What is a good cognac for eggnog?

Camus VS Elegance is a good cognac for eggnog. It is light and has a delicate flavor that pairs well with the sweetness of eggnog.

What kind of brandy goes in eggnog?

Most recipes for eggnog call for a distilled spirit such as rum, bourbon, or brandy.

What is the liquor to put in eggnog?

The liquor to put in eggnog is typically whiskey, rum, or brandy.

What alcohol tastes in eggnog?

The alcohol in eggnog tastes sweet and spicy. It is often flavored with vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

What alcohol goes with Southern Comfort eggnog?

Any alcohol goes with Southern Comfort eggnog, but a light beer or white wine is typically served with eggnog.

What do you add to eggnog?

This is a tricky question because there are so many variations of eggnog. Some people like to add nutmeg, cinnamon, and/or whipped cream, while others might prefer to add rum, brandy, or whisky.

What is eggnog with alcohol called?

An alcoholic eggnog is typically called a “nog.”

How do you make eggnog taste better?

One way is to add more spices to the recipe. Another way is to add more sugar.

How do you add alcohol to store bought eggnog?

To add alcohol to store bought eggnog, simply pour your desired amount of liquor into the eggnog and stir.

Does cognac go good in eggnog?

Yes, cognac goes well in eggnog. It is a smooth, flavorful brandy that can add depth and richness to the drink.

How much brandy should I put in eggnog?

You can put as much brandy in your eggnog as you like.

Is eggnog and whiskey good?

Yes, eggnog and whiskey can be good together. The sweetness of the eggnog can help to balance out the burn of the whiskey.

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