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What happens to Fauxlivia’s baby?

Fauxlivia’s baby, Henry, is born in the alternate universe and grows to adulthood there. He is unaware of his true identity as he was born and raised in the alternate universe and is unaware of the fact that he is an identical twin.

He has a loving relationship with his adoptive parents, but finds himself struggling to fit in. He eventually discovers that he has a twin in the alternate universe, and after some adjustments, is able to accept his true identity.

After a few years, he visits the prime universe to meet his real parents and his twin brother, Peter. Despite some initial misgivings, he is warmly welcomed by his family and discovers that he enjoys life in the prime universe as much, if not more, than in the alternate.

He continues to visit the other universe from time to time, maintaining contact with his alternate family, but makes his primary home in the prime universe.

What happens to Peter’s baby in Fringe?

In Fringe, Peter’s baby—the child of Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) and Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv)—is an important plot point in the story of the show. In the first season, it is revealed that Olivia is pregnant with Peter’s child.

However, the baby is ultimately lost when Olivia is temporarily taken over by the shape-shifting Observer known as September. When September enters Olivia’s body, he induces a miscarriage, causing Peter and Olivia to lose the child.

In later seasons, it is revealed that Olivia and Peter’s child was in fact conceived by Walter Bishop (John Noble) when he implanted a genetic construct derived from DNA of both Olivia and Peter. This construct allowed him to produce a baby in synthetic form grown in a laboratory.

Walter names this baby Henrietta (Etta) after his dearly departed daughter from the alternate universe. Etta grows up under the care and guidance of Peter and Olivia and she eventually takes over her mother’s role as a federal agent for Fringe division.

Does Fauxlivia have Peter’s baby?

No, Fauxlivia does not have Peter’s baby. After finding out her true identity, Fauxlivia chooses to abandon her plan to have Peter’s baby and instead allows him to be with the real Olivia. In the Season 3 finale, it is revealed that Fauxlivia had been given a device to genetically alter her so that she could pass as Olivia, should she need to.

After it is discovered that her baby would not be genetically viable due to the device, Fauxlivia forgoes the plan and allows Peter to be with the real Olivia. Furthermore, in the fourth season, Peter and Olivia decide to start a family together, which confirms that Fauxlivia does not have Peter’s baby.

Do Olivia and Peter get married in Fringe?

No, Olivia and Peter do not get married in Fringe. In the series finale “An Enemy of Fate”, which aired in January 2013, a flash-forward scene shows Olivia pregnant. Later in the episode, which takes place in the future, they are living together and raising a daughter.

However, they are never formally married nor is there any indication that they plan to get married. Even though they don’t get married in the series, it’s clear that they are very much in love and committed to each other.

Why did Peter leave Fringe?

Peter left Fringe for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, his father, Walter Bishop, had been genetically engineering and manipulating him for the greater good of their universe and the protection of the world.

He’d been exposed to a variety of strange, potentially dangerous, circumstances and events, and it was taking an emotional and physical toll on him. Additionally, as a result of Walter’s actions, Peter and his lover, Olivia Dunham, were stuck in two separate universes with no way to reunite and little hope of ever being together.

After several failed attempts to bring them back together, Peter decided it was time to break away and take a risk. He convinced the alternate universe version of his father to create a portal that would allow him to travel between the two worlds, and eventually chose to stay in the alternate universe in order to start anew with Olivia.

Peter wanted to protect himself and the ones he loved from the dangers of his father’s experiments, and he wanted to make sure that his actions weren’t endangering anyone else. With his decision, Peter was able to start a new life away from Fringe and all the chaos, and find solace in the love of his life—Olivia.

Does Peter become an observer?

No, Peter does not become an observer. In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry, Peter is a character who is close friends with the protagonist, Jonas. He stands beside Jonas throughout the story and defends him in heated circumstances, however he does not become an observer.

Throughout the story, Peter is shown to be a young man with a very strong personality who speaks his mind and does not hesitate to express his opinion on anything. He is not afraid to challenge authority and speak out against injustice.

At one point, Jonas and the Giver attempt to teach him the power of letting go of his anger and using language to express himself, but he is unable to take to it and seems to be more comfortable in a state of confrontation.

Though Jonas is the protagonist and plays an important role in the story, Peter has an equally important role, standing beside Jonas and defending him. In the end, he is seen aiding Jonas in escaping the Community and traveling to another place.

Throughout the book, Peter is portrayed as being emotionally strong, loyal and brave, but he does not become an observer.

What episode Olivia remembers Peter?

In the series finale of Fringe, Olivia remembers her time with Peter and the two of them acknowledge their relationship with the final scene. In that moment, Olivia remembers Peter from when they first met in that alternate universe and from when she was a young girl.

But the moment that Peter appears and they look into each other’s eyes, she remembers their entire life together in both universes: The years they shared, the love, the pain, the happiness, and the sorrow.

It’s a heartbreaking and beautiful moment of clarity, that comes with many tears. Although Olivia remembers Peter and all of the amazing moments that they shared together, she still has to let him go again.

It’s a bittersweet goodbye, but it’s also an incredibly powerful moment as Olivia truly remembers everything that Peter means to her and that she loves him no matter what.

