach White in the film is intense, passionate, and demanding. He is a no-nonsense kind of guy who expects his players to give 100% effort at all times. He can be tough on his players, but he also has their best interests at heart. He wants them to be successful both on and off the field, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to help them reach their potential.

Why do you think it was important for coach White to work out in the fields with his runners?

Coach White wanted to show his runners that he was still committed to the team and the sport, even though he was no longer coaching. He wanted to show them that he was still working hard and that they should continue to work hard as well.

Why does Thomas call the coach Blanco?

She doesn’t know.

What did Jim White throw at the football player?

Jim White threw a football at the football player.

Is McFarland a true story?

Yes, McFarland is a true story.

Who is the anchor on the cross country team McFarland?

The answer to this question is currently unknown.

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