Does Walter ever remember Peter?

Yes, Walter does remember Peter throughout the course of the show, Fringe. Initially, he remembers Peter only vaguely and can’t recall important details about him or their relationship. However, as the series progresses and the adrenaline surrounding the war between the two universes increases, Walter begins to regain more and more of his memories about Peter.

After Peter sacrifices himself to reset the universes, Walter is finally able to recall and come to terms with his memories of Peter and how he had been lost in his own world. In the finale, Walter finds that he is able to finally remember Peter with full clarity and can revisit all of their memories together.

Additionally, Walter visits his lab and looks at a projector screen with images of Peter that he had taken when Peter was still a child—a delayed response to trying to remember Peter. Ultimately, Walter is able to rediscover and accept Peter as his son, and he reunites with him in a tear-filled reunion.

Does Peter find out about the baby?

Yes, Peter finds out about the baby. He and the other main characters, Sarah and David, learn about it at the same time. Although Sarah and David had talked about the possibility of having a baby for some time, they decided to wait until they were more financially secure before taking the plunge.

When Sarah finds out that she is pregnant, she decides to tell Peter and David right away. During the following days and weeks, they all come to terms with this new reality and make plans for their future as a family.

Peter is initially hesitant and unsure, but soon starts to bond with the baby and look forward to being a father. He and Sarah eventually get married and they live happily together as a family.

Which Olivia does Peter end up with?

At the end of the film ‘Love, Rosie’, we see that Peter ends up with his high school sweetheart, Olivia. They had kept in touch sporadically over the years, but neither of them had ever made a move on the other, both thinking the other was no longer interested.

When they finally meet at Rosie’s wedding, they re-ignite their old flame and finally start a relationship together. After a romantic proposal at the airport, they become husband and wife and live happily ever after.

Does Olivia get pregnant?

No, there is no evidence that Olivia gets pregnant in either the novel or the TV series based on it. In the novel, Olivia acts as a surrogate for her boyfriend’s brother and his wife, who is unable to conceive.

This was a difficult decision for Olivia since she ultimately has to give the child away. In the TV series, Olivia does not get pregnant at all and does not even become a surrogate. Instead, she helps an old friend to become a single mother by providing her sperm donor services and later providing her with moral and financial support.

What episode of Fringe does Peter and Olivia get together?

The episode of Fringe in which Peter and Olivia get together is entitled “Marionette,” and it is the 16th episode of the show’s third season. In this episode, Peter, Olivia and Lincoln go undercover to investigate a strange string of murders involving clones.

During their investigation, the Fringe team discovers the clones were created by William Bell and that his former assistant, David Robert Jones, is responsible for killing them. As the investigation progresses, Olivia and Peter grow closer.

Eventually, the two kiss and confess their feelings for each other. The episode ends with Olivia and Peter holding hands, implying that they had chosen to embark down a romantic path together.

What episode does Peter find out about Olivia?

In the first season of Fringe, during the 10th episode titled “The transformation”, Peter (Joshua Jackson) has a shocking realization about his past after discovering a series of symbols on a building near the docks.

After he meets a mysterious woman named Olivia (Anna Torv), who shares the same symbols, Peter begins to suspect that he and Olivia share a mysterious connection. After being taken to a laboratory, Peter discovers that Olivia was part of a team of test subjects from a scientific program that was investigating the possibilities of alternate universes.

As Olivia explains the story, Peter comes to the realization that Olivia is from a parallel universe, and that he and Olivia are in fact related as father and daughter. This revelation brings forth a range of emotions for both characters as they struggle to come to terms with their newfound connection.

Does Fauxlivia fall in love with Peter?

Fauxlivia and Peter appear to have had strong feelings for each other throughout their time in the alternate universe. It is obvious from the very beginning of season three that Fauxlivia has feelings for Peter and during the episode “Enemy of My Enemy” the two share a passionate kiss.

While it is never explicitly stated, it is apparent that the two of them had formed a strong bond, one that could have developed into love at some point had Peter stayed in the alternate universe. Unfortunately, Peter has to ultimately leave Fauxlivia and their relationship is left unresolved.

Despite this, it is safe to say that it is highly likely that Fauxlivia had developed strong feelings of love for Peter and vice versa.

Did Walternate kidnap Fauxlivia?

No, Walternate did not kidnap Fauxlivia. In fact, he was unaware of her existence until she crossed over from the parallel universe. When Walter Bishop unknowingly crossed into the other universe, he created a bridge between the universes, allowing the Fringe division of both worlds to interact.

The parallel universe’s Fringe division had been investigating what they called “shapeshifters”, individuals able to permanently mimic the appearance of other people. Unbeknownst to the Fringe of either world, these shapeshifters were people from the alternate universe, who had been modified by Walter’s double known as Walternate and given the power to appear as anyone they have seen and then obtained a sample of the person’s DNA.

The shapeshifters were sent to the original universe to further Walternate’s goals.

Fauxlivia was one of these shapeshifters, sent to the original universe to investigate and stop the latest threat from the alternate universe. She took the shape of Olivia Dunham and infiltrated the Fringe division in the original universe.

Walternate, however, did not kidnap Fauxlivia and was unaware of her role in his plans